One Spirit

One Spirit seeks to know itself through its infinite creation

One Spirit seeks to feel itself and know its own elation

So it gives itself to everything

It becomes the Many and the One

Evolving through the aeons

Until its tale is done.

To us it gives the sense of Self

of individuality, intellect and empathy

so we can ask Who Am I?

Unlike the rock or bear or baby –

we can seek inside ourselves for answers

and thus complete the tale, if we can face the challenge

of dropping the little ego and embracing the real Self

We are the One Light and Love and Life

and so is everybody else.

If the simplicity of reality became apparent today

would anybody believe life could be so gay?

I am You, You are Me, we are in a fantasy

a condensed reality designed to set us free

we’ve been told to believe we are individuals

but that is so far from the truth

we are all part of the connected matrix of consciousness

the One Spirit on the loose

as we wake up one by one to the miracle and mystery

an end to the journey through darkness is in sight

we approach the start of a new one…. in the Light



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