HIV points us to the heart of the matter

HIV points us to the heart of the matter

a virus calling us to heal in body, mind and soul.

Healing is Vital, even a virus plays a role

on our human journey to becoming whole.

who are we?  what do we want in our lives?

in what ways can we care for ourselves better?

hiv will make us ask these things

we might learn that our answers, our thinking affects how we feel

we might see that emotional well-being leads to physical health

we might see what is false and what is real

in our lives as we grope forwards in the darkness

not knowing if sickness lurks down the line

not knowing if we’re living on borrowed time

at the same time we’re liberated from fear of infection

bareback sex offers itself from every direction

chem fuelled party life that brings escape from the anguish

and a sense both of brotherhood and release

our unspoken truth that since we are infected and life may be short

we may as well live it to the high vibrational max

glory in our bodies, our shamanic rituals

and the joy we can give or take from each other

whether we are long term or momentary lovers.

It’s hard to be motivated to work for the system

or try to improve life on earth

when you don’t see the point any more

you’ve been told all your life your existence is abhorrent

perhaps you started to believe it?

Society would like us to take the pills and continue to feed the economic dream

but HIV wants to teach us that life is more than it seems

wants us to face our demons, heal our wounds and discover our potential

for the sake of those to come, our success is essential.

If we just take the pills and don’t take the healing journey

we are missing the light within the darkness

and the darkness will eventually swallow us up.

here’s the rub:

HIV is the middle name of GOD


the dancer, the destroyer, the oneness sublime

calling calling to the people of earth

to find his divine presence INSIDE

All life’s crises hold an opportunity

nothing is ever only dark or light

HIV can awaken in us, our spiritual sight.

Gays don’t like religion, thanks goddess for that

we prefer to think for ourselves

and that’s where it’s at

we come out because we touch the truth inside

and that’s where we find our love and our pride

if we learn to listen to the soul, as we did as a child

all the answers we seek are there.

we are not just biology, chemistry, physics

we are mind, emotion and ecstatic spirit

we are air, water, earth and fire

HIV is not the end, it’s a stepladder to a life lived higher

drugs are a shortcut, or a signpost on the way

whether they become our master or we master them

we will have to move on from them one day

once we’ve opened our energy bodies through all that play

we come back to CONSCIOUSNESS as the only WAY.

We can break through all pain and fear

discover there’s so much more to being queer

we’re called gay because our souls were born happy

unconditional engagement with life lived from the heart

we brighten the world when we fulfil our art

of enchantment, love and play

HIV takes us to the heart of the matter

the heart of being gay.


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