Sex Magic, Love and Evolution.

We are in the midst of a paradigm shift in western culture on planet Earth – a shift away from the view that the universe is a physical place in which consciousness has evolved, to one that puts consciousness first. Gradually the worlds of science and spirit are coming together, and humanity gets ready to embark on the next stage of its evolution – the CONSCIOUS stage. Instead of looking at life under a microscope we are learning to look at it from WITHIN OURSELVES. Since the 1960s increasing numbers of westerners have turned to the East to find philosophies, though smaller numbers have been exploring the pagan energy traditions of THIS LAND… lots of people seeking direct spiritual experience through age old practices such as meditation, chanting, yoga, tantra, circle casting, moon rituals… that open them up to answers to life’s questions, accessed within our own consciousness. We are learning that we are energy beings, our bodies are electromagnetic channels of many kinds of energy – emotional, mental, sexual, creative, spiritual. Ever since the Age of Reason began in the 17th century there has been a philosophical battle underway between rational, scientific belief and religious/spiritual thought. In the early 18th century the Romantic movement reacted against the intellectualism of the new trend by putting emotion and spiritual awe firmly in the centre of human experience. This debate has swung back and forth, but now as we enter the Age of Aquarius many of us are ready to put the arguments behind us and reach a higher level of understanding, one that is accessed, explored and understood from our own direct experience.

Modern western culture has achieved great things by dismantling the power religious authorities used to hold over people’s lives. It has been helpful for scientific and social development that a secular society emerged. But the materialist world view has led humans to believe we are simply physical objects, separate from each other and having a temporary, fleeting existence. This is the view that is changing fast, as increasing numbers of us choose to explore the nature of mind, emotion and spirit for ourselves. As well as turning to eastern tantric/yogic paths, or to the shamans of the native peoples of the Americas etc, we often miss that here in Europe we have our own indigenous tribal traditions, that are not only as effective as those found far away, but also connect us deeply to the energy of the land we were born on. A crucial part of spiritual development is finding grounding and strength through nature. Too much spirituality seems to focus on reaching out of ourselves and into ‘higher’ spiritual realms – this can leave us ‘top heavy’ and unbalanced… it also rather limits the impact we have in the world, as we can easily lose touch with how other people see and experience life. The balance comes through deep rooting our experience in our physical nature, via time in nature with the elements and through embodied spiritual practice.

The Celtic Way to spiritual knowledge and unity is the way of the elements, sun, moon and stars. This is a path where the feminine power of creation is honoured as equally as important as the masculine, or even seen as the ultimate source, the Mother, nurturing and guiding us all to wholeness, transcending the squabbles and struggles of the religions of the Father, loving all her creation equally. This is a path to spirit that can resonate powerfully for queer people, for in nature the possibilities are infinite, variety is key, and interdependence rather than hierarchy is the rule. We like to celebrate life – joy is a calling for most queers, we naturally seek to increase the amount of joy in our lives, in the world: the festivals of Celtic wheel of the year provide a rhythm of joyful celebration and reflection with which we can deepen our relationship with both earth, spirit and each other, expanding our consciousness and the love in our hearts. The rituals and community celebrations serve to deepen bonds between those who get involved, they open up channels of communication and expression that can be deep, expansive and ecstatic. Celtic pagan wisdom and practice takes us in to creation’s dance between the god and goddess in the same way that eastern tantric practices can do, they reveal the interplay of male and female in each of us, also of shadow and light, teaching us to understand, accept … and not fear… unfamiliar and darker aspects of life.

Pagan lore, like tantra, embraces sexuality as a sacred source of energy, of spirit within us... that can be used to express love, create babies, release tension, open creativity and raise us into communion with different levels of consciousness. Gay sex does not create babies, it is primarily there as a means of raising energy to make ourselves feel good. Gay/queer sex is bliss directed, and bliss, as tantrics and mystics have long told us, is the frequency of the divine. Through bliss states we get to feel our way deeper into reality, connecting to the divine source within ourselves. We experience union. We learn that we are not material objects stumbling through life helplessly, rather that we are gods squeezed into small human bodies, wherein we are learning to use the creative powers at our disposal.

Sexuality is the FIRE element in us. Through pagan sex magic we can learn to connect that fire to the water, air and earth, so giving ourselves access to internal alchemical magic, with which we can shift or create things in our lives. We light the fire and raise the energy through our bodies, using the will, the breath, visualisation to engage the AIR element and connecting the flow to WATER via our emotions. Connecting sex, will and heart we raise the energy into our spiritual bodies, become one in vibration with the cosmos itself. This energy can then be directed towards things we wish to manifest in our lives (this is sometimes symbolised by a sigil we have prepared in advance), often through orgasm. We can also raise the energy to a specific level of our being, eg the throat chakra from which we can expect an outpouring of words or other form of creative expression, or the third eye in order to journey internally in the place of unified vision. We might direct the energy to world situations that we wish to influence, or for healing purposes for ourselves or others.

This practice of opening our internal energy centres is transformative, revelatory and healing. We can work alone or with others to create bigger energy fields. Aligning the will, opening the sexual energy, and of course, crucially, opening the heart are the steps to powerful sex magic. LOVE reveals that we are all interdependent beings created from the same source. For two thousand years humanity has been exploring Love as much as anything else history might like to tell us about. Love is held up by all religions as the nature of the divine source, and the only commandment Jesus left the world was to Love One Another. The Age of Pisces has been a time when religion has tried to teach us the importance of love. As religion’s influence has faded, romantic love has become the pinnacle of our society’s aspiration (alongside wealth and fame of course, but unlike those two, love is available and possible for all). We tend to learn the hard way that actually to love another person is not necessarily the answer to our prayers… it is the catalyst for our transformation, for our growth as a person. Heart break teaches us a lot too. Gradually we learn that our hearts are powerful, they can recover from hurts and they can expand to love again. They can expand to love many people, and find infinite ways to express affection and emotion.

Through spiritual practice we can expand the love in our hearts to embrace all life. This is what the great sages, the avatars of love, in every culture and in every age, have been telling us to do. We can still have romantic love affairs, but why limit the most powerful, exciting and nourishing energy within us to that? There is MORE TO LOVE.  Through our open hearts we not only create deep and wonderful bonds with each other, through our hearts the various levels of existence can become one, all the worlds connect through Love.



Love is so good why keep it for one person?

Loving ourselves

Loving the earth

Loving others

I highly recommend this workshop facilitated by Al Head, assisted by Buzzy Dandelion:

two days in connected loving space with other queers, where meditation occurs naturally and spirit leads us in an exploration of the potential in our energy bodies to enhance the joy and expand the love in our lives and birth light for the whole world.

Reclaiming Sex, Energy and Love (14/15 February, London)
Led by Al Head. Assisted by Buzzy.

At this time when, more than at any other time of the year, sexual energy is channelled into the ‘closed system’ of the couple, what better time to release it into pleasure, empowerment, community and world transformation? The glorious state of being ‘in love’, of being merged with the energy which is the source of all life, has been taken from us and redefined as ‘being in love with...’ , as we attach our longings for reconnection to the one (and only) person who, we are told, will be able to satisfy them. What better time to reclaim the original ‘in love’ state, as we explore the possibilities of sex magic for us and our world?
Payment £160. Concessions £85. A CAW (‘all called are welcome’. Please contact to discuss).
Read more here :…/listing/25-thislandsexmagic2


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