Sirius Conjunct Full Moon Message from the Galaxy

channel sirius beaming dogstar light to earth caught and magnified by conjunct moon and typed out in the shokti room


dear children of the sun

it is time to remember, to embrace and celebrate the fact that you are consciousness, not matter, you are the Self emanating in a special zone where connection to Source has been largely forgotten or misunderstood.  as a Self you have inside you the stages of consciousness that your individual soul has been exploring over many eons: the plant, animal and mineral spirits, as well as your human forbears, are all part of you.  the dogstar messengers recommend time being the animals, trees and rocks that exist in you, remembering them and learning their wisdom.  they will help you see how you are the eyes, ears and hands of the Whole.

every human being is a mixture of male and female energies and many other things too.  you are not matter, you are conscious spirit exploring this physical dimension, but most of you have forgotten that consciousness is a tree existing on many levels, in many dimensions, and humanity is not at the top of it.  the human mind has the ability to travel between levels, to communicate with animals, trees, elementals, star beings, ancestors and divine source.  the mind needs to be aligned with an open heart to achieve these miracles. you can know the bliss of divine love within our hearts and nowhere else. if you reach out to the divine the spirit reaches back to meet you.  no need to feel alone. reach and know: the Self is the spark of divinity, realise it. Love is what you are, be it.

when enough humans are living in the consciousness first paradigm rather than the materialist worldview life on planet earth will turn inside out.  a crucial stage of this is the opening of the hearts of men, and to get there the taboos around men making love to men have to be overcome.  a few years ago gay pornography was a specialist area and difficult to obtain.  nowadays images of men having sexual pleasure with other men are easily available to all via the internet.  the fear of gay sex and same sex love that has been used to control society for centuries is breaking down.

the love of men for men gradually replaces the urge to dominate and kill.  are there more men loving men on the planet yet than there are men killing men?  when will the men who still fear and hate their reflections notice that there and other men who are loving each other now, and having a great time doing it?

men loving men is part of the heart opening of humanity.  it is important that archaic cultural taboos around same sex love are dismantled, and sexual connection recognised as the soulful act it is.  sex  can take us into divine states of oneness, joy and bliss, whatever the gender balance in the equation.  sexual liberation now needs to be followed  by liberation of the heart.  once humans really learn to love each other, and to feel properly and deeply, they will no longer be fooled by the illusion of separation. life is the manifestation of love in form. when enough humans raise their vibration to the level of the heart the collective consciousness will experience its next flowering..the galaxy is waiting for the earth to find the lightsirius

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