Tell me I am wrong if you must, but in this feeling I place my trust

In the first months of 1995 while surrendering my life to the gods in preparation for an expected early death, my mind and spirit opened to reveal that we live in an infinite Multiverse. Energy rushes hit me, visions cascaded into my inner sight and I became filled with an excited anticipation of wonderful things to come. Hard to encapsulate this experience in words, here are some of the first lines of poetry I ever wrote, attempting to record the powerful shift happening within me.

It all gets clearer all the time

The rot, the ignorance

I watch them fall away

Behind me, behind us

Only the future for us now

I haven’t got the tune but I’ve got the words

Who can take my words and give them music

Who can take my words and give them pictures

Who can take my words and give them taste

Who can give the feeling

The feeling we all crave, desire and seek

And shout about and whisper about

in candlelit rooms while the music tells us what we want to hear.

It’s all been said before

It’s all been done before

Why haven’t we started to listen?

There’s always more to know, more people to meet

More sex to indulge in, more smoke to get high on

More flesh to savour

The dirty days are gone, they can no longer tell us what we do is evil

Because we know the truth

Laugh at their blindness, as we often do

Open their eyes and they’ll be laughing too.

The answer is in our grasp, we create it at every turn

Every action is a sign, and every turning a new wonder.

The sixties gave us a dream

Free love, free people, real freedom

the seventies put us through our paces

as the worst of the west ignored the queer, shut out the black

didn’t go to the disco

and limited gay to YMCA

The shining lights speak to us still

Disco was ecstasy before enough of us knew what that was

They speak to me now as I write without thought

Each idea comes to life, with ease and with joy

Each wave through my orgasm soaked brain gives new heights

I throw out a smile in case anyone thinks I’m crazy

or so they will know I am. Soon they will be smiling with me.

My thoughts work on every level

I see every substance, I see every idea

As a living growing entity

expanding in its own right

just like the universe

expanding eternally

what do things expand into?

Into themselves, into ourselves, into the Self.

My life begins, my world opens up

there is pleasure and there is pain

but the idiots won’t let me show it

they can’t believe that I can tell the truth about these things

they wait on the corner to see my mistakes, but I have to ask….

where is the sunshine we have been waiting for?

Riding high on moments of memory

transported to places long lost in my past

worrying I go too far, I go too high,

if I cannot get the message across who will take it further?

I’m not out in the rain, I’m out in the sun

but who is coming with me and will I ever come back?

Tell me I am wrong if you must

But in this feeling I place my trust.

Everything we want is in our power

Time has stopped, we move above it

creating time travel by bringing the future into our world now

When will we recognise the prophets and laugh at the bigots?

The dream we all dream of is in us.

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