a natural vibration

a universal sensation

love and joy raised to bliss

the heavenly kiss


accessed through the body

blocked by negative thought

or stuck emotion


gained via presence and concentration

retained by honouring its cycles

and ever changing nature


essential for the body, mind, spirit balance

time out from the rational, constantly thinking ego

time in dreamtime and imagination

the necessity of ecstasy

creating who we are


mystics are in love with the source

they meet herhim everywhere

love is the key to ecstasy

passionate, sexual, emotional or still

ecstasy is so much more than a pill

stand outside ourselves and see

we are nothing without ecstasy

getting out of the head and into joy divine

and life begins again


men loving men fucking men licking men kissing men

the insatiable hunt

celebration of incarnation

of form, beauty and pleasure

Pan’s lovers spreading the particular grace

when men love and no longer fight

r-evolution for the human race.


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