GIve Neptune Back His Trident

give the trident back to neptune

it doesn’t belong to us

some powers belong in the hands of the gods

some humans we just can’t trust!

no more nuclear bombs in our name!

the trident belongs to neptune.

the brits forgot the ancient sea god

lost their track in the cosmic ocean

spreading war around the world

now the whole of nature is crying out to us

bring peace to planet earth

accelerate the aquarian birth

wrap the warmongers up in pink wool

radiate infinite love at their souls

while they have been fighting and spying and scheming

the people found another way

we’ve found that this is love’s day

the most powerful force in the universe

the one that makes everything click

we’re turning on, inside us, this great weapon

because we’ve found it and this is it.  LOVE

no more fighting, no more war

equality and individual rights for all

when enough see that we are all ONE

the new age has really begun

switch on the love, here comes the sun

all schemes of hate shall become undone.

For 2000 years we’ve been learning how to love

no more messing around, let’s do it

struggles and trials give way to vision

the piscean age – we’re through it

give neptune back his trident

and let aquarius pour the water

of healing and cosmic understanding

the spiritual flow for those in the know

is unending, it’s time for those who feel the times

to birth a new world. 

give neptune back his trident

such powers humanity does not need

once we overcome our fear and greed

the way of unity shall succeed.


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