2014 – the power of 19; astrology of the end of the year

Next year i will be celebrating 50 years alive, 25 since hiv diagnosis, 20 since spiritual awakening, 15 years a queer pagan and 10 years part of the folleterre faerie community.  But first i want to celebrate 19 and the exciting energies of 2014 (which is 19 x 106 by the way):

2014 saw the 19th anniversary of the rapid shamanic awakening that i underwent in 1995.  This year also, for the first time since 1995, new moon fell on new year’s day – so in moon terms this year is somewhat of a replay of the earlier one in which i experienced the rapid opening of my psyche over several months and was an utterly changed person by December.  New moons are potent times when we can align our consciousness towards our goals and desires, but most humans do not use this power of nature in their lives because they see their thoughts and conscious awareness as separate from nature, as somehow theirs alone.   New moon falling on new years day has produced this year an acceleration of consciousness growth because for once humanity en masse was celebrating, letting go of the old and setting intentions for the new year to come, at an appropriate astrological moment.  i have seen that many of us have moved forwards confidently in our lives this year, which has been abundant in Year of the Horse energies of change.

When we tune into the fact that we are nature and our lives flow best when they flow in harmony with her rhythms, we access energies of the soul that can hasten our healing, awakening and evolution.  Mother Nature wants us to dance in joy as did her children in ancient times, she wants us to know we are loved, valued and held by her.  She wants us to know who we are and be truly free to express that as fully as we can.

19 was known by the ancients as the number of SURRENDER.  This is about linking one’s individual life with the universal.  There is an element of endurance to this number:  it requires facing realities as it brings everything into focus, it winds up old accounts and starts things off anew.

“The number 19 is a blend of the vibrations and attributes of the numbers 1 and 9.  Number 1 relates to independence and uniqueness, motivation, striving forward and progress, ambition and will power, new beginnings and achieving success.  Number 9 carries the energies of the Universal Spiritual Laws, dharma and karma, spiritual enlightenment and awakening, leading by positive example, serving humanity and lightworking, your intuition and inner-wisdom,  problem-solving and your Divine life purpose.  Number 9 also relates to endings and conclusions, making number 19 a number of endings leading to new beginnings.”   http://sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.co.uk/2011/06/angel-number-19.html

The astrology of 2014 is pushing us all along the evolutionary wheel, attuning us to the deeper rhythms and higher purpose of life.  The ancient interpretative art/science of the stars and planets teaches us more about personality make up, about energetic trends affecting us, from daily to long term generational influences, than anything modern psychology has achieved – but to be a healthy functioning human we need understanding of both models.  Many spiritual seekers try to transcend their personality traits by pursuing lofty spiritual goals of emptiness and presence… but our personalities are divinely ordained too, are part of the tapestry of divine light emanating in the universe, and the planetary energies will not let us escape exploring them.

As we come to the end of the year the position of the planets are shaping the game, personally and globally.

On the 23rd October the Sun, the Moon and Venus all entered Scorpio on the same day, bringing a season where the deeper feelings and realities of life are what matter most to us.   The Moon moved quickly on, the Sun stays in Scorpio for a month and Venus is there until November 16th, being joined by Mercury from November 8th to 27th. Venus in Scorpio makes us crave deep satisfying body and soul connections with others, superficial connection will not do.  We want to break taboos and feel the intensity of our emotions.  We may even create drama in order to feel more alive.  Mercury in Scorpio brings sharp thinking, focus, perhaps obsession and definitely the desire to probe to the depths and find out what is hidden there.  All these planets will be aligning with Saturn who has been transiting through Scorpio since October 2012, bringing a deep rooted generational shift, as those now aged 28-30 go through their Saturn return and find out more about what they came into life to be.  For all of us Saturn in Scorpio has been encouraging us to clear the decks in the sense of releasing deep rooted pain and the addictive behaviours we get into to escape it.  We are after all getting ready for an enormous leap in human consciousness and understanding, it’s good to be prepared.  Saturn will be leaving Scorpio on December 23rd, moving into Sagittarius where it will work to shift the world view of humans towards the bigger picture.

Sometimes pushing forwards on the path of light, healing and growth seems to be so much effort!  This can leave us feeling inadequate and down as we ‘think’ we should be trying harder.  But for next two months the energy to act for our own and the world’s well being will be flowing more easily as Mars is in Capricorn, bringing determined, persistent energy our way. Whatever our goals, Mars is helping out.

Jupiter is helping us too… part way through his year long visit to the fire sign Leo, Jupiter brings energy to boost our confidence, bravery and outgoing parts of our personalities. In this position he also encourages us to be creative and share that with others, to enhance our well-being and help others on their way.

The outer planets Neptune Uranus and Pluto are all guiding the long term change happening to our societies and culture.  Old forms of control and power are crumbling, old certainties collapsing. Neptune is in his home sign Pisces from where he is shaking up religion and expanding spiritual understanding around the planet  Retrograde since June 9th and until November 16th Neptune is bringing to the surface what can no longer be avoided and hidden, bringing clarity to our vision. When he turns direct again we migh expect some powerful spiritual revelations.

Uranus in Aries since 2011 is the underlying revolutionary energy birthing the age of Aquarius as the urge to break away from the limitations of the past gets stronger and stronger.  Pluto’s energy of transformation is in Capricorn 2008-2024 currently shaking the foundations of the structures humanity has built up in recent times – governments, finance, business etc. Change must come, that is one thing we can be sure of in life.  Nothing stays the same!

We are in such a huge shift period at the moment it can be hard to get some sensible perspective.  But everything happens in cycles, and the p.  Life is a spiral and at the moment is spinning very fast.  We can slow down, we can learn SURRENDER and help to bring planet earth into balance.  We each hold the keys inside to create peace or chaos, love or fear, joy or misery.  We each hold our unique piece of the energy of a new world.



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