gnome sweet gnomes

builders of homes

granters of gifts

porters of presence

earth elementals

can balance our mental

emotional and spiritual selves

they hold the base

and pick up the pace

when children of light

find their way to the soul


the world is full of

christ conscious children

bearers of light divine

wise old souls in young vulnerable bodies

this is the start of their time

let’s stop crucifying and start listening

to the aquarian paradigm

to what’s waking up inside


gnome-nastics to start the play

gnome-tastic in every way

drinking, dancing, loving, having fun

giving birth to the inner sun

elementals and angels come our way

so cometh the goddess day.

 If Monism is “the philosophical view that a variety of existing things can be explained in terms of a single reality or substance” (wiki) then

Gnomism is the playful expression of that single reality spontaneously bursting forth from the earthiness within us

and Gnomenasticsm is the development of this philosophy and expression into  A WAY OF LIFE.


Pop that in your pipe and smoke it.  To join the gnom-olution: start hanging out in gardens, don’t move much, contemplate deeply, laugh loudly.  Please report back below!

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