How do you communicate? Mercury in the signs

Mercury is the Messenger, the Roman equivalent of the Greek Hermes, chasing back and forth through the sky – unemotional, curious, communicative.  His placement in our natal astrological chart, which will always be the same as our Sun placement or one sign either side, tells us something about how we engage life on the mental level – how we gather, process and exchange information, how we make decisions and how we communicate with others.  He has three retrograde periods in a year – if born during one of those it is said we may encounter challenges in these areas, as well we might if he is in an awkward relationship with other planets.  The personal chart has to be studied to get the details but below are the basic energies of Mercury in each sign, as described by astrologer Molly Hall:

Mercury god


Mercury in Aries: A mind ignited by the initial thrust of an idea outward, often coming out in forceful, confrontational ways. Drawn to the shock of the new, the daring impulse that sets them off on a promising path at the edge of experience. Competitive, provocative, daring, no stranger to heated debates.

Mercury in Taurus: Mercury can be a slow, meticulous in the sign of the builder. This Mercury is a deliberate communicator. Impressions are shaped through the senses, keeping them close to down-to-earth challenges that involve the realm of matter and form. Practical, realistic, with more than a touch of stubbornness about opinions.

Mercury in Gemini: Thoughts and impressions whizz quickly in and out, lending a curious, chatty, nervous nature that needs mental stimulation to feel alive. As social observers, they’re drawn to fields that make use of their restless, brilliant minds. An eye for what’s funny, a flexible thinker, but can be scatterbrained, when nerves short the circuitry.

Mercury in Cancer: A very emotional thinker, and feelings can cloud clarity. Often highly imaginative, and able to share in way that’s heartfelt. Clam-trap memory, some say photographic, of significant moments in life.

Mercury in Leo: An emphatic mind, conveying ideas in an energized, confident and larger-than-life way. Thrives on seeing their radiance reflected in the eyes of admirers, drawing them to fields that put them out front. An encourager.

Mercury in Virgo: Has the ability to suss out complex situations, and approach mental tasks in a matter-of-fact way. Shines when able to apply the knack for details and breaking down the steps, to a purposeful goal.

Mercury in Libra: Able to speak eloquently, with a gift for harmonizing ideas and points of view. A mind attracted to high ideals and refined expressions of life. Diplomatic. Shows cardinality when trusting clear sight, and takes risks to achieve real balance.

Mercury in Scorpio: Very psychic. Lover of intrigue, mysteries, what’s occult (hidden) or taboo. Capable of pursuing a vision to its core depths. Often drawn to doors of the psyche are marked “private.”

Mercury in Sagittarius: A bright seeker of sweeping truths, often drawn to fields where ideas have room to grow in every direction. Looks for ways to combine fragments to create a unifying whole, a big picture vision.

Mercury in Capricorn: A mind with the capacity to fill things out to completion, to build up what’s already in place. Draw to the tangible, and time-tested, in favor of reaching for innovation.

Mercury in Aquarius: Great detachment gives you unusual sight, with no hidden agenda. An abstract thinker that often follows a singular, original track, coming up with ideas ahead of your time. Paradoxically stubborn, when your mind is made up.

Mercury in Pisces: Picks up on the vibrations, feelings and even thoughts of others, and seeks to connect and create through this mystical one-mind awareness. Often speaks with compassion and empathy, but is easily lost in confusion, distortions and an illusory view of what’s going on.


SInce January 4th, 2015, Mercury has been transiting through the sign of Aquarius and due to having spent 3 weeks retrograde there will not reach Pisces until March 12th.  No surprise to me that during this period people seem to have been much more open to ideas around evolving consciousness, and the role of queer people in that evolution.  I have had several speaking engagements, and am learning about the immense power in the Aquarian message I am bringing when it is heard out loud by human ears.  Aquarius is all about sensing and understanding the bigger picture – Mercury spending so long in the sign is giving humanity a chance to catch up with the rapid developments of recent years, to see how far our own beliefs have adapted and changed, and also to get a perspective on the journey of spiritual evolution for the species that has been underway since the 1960s.   Upcoming retrogrades in 2015 are also predominantly focussed in Air energy, suggesting this year gives the opportunity for crucial and meaningful shifts in how we understand life on earth..Molly Hall says:  “Mercury is the magician, juggling impressions taken in through sight, sound, the intellect, and creating patterns that form your perception. Mercury provides the narrative for your story, which can be told through emotional waves, abstract concepts, sensual impressions, intuition, or a mix of these.”mercury-signs

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