message of the rainbow spirit

Coming out as gay/lesbian/bi/trans is the start of a journey of self discovery. Learning to listen inside, think for ourselves, find our own truth and act on it goes further than our sexuality. It applies to every level of our lives – social, political, romantic and spiritual.

The soul in us is both male and female. By bending and breaking the conformity of gender stereotypes we are discovering the true nature of humanity.

Bliss calls us to open our hearts, open our minds and expand our souls. We are naturally programmed to seek the heights of joyful, often ecstatic, experience. We in the west were born into a pleasure denying culture, where our seeking for sexual pleasure was called bad. We have been busy turning this dark belief around for some decades, but we have not yet connected the fact that bliss is a spiritual state – of the soul in union with the spirit. When we chase highs and sexual connections we are experiencing the spirit within us reaching out for the thrill of union and merging that it sacrificed by being born into a human body. Mystics from every part of this world have been teaching this for millennia.

In gay people the urge to love, play, create and celebrate is stronger than the urge to fight and destroy. The aggressive side of humanity has ruled the roost for a long time. But perhaps we have evolved from bonobos as much as from warlike chimpanzees. We are a slice of humanity ready for a new way … and this was noticed in us by Walt Whitman and Edward Carpenter, more than a century ago when the prospect of our sexual, social and political liberation was still far off. Edward said our destiny will be to put love and relationships at centre of human life, removing money and business from that place, and to bring the divine soul into full incarnation by overcoming fears and taboos around the body. The state of the world at the moment shows it would help if we were to get a move on!

Spirituality can be a scary word for gay people. All it means though is to find out who we are, what we carry inside us and how we connect to the universe around us. Spirituality is not about rules and religions. It is about unlocking the joy within our own souls. Whitman advised not to argue concerning god – that’s not the point. The point is finding the love and divinity within ourselves and each other. How many of us know that the gender benders were the shamans and priests in the indigenous tribes.. the two spirit berdache of the native americans, but also found on every continent. This is remembered even today by the Maori in NZ and the Dagara people in west africa. For centuries in the west we have taken refuge in monasteries and churches, so avoiding war, business, marriage….. We queers are a slice of humanity with a profound spiritual energy, desperately trying to work out who we are in a society that is confused and misinformed about spirit, or denying it all together. The result is mental illness, hiv and other sexual infections, drug addiction and increasing levels of ‘consumerist’ attitudes towards each other.

HIV, addiction, mental breakdowns can all serve as awakeners to the soul within. Crisis can be a catalyst for transformation.. the message from this soul that walked that difficult path of illness and facing death is that CRISIS IS NOT NECESSARY FOR THIS PROCESS. We can grow and evolve through CHOICE, by pursuing spiritual knowledge and engaging in practices such as meditation, yoga, dance workshops, shamanism, reiki etc. At Radical Faerie gatherings, queer Tantra retreats, yoga holidays etc we are also creating our own spaces where the spiritual can be explored, on our own terms and in our own community.

Capitalist domination of the world may not only be destroying the ecological balance of the planet. It may be damaging our souls also. Are we treating each other more and more as commodities to be used and discarded? Do we inflict harm on ourselves because we do not feel how precious and sacred life is? By connecting to the sacred dimension of life we can rebalance our lives, find peace, can learn more about who we are and find ways to heal the wounds we have acquired on life’s adventure.

The RAINBOW represents the seven chakras and reminds us we have many facets to the wholeness of who we are… physical, sexual, social, emotional, creative, intuitive and spiritual:  We can come out in every single one.

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