the cosmic lineup as we enter 2015

2014 ends with a stunning cosmic line up in the heavens.  We humans make ourselves so important, rarely noticing that in fact we are simply the observers of a divine dance, created by energies that are ancient and intelligent, that we are the players in a (comedy) drama the script for which is already written in the stars…..  Occasionally we do get glimpses of this sacred reality, we soar above our egos and look down on creation (perhaps in nature, through sex, drugs, or many other ways), which might inspire us to pursue enlightenment, but enlightened or not, the divine play will continue to whisk us along……

In 2014 the year began with new moon on new year’s day, and at year’s end another new moon coincided with the Winter Solstice. This kind of alignment ALIGNS US, makes it easier for us to remember our part in the whole, accept our role in the game, and take the hands of the cosmic dancers to join the wave and rhythm of light.  We end the year with:

Mercury in Capricorn. “This suggest communications take on a more pragmatic energy. Let’s think in realistic terms, test ideas out in reality to see if they of value. Speak and think with the utmost integrity. Ideas that are of quality may be more appealing now. Thinking is on the edge of being dynamic yet conservative than impulsive. Thoughts and conversations are more serious and carry weight.”

Venus in Capricorn. “The energy around relating and relationships becomes more disciplined, earthy, sensual and pragmatic. It is all business and it’s time to get serious about the matters of the heart. There is potential to strengthen resolve and commitment as well as to relate with integrity. Patience is essential now as the lessons are around maturity, wisdom and appreciating the organic process.”

Mars in Aquarius “suggests taking actions that uplift humanity as well as being progressive to create a brighter now and into the future. Freedom to take action is important now.”

Jupiter is one third of the way into his journey through Leo, bringing energy to help us become more confident in who we are and how we express that, boosting and strengthening important bonds in our lives and generally making us more interested to grow and evolve and be more of who we can be.

Saturn entered Sagittarius 23/12. “This suggests the potential for sustained joy and deepening faith. The lessons and learning will revolve around beliefs, belief systems, faith, materializing joy and passion in everyday life. It will important be mature and responsible for what you say, what you publish and have utmost integrity in all things. Saturn in Sagittarius will bring cautious spontaneity to help each move with Divine Timing and to bring greater concentration to being serious Spiritual seekers of Truth and expansion in Consciousness. Saturn transits through Sagittarius until 2017.”

Uranus, planet of the higher mind, in Aries has just turned direct (December 21st) after a long retrograde period since the summer.  The revolutionary is being let out of his cage, where his energy has been building ready to bring some shocks to the world – awakenings, breakthroughs and deep release are more likely now.

Neptune in its home sign Pisces is a mystical presence behind all this building intensity, encouraging an awareness of collective consciousness to develop in us.

“Both Neptune and Pisces rule the deepest realms subconscious mind. We can no longer disconnect from our higher purposes on this planet, nor from our own ‘shadow selves.’The universal vibration of love begins pulsing at a stronger beat, calling the human race to align with its energy. Yet, to do so, we must also accept the things we hide about ourselves. Buried shame can bubble up under this Neptune phase. Welcome it, learn from it, and integrate its lessons.” (
Pluto in Capricorn is bringing its deeply transformative currents into the fields of banking, commerce, government and traditional structures in society.  On every level the cosmos says humanity is going through an incredible transformation, personal and collective.  We should enjoy it as it is bringing us into greater awareness of ourselves, of life, bringing us all to a new level of understanding and intelligence.  The growing pains can hurt.  The world can look very dark.
The way to lighten the darkness is to realise we are not random physical accidents desperately trying to survive in a hostile universe – we are the miracle of consciousness itself racing at breakneck speed towards its fulfilment, towards a great awakening for humanity.  We help by surrendering, serving and sensing the changes, by healing our own wounds of separation and helping others through the portal into a more conscious and multi-dimensional life.
As 2014 hands over to 2015 life on planet Earth is changing fast, is changing forever.  When this journey of awakening began for me in January 1995 it was very hard to find others who related to what i was experiencing.  Now the numbers involved in this work of bringing the world into the light are vast and growing.  2015 will be a decisive year, hold on tight.
On New Year’s Eve itself the Moon will be in Taurus, giving us earth element vibrations for a good time with friends, and the right background for a homely party spirit.  It will be a good time to focus on what is important for us in our lives and feel the connections and base strength that can hold us through changing times.

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