21st century humanity prides itself on its achievements – we have split the atom, found the Higgs Boson particle, been to the moon, created the world wide web, landed a probe on a comet, etc etc. Yet war, rape, murder and child abuse fill our news reports – we may have gained some clever technical know-how but we have far from evolved into a peaceful, tolerant, compassionate, intelligent species that can be trusted with so much power: we act insanely, spending more on killing people than keeping them alive, abusing the planet and each other, because we do not yet understand our place in the grand scheme of things – and in fact so much of our energy goes into disputes about whose version of reality is correct. For all our scientific prowess, there are certain areas we seem particularly confused and dumb around.  The old story of religious conflict, and of conflict between secularism and religion, keeps us all locked in outdated paradigm that could lead us to a  very dark future.

20th century materialist empiricism broke existence down into ever smaller constituent parts, until we reached the point where quantum physicists are telling us that matter is an illusion, that atoms are largely empty, and also that our consciousness affects what it perceives… ie we are not separate from the things around us, that merely appear to be external via some terrific psychedelic illusion. Experiments such as those of Dr Emoto with water molecules have shown that thought waves have energy and power. Thoughts of love and joy encourage the water to create beautiful shapes – dark thoughts and anger produce chaotic water molecule patterns. Water is a huge component of our physical form, so we really should be taking note. Despite the occasional whining from holy types, the human quality of reason/logic sits on the intellectual throne, belittling intuitive practices such as astrology, clairvoyance, mediumship – vast financial, scientific and academic resources are wasted because humanity has got things the wrong way round: Einstein said “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.”


In the nuclear armed 21st century humanity urgently needs to sort out its understanding of God, of Love and, while we are at it, how about we accept the possibility that the stars and planets tell us something about our lives. The materialist paradigm has failed – it has produced fantastic science, but at the same time is encouraging a soulless humanity, lacking empathy, compassion and a sense of belonging in the universe, a sense of purpose and place. And those in religions who believe they have the lowdown on God etc also need to be prepared to open their minds and let in new information, new perspectives. Atheists like to dismiss the idea of a creator force in the universe, saying that man created god in his own image – but this does us no service, it explains nothing about our existence. God is a useful word for the MYSTERY of Creation, for the force that gives rise to it, sustains it and destroys it. Now that we know just how vast and complex Creation is, we should be humbled enough to admit we don’t have all the answers. Now that we know matter is essentially slowed down light frequencies, we should be ready to agree that it is CONSCIOUSNESS that is evolving on our planet, not simply physical form. Scientific exploration is one approach to understanding, but science is by definition involved with the exterior world that can be measured and probed. The interior, subjective, universe, is where we know ourselves, where we expand our consciousness, where we meet ‘god’ and where we grow in love. It’s also where the cosmic energies of the planets and stars play out. When we see that all life is connected and interdependent, is the manifestation of the one universal conscious force that powers existence, emerging through fractal principles on infinite levels, this will all become clear.

“God is Love”, said Jesus. “Love makes the world go round”, they sang in the 1960s. Rumi wrote that “Love is our Mother”. Love is certainly a ‘many splendoured thing’, and according to the world’s mystical seers, the force that makes the universe work. Everything in existence seems drawn instinctively to form union with something else. We can say that love is at work everywhere, driving our urge to reproduce, to have fun, to find companions on this life journey. It might be that the One split into the Many for Creation to happen and the mission of the Many is to return to the One. This is what the deep thinking, inner focussed, mystics from every religion, from every part of the globe, have been telling us for thousands of years. Humanity is slow to listen because of our investment in our own personal, individual egos. To switch to a view that recognises the Self in us is the Self in all beings changes everything – our egos dissolve into insignificance, our efforts to dominate or destroy each other are revealed as damage we our doing to ourselves.

Judging from the huge number of seemingly conflicting/confusing beliefs on the planet about our existence it would seem that the return to the One is far off. Yet perhaps this proliferation of ideas and conflicts shows that we are at a point of maximum separation, from which a sudden and dramatic experience of unity, or at least of a vision of the underlying unity of our human existence, could occur. Perhaps life is like an elastic band that can stretch out slowly but as soon as it reaches maximum stretch it pings suddenly back to its original state.

Awakening to Unity occurred for me 20 years ago in the Spring of 1995. I had been a scientifically minded rationalist since the age of 12, but when facing death from AIDS at 30 I opened my mind and heart to the possibility of there being more going on in life – and found myself being uplifted, held and loved by a Mother spirit, a force that I felt accepted everything about me – my sexuality, my explorations with lsd and ecstasy, my illness. Recently an American Roman Catholic priest who ‘died’ on the operating table and was revived after some time, reported that he ascended in the light while dead and met a very tender and ‘motherly’ god. Mystics tells us that the mother aspect of the divinity is much closer to us than the father, that she is intimately involved – immanent – in the universe, while the father aspect remains outside it, transcendent. Gay mystic Andrew Harvey writes “what the Mother wants to create in the human race is complete freedom – a race of gnostic illumined ‘flame-children’ in natural ecstatic non-hierarchical harmony with each other and all beings and her.” He explores the power of the Mother in the world through the works of Rumi, Ramakrishna and Aurobindo, laying out a comprehensive vision of the evolution our species needs to undertake now, in order to save ourselves and the planet from the destruction we are delivering through ignorance of our true nature as eternal consciousness. This evolution starts as soon as we choose to open to it within ourselves.

Having woken to the miracle, I dived into a study of the world’s religions and its mystical, spiritual teachers who throughout time have been presenting humanity with a vision of its purpose and potential. For all the advances of recent centuries we are still lacking this vision on a collective level. The big shift comes when we recognise that the ONE SPIRIT of the universe is manifesting, exploring and evolving through us. God is found internally, in fact god is the spark of consciousness inside us, the light that animates and drives us, inspires us and holds us, heals us and guides us. The Hindu greeting Namaste means the god in me salutes the god in you: Eastern cultures, and shamanic tribes, have long recognised this empirical fact, but in the west we are inheritors of a religious culture that told us God was far away, and made sure we believed in our own sinful nature, made sure we viewed the body (the magnificent vehicle of this god consciousness) as impure, so that we would not be likely to access the beauty and holiness within ourselves. So it is taking time for the west to accept that our consciousness is divinity itself pulsing away inside us, pushing us forwards in life to discover more, create more, love more. We have been conditioned to believe we are all separate beings, alone in a random universe. No wonder the world is full of mental illness, violence and sexual abuse. We are not honouring the sacred life force that is manifesting through us all. We have created a lonely cosmos and the fear that religion used to hold over us is still firmly in place, thanks to the nihilist, soulless extremes of the scientific paradigm.


The light spins ever round, everything in the universe is in constant cyclical motion, spiral journeys through the vast eternal emptiness. We spin with it, the wheels in us driven and drawn by forces fundamental, elemental and mental. The mental ones are the ones we humans create, our thoughts are spinning vortexes zooming into creation each trying its best to find fulfilment, to achieve its intention – whether or not we actually like and want that result – each looking for compatible thoughts to attach to, just like all creations in the grand dream of life, drawn to unite and unify – from the atom to the sperm to us, it’s what life does… seeks to reconnect to itself, to its fullness, ultimately to the bliss that is the nature of the source from which all this has mysteriously arisen. All our longing, all our seeking for love, sex, money, ecstatic states stems from this universal yearning in us. Religion and Yoga both mean to reconnect with source. Great teachers have appeared in every culture on the planet, men and women who sense and understand something of the source and how it also yearns.. for our return, for our elevation, salvation and redemption. The holy books tell us that the Source gave humanity the very qualities that it has itself – awareness of self and the power to create, through our minds, hearts and bodies. Could it be that the source has no power over us, it gave us freewill and can only wait for us to turn our hearts and minds to it and find its presence in life and within ourselves?  Many in religion believe they are doing this, but too often they externalise the Source and fail to recognise that the same Source exists in all faiths and peoples, in all ways of life. For some reason those who hold antagonistic views and would continue the old story of conflict still have much louder voices than the people of peace who exist in every religion and outside them too.


Closer to us than the Source energy is the Mother Goddess, who is often seen literally or metaphorically as the planet itself, but who is also the holy spirit giving birth to the subtle planes of consciousness. She manifests through the fundamental forces underpinning our presence and experience here on the earth, ie the laws and principles of attraction, gender, karma, expansion and contraction etc, and the elemental forces: earth, air, fire, water… the four basic states of being that apply to consciousness as much as to matter. Earth is the body, air the mind, fire the spirit and water the emotional body, which surrounds and penetrates our physical form, and spreads much further than the body’s boundaries, as does the spirit’s fire body. When we are in a space with others our emotional and spiritual bodies come into contact, as of course can our physicality and minds – over these two we have more control over whether to connect or not – the emotional and spiritual are generally beyond the grip of the will, unless we take steps to develop emotional and spiritual strength and awareness, something western culture actively discourages people from doing by ridiculing spirituality and creating a consumerist culture where needs can never be satisfied.

When we acknowledge and honour the connections between us the Mother’s presence is conjured, her love is free to flow and nourish us, enlighten, heal and uplift us. She is known in India as the Shakti, in Judaism as Shekhinah, the patriarchal Christians disguise her as the Holy Spirit. Christianity was usurped by dominant heterosexual men from the Roman Empire onwards and used to justify the suppression of women and ‘deviants’ of any form, increasingly so as the centuries passed. Jesus presented a very gentle vision of love and forgiveness, but his name has been used to justify war, slaughter, slavery and intolerance of all kinds. The Reformation reduced the role of the divine feminine to an even less important role than in the Roman Catholic church, which gives the Virgin Mother a prominent position – but the Virgin is only one aspect of the vast power of the Goddess, who was known in Europe for long centuries before Christianity as a trinity of Maiden, Mother and Crone, and who is still honoured in Hindu religion for such qualities as her powers of abundance (Lakshmi), education (Saraswati), and destruction (Kali). The Christian world forgot the Mother, which changed our relationship with the planet itself, turning our world into a resource to be used rather than a sacred garden where god lives, through us. The Source may not interfere in the decisions we humans make, but every action we take is an action done to the Mother, and as physics tells us, every action will produce a reaction. As we drain our world of resources, destroy its delicate ecosystem, it seems we may be creating our own doom.

Some religious folk love doom, they actively pray for the end of times and rejoice that all the long foretold signs of apocalypse and judgement day are here. Apocalyptic Muslims believe the conflicts going on between the various branches of their faith are a sign of Allah’s coming, meanwhile there are Christians who believe there must be a massive wipe out of the unfaithful when Christ comes, there must be armageddon. These people are using their creative heart and mind energies to bring this destruction about, so those in the world who seek and sense an alternative, cheerier destiny, need to pump up the vibrations we are putting into the collective mind, through ceremony, prayer, meditation, and joyful celebration.  WIthin ourselves we are able to connect to Source, find healing and peace and love.  Each one of us affects the whole.

Allah is already here. Christ has risen in many a human soul in the last few decades. The Holy Spirit has been active on the planet for some time bringing her comfort to those who turn to her, as the Bible foretold. God has no religion. The Mother wants us to wake up. Only humans can stop the rot we started.

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