Pisces!  Last sign of the zodiac, where consciousness seeks to merge with the whole in emotional and spiritual union.  The two fish in the Piscean symbol represent Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, and her son Eros, God of Love and Desire, shapeshifting to escape the father of all monsters, Typhon.  Two because of the duality inherent in this mutable water sign: Piscean energy can be that of the saint or the sinner, the erudite philosopher one minute and the psychotic fool the next.  Thus is the mysterious game in which we find our selves.


February 19th, 2015 feels like a day out of time.  Just before midnight last night both Sun and Moon, having reached new moon conjunction in the last degree of Aquarius, waltzed together into Pisces.  The Aquarian month began and ends with a new moon, and has contained within it 3 weeks of Mercury retrograde in the sign, the Messenger planet moving forwards again with a week of Aquarius Sun still to go, helping those of us involved in the transformation of human consciousness to spread the word.  Humanity has been receiving massive cosmic waves of Aquarian energy, which contains within it the impulse to reach for greater awareness, understanding of the ‘bigger picture’.  Now suddenly the waves will take on a water nature, pushing us to also deeply FEEL that picture, BE that awareness in compassionate action in the world.


On this day 6 heavenly bodies are in the Piscean sign: Mars and Venus are at the end of their cohabitation there, where for several weeks they have been encouraging a mystical engagement with life and deeper bonding with the people we care about.  Sun rules our outer personality, the Moon our inner, emotional world;  the position of Mars tells us something about how we channel the masculine polarity of our consciousness and Venus the feminine.  All together in Pisces this day they are supporting us to find, feel, appreciate and deepen our sense of ONENESS, of SAFETY, of TRUST in the loving wisdom that underlies and generates our existence.  Neptune is Pisces ruler and is in his home house, and Chiron, the wounded healer is there also.  These two may be magnifying the effect, fielding the comets and meteors of doubt that others may want to throw into our own personal solar systems, enabling us to build a secure zone of SELF PROTECTION AND CONFIDENCE with which to step forwards into the creative energies about to come our way once Mars and Venus move, tomorrow the 20th, into fire sign Aries.

Mars Aries venus in aries

Mars and Venus will spend the weekend parallel then conjunct in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, opening a new cycle, bringing new creative energies into play.  This weekend feels like a cosmic love-in coming in the heavens, the conjunction is known as a Hieros Gamos, a sacred marriage, and both planets can be seen in the western sky.  The energy gives us a chance to find a new balance between the masculine and feminine, within ourselves and collectively.  Great things may be born this weekend.


Wishing all marvellous soul feelings and deep healing on this day out of time and coming weekend of cosmic union

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