The Uranus Factor


Uranus, ruling planet of Aquarius, is known astrologically as the Great Awakener. He is the planet of revolution, identified as a planet in 1781, a time of major upheavals in Europe, though he is visible to the naked eye and had been observed as far back as 128BC by Hipparchos in Greece.


Uranus photographed by Voyager 2 in 1986

Uranus entered the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, on 27th May 2010, retrograded into Pisces from 13th August that year until 12th March 2011, then began his long haul through the cardinal fire energy of the Ram, which lasts until 15th May 2018 (and then he will pop back into Aries again 6th Nov 2018 to 6th March 2019). When Uranus crossed the threshold from Pisces into Aries it was the equivalent of the sun appearing on the horizon at the start of a new day. Uranus in Aries transforms how we express ourselves as individuals. We are now half way through that eight year day day, we are coming up to the last of a series of seven square alignments between Uranus and Pluto (which have been catalyst for major shifts on the planet and in our own lives) and Uranus is today (11th March) conjunct in the sky with Mars, Venus and he having already aligned on the 4th – bringing his revolutionary fervour right into our personal lives.

Uranus awakens the divine spark within us. Aries is the sign of the individual – we are in a period of rapid change in our understanding of who we are. This is playing out collectively as well as for each of us. The conjunctions with Mars and Venus are likely to intensify and accelerate this process. Every day I look online and read some new description of our nature as cosmic, spiritual, beings, experiencing physical incarnation; the news that inside us all is the One Divine Self expanding and exploring is out in the open – unlike 20 years ago when this mystical journey began for me, when that particular knowledge was still largely hidden, waiting to be discovered through the mysterious process of ‘enlightenment’. Seems enough of us got enlightened for the good news to be spreading fast now (bad news for those fully identified with their ego though). The challenge is for those in religion, and those who have rejected religion and spirit, to find out how to integrate this knowledge into their worldview. The materialist age is over, and while it has achieved immensely valuable things such as scientific breakthroughs and reducing the power of religious authorities over our lives, its soulless, purposeless, vision of our existence needs urgently to be replaced by a more embracing, uplifting cosmology that honours the unity of all life and the many planes of consciousness. Uranus is delivering this shift, and the seventh square with Pluto in Capricorn coming on March 16th (but affecting us all year) may be the alignment that knocks the limited materialist vision off its holy block.


The 20th century was the high point of materialist, reductionist science. The 21st will see intuition regain respect, regain its rightful place as the presence of the holy soul within us, which reason and logic are there to serve (as indeed the great physicist Einstein himself observed). Astrology works because the universe is not a random, mechanical event with no purpose – our existence is the unfolding of light and consciousness in the universe, the growth of wisdom, love and compassion. We find knowledge, peace, light and God on the inside. When we are at peace with the fact that consciousness is a unified field permeating the universe, it becomes less challenging to see that we can tune in within ourselves to the patterns and miracles it produces in others and around us in the collective.

There’s no doubting the potential for conflict when Mars and Uranus coincide in the sky. The energies of Mars the God of War and Uranus the Revolutionary are very visible on the planet right now, and the danger come the conjunction is that tempers can flare and violence increase. The effect of Uranus in Aries can be seen reflected in the violent radicalisation of some people around the planet, but I believe it is also present in the increasing numbers who are awakening to unity and divinity. Venus conjunct Uranus on the 4th brought me personally the ability to shift once and for all a swathe of low self esteem and accumulated negative nonsense around my sexuality and ability to love. With Mars and Uranus lining up I hope to see my confidence increase significantly. Uranus is my ruling planet and I am glad he is pointing the way home, for all of us.

mars uranus

Generational influence of Uranus.

Uranus in Cancer 1950-55. This is the generation leading the way on challenging and changing the role of women in the world.

Uranus in Leo 1955- 62. This generation embodies new ideas about self expression and individuality, plus opening the heart to share individual gifts with others

Uranus in Virgo 1962 – 68. for these folk it’s all about finding new ways to serve the world, to improve life in the work place. (Pluto was also in Virgo 1958-1971: this is the generation that have the destiny to bring down old, corrupt structures, replacing them with new paradigms).

Uranus in Libra 1968- 75. The revolutionary energy here addresses how we express ourselves in relationships, these years were a time of rapid change in marriage and in attitudes around sexuality. Born with Uranus in Libra, this generation is reinventing relationship models.

Uranus in Scorpio 1975- 82. This generation is dealing with the aftermath of the sexual revolution. During these years there was a massive growth, and acceptance of, psychological therapy. Uranus in Scorpio people bring back the depths and intensities of relationship, which were diminishing during the sexual revolution as sex became much freer.

Uranus in Sagittarius 1982- 88. This brought the impulse to define and stick to a version of ‘higher truth’, as mirrored in the cold war intensities of the time. Those born with this placing of Uranus, have a calling to seek understanding of the bigger picture.

Uranus in Capricorn 1988- 96. This period brought a backlash against the consumerism and materialism of the 1980s, and also started to reveal the cracks in our ruling institutions.

Uranus in Aquarius 1996- 2003. The heady days of the millennium, rapid changes in consciousness and society, spread of the internet, increasing awareness of where change is needed in society.

Uranus in Pisces 2003- 2010. Increasing interest in spirituality, in finding spiritual answers and solutions to the world’s problems, but also breaking down the grip of established faiths and growth of new ideas and understanding.

Uranus in Aries presses the ‘reset’ button on many levels and gives humanity a fresh perspective from which to build a better world. We are half way through his journey in the sign – the last years of which will be marked by the half century commemoration of the significant cultural shifts of the 1960s – will see the world reflecting on what the sexual revolution, the hippy culture bequeathed the world. It will also see the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of gay sex in the UK. Suddenly our busy world will see just how far it has come in half a century and this will provide the platform for us to collectively debate and decide what we wish to create in the next 50 years. We will see that the divine self did awaken in some people at that time, and has continued to do so since – what is needed is a cultural myth that embraces this, embraces the multidimensional reality we are part of and supports our growth within it.

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