Uranus and Pluto align on March 17th at a 90 degree angle for the seventh time since June 2012.   Astrologers tell us the energy of this square is all about breaking new ground and waking up. The last time this particular energy affected the planet was the mid 1960s, and this time the planets are building on what was started then.  It’s worth to think about what’s happened in your world since mid-2012, the first exact square, and get an idea of the long term directional influence this is bringing.


Uranus energy is radical and spontaneous.  He brings ability to create spontaneous change, new experiences and break new frontiers of consciousness, he has an orientation towards the future and humanitarianism and he supports our unique creative expression in the world.  In Aries from 2010 to 2018 Uranus is calling us to reinvent ourselves in a new and divinised light.  This positioning indicates we are at the start of a new stage of human evolution, a new cycle of human consciousness is beginning, this one marked by the number of us on the planet who are shifting perspective to embrace divinity within themselves and choosing to honour the unity of life.

Pluto is a disrupter, system breaker and liberator.  He hates limiting conditions, makes us face our individual control issues and on the collective level his position in Capricorn is currently revealing the flaws and corruption rife in our governing and financial institutions, shaking the foundations of the power houses of human civilisation.

“Our current Uranus-Pluto square can produce radical, spontaneous, destructive, crazy, even war-like behavior for the spiritually unaware reactive type of younger soul. For souls more mature, this square can stimulate the motivation to adapt quickly to radical change and to create innovative solutions to emerge from or to rise above destructive scenarios and emotional turmoil.” (Nick Anthony Fiorenza, lunarplanner.com)

“Many cultural paradigms shifted during the Sixties, but the crucial issues remain the same today. And because they do, the … several years of Uranus/Pluto squares are sure to inspire movements for social justice. Those movements will reflect the current cultural syntax, but they will also express the same concerns about the well-being of our fellow humans. If you haven’t already, now would be a good time to contemplate how you want to respond to the challenge of those concerns. Remember: Our collective reality is created by our combined individual efforts.” (Ralfee Fin)

“On the upside, this combination can bring fast healing. A person can also gain power in a blink of an eye. Just get used to the idea of deep change that seems to occur in the blink of an eye.” (Elsa Panizzon, astrologyblog)

“Generally speaking, Uranus-Pluto eras have tended to bring forth the catalyzing of powerful forces in many forms, the awakening of a will to power than can be both creative and destructive, and a tangible intensification and acceleration of human experience.” (Richard Tarnas, Astology News Service)

“Uranus, the planet of rebellion, science, and individuality, functions well in the sign of Aries. It can explore, rebel, and extol the virtues of the individual with no problem at all. Uranus can awaken each person in a way that uniquely makes sense to them; when Uranus is in Aries the pioneering urge is strong.

“Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth, upheaval, and explosive power is in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is a detached, limiting sign-one that is concerned with structures and achievement. This combination intensifies Pluto’s power drive, but in a cold calculating way.

“Both planets want their own way; both signs are cardinal, wanting to initiate action, and when they square each other, a power struggle is sure to develop. The phrase “as above, so below” applies here. What goes on in the heavens reflects back on earth. That’s why we are seeing people (Uranus) as individuals (Aries) fighting established corporate (Capricorn) power (Pluto) all over the world.” (Janet Barnes)

The last of the seven square alignments is on March 17th, but we will be feeling the effects all year.  Whatever has been in transformation in our personal and collective lives will be getting another shot of r-evolutionary energy.   Pluto is unearthing anything that’s been buried, but on the positive side this can include access to reserves of strength as well as challenging phenomena.  It can also help us undo conditioning that keeps us in controlled states or easily manipulated by fear.  As the walls fall down, Uranus pops in with new ideas and visions, that come direct from the primal, wild and divine soul nature in us, shining light on the way forwards.

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