the stars line up for IMBOLC 2015

Heading fast towards Full Moon next week, Imbolc breezes in this weekend – the grandmother crone goddess of the winter hands over the throne to the young maiden as nature starts to wake up from her winter dormancy.  The inner fire of growth sparks up in us too, we can hand over the deep feelings and sensations we have been going through during the winter healing time to the crone, she will offer us in return her gift of wisdom…. and we can turn our thoughts toward the year ahead, setting intentions and using divination tools to receive guidance from the invisible realms.  As this fire starts to wake up in us too this is a moment to come out of our hibernation time and share more of ourselves with others, and the moon waxing through sociable Gemini and sensitive Cancer over the weekend then arriving at fullness in good time Leo next Tuesday/Wednesday is helping us along. The gods have been fairly gentle with us this winter, but for sure we will have felt the downward pull.  As nature draws in, we are pulled with it.  Sickness is often the way nature gets us to stop and take some winter retreat time as modern life tends to demand that we continue to operate at full capacity despite the season.

Taking time to retreat and give attention to the inner self, listening and feeling and if necessary healing what we find there, we can offer all we find into the earth, to the grandmother, following the course of nature’s flow.  All our darkness, depression, fears and hurts we can offer to her, she wants them, she devours them: clearing our energy field we prepare ourselves to receive the rising fire spirit of the Maiden, Brigit, as we reach Imbolc, festival of Awakening.  The planetary alignments are telling us this is a potent energetic time.  This full moon is the last of the Chinese Year of the Horse, and spirit is offering us a gallop to the finishing line.  Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius, which many people are blaming for all kinds of mishaps, and if we believe the hype we might expect to have a hard time understanding each other right through to February 11th.  But retrogrades are more interesting affairs than that and a full retrograde in an air sign has not happened for some years.  We have had a lot of water sign retrogrades recently, bringing emotional issues up for review. This time in Aquarius Mercury is forcing us to reflect on how far our beliefs and attitudes to life have evolved in recent years.  It is helping us to a new point of acceptance and understanding about our lives, and opening up the expanded mind space, the broadened perspectives, that Aquarius offers us.

imbolc astro

Venus has just moved into Pisces, chasing Mars who got there on January 12th. She will catch him up on February 22nd, which i can only imagine counts as some kind of cosmic intercourse.  I expect great things to be born on that day.  This Imbolc we are all heavily influenced by Venus and Mars in mystical water Piscean energy, while the Sun and Mercury are gving us full on Aquarian cosmic openness.  Potent.  Sounds like a perfect Age of Aquarius moment, Air boy Ganymede pouring the water of Piscean spiritual love onto the planet.  Venus and Mars in Pisces, from now until February 19th (within a day they will both shift into fire sign Aries, o boy), feels hugely significant for the whole planet, as the warrior spirit of Mars is tamed by the strongly peaceful neptunian vibrations of Pisces.  This is a powerful moment for the lightworkers of the planet, the love warriors, eco activists and peace proclaimers to join together to send out strong vibrations of love and compassion into the collective human soul.

First we have to emerge out of our winter hermitages and bring our private inner universe into contact with others.  Mars and Venus are helping.  While these planets that mirror deep drives within consciousness, within our souls, are in this underwater Piscean dance we are going to feel glad of and receptive to emotional expressions of affection.  Possibly cautious about making new social connections, with those we love or with whom we form good relationships we will want to deepen and nurture our bonds.  Feelings are going to be speaking much louder than words, becoming ‘one’ with others through emotional fields will be natural.  Warm, mutually respectful connections bring us alive.  Deep down we fear getting hurt.  This is a time to be good to each other, but some people will struggle to understand these energies.  Try to encourage them out of their heads and into hearts and bodies.  

Venus rules the roost while these two are dancing in Pisces. Mars’ passion is channelled in devotion to her.  She is ‘exalted’ in this sign: the yielding nature of Venus fits very well with Piscean compassion and sensitivity. For her this is a position of great friendship and kindness, which if expressed sexually could easily open the gates to orgasmically awesome divine times with this potent mix of Mars alongside and also Pisces ruling planet Neptune (representing universal love) also currently in its home sign.  One astrologer reckons “In terms of sex, this means that not only will you have a good time, but also the experience could be divine and awaken all sorts of pleasure centers that you didn’t know that you had.”

For the planet, the hope is that Mars in Pisces tames aggressive male energy and makes way for Venusian voices of peace to be heard.  For us individually their alignment is making this Imbolc a significant time to receive healing, some inner peace and reconciliation if we need it.  Connections to others will help to open this flow of grace.  We are entering the portal again, into the rising energy of a new year, and another step into the Queer Age of Aquarius.

This potent alchemical cocktail is held within a triangle of fire formed by three big outer planets.  Uranus in Aries is motivating us to reinvent ourselves, Jupiter in Leo to to make the most of who we are and Saturn in Sagittarius to fix our sights on higher purpose in life.  Outside this ring of fire, Neptune in Pisces is beaming universal love home to our hearts where it belongs, and through love’s trials of fire and transformation we will learn to receive it.  Pluto, which we are about to take PICTURES of, bringing its vibration into the eyes and minds of the world, is busy doing its thing in Capricorn, shaking up long established systems of government, economics, finance etc.

Our lives intertwine, the dance of creation lives through our individual and collective experiences.  We can let go of the fear and fall back into the soft downy feathers of the swan spirit, Brigit’s totem, coming to us at Imbolc, insisting gently but firmly that we bring more gentleness into the world, more compassion, and more hope.


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