the spirit and the flesh

the spirit and the flesh

the body is the power

ecstasy is the glory

it doesn’t matter the details of your consensual sexual story

it does matter how we do it

which frequencies we share

it matters whether we love each other

we got a choice to be demons or brothers

we got the choice to care

we got the chance to be aware

take me to ecstasy

open body, heart and mind

soar into connection

and escape the daily grindrrrrr

let’s find the way to reach the light

because men are born to love not fight

and tell the world it can be free

from fear and hate and stupidity

when love rules the subtle waves of consciousness

humanity will rise above it’s unrest

and life be seen as the eternal quest

of the One in the All and the All as One

the Queer Age of Aquarius has begun.

queers! Our consciousness is vast

goes way beyond the skies

we are consciousness explorers

we came to evolve fast

that’s why we chase the highs

passion, sex and drugs shift reality

take us to the edges of sanity

to discover the extremes the body can take

to realise the joys our souls can make

riding high on the pleasure connection

we are love incarnate, with a brain, heart and genitalia

seems we have to balance it all

seems too much pleasure makes u sick

we got 7 chakras to expand

sex is only part of who we are, we are not homo-sexual

we are homo-sapiens too

what happens when we marry the two?

EVOLUTION. Life is speeding up, higher selves are now on line

we are entering multidimensional time

it’s easier with an open heart

but it’s coming anyway, life’s in deep transition

and I offer this perspective from the visionary position:

queers we hold a key to these times

we open the gateways to the higher mind

when we open our sex and love centres

we really are space and time benders

the world has forgotten what we holy children do

and those amongst us who remember it….. are few.

Yet it is the core of me and you

and somewhere on the dance floor

or via powders and pipes

or making love at the passionate heights,

I know you have felt it

and known this is true.

When I meet a man to love, touch and kiss

open the channels that lead us to bliss

I wanna step outside of mind and into sensation

our love making an act of spiritual creation

surrender to pleasure go deep in each moment

loving the self that is love itself

the power, the light, the source of the soul

glory and victory, sex to be whole

love and awareness the true and ultimate goal.

tumblr_mv5ewfE2pV1qcmntdo1_1280 art by Gio Black Peter

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