PAN stalks the city streets, slipping from tree to tree, park to park, infiltrating the dreams and desires of the people as he answers Oscar’s call, as he wanders the streets at night seeing the human world through the eyes of the foxes that have decided to join people in this experiment in city living. He sees, smells, hears the dreams of the humans, looks gravely at their deluded states of disconnect, separation, loneliness and fear, and sends his pheromones into their environment, where their senses will pick them up and deliver their message direct into the subconscious levels of their minds. PAN. The earth god’s sexual smell is in the city. Mr Wilde called him to leave Arcadia, appealing to the god’s compassionate nature, calling him to come bring his spirit to the dry, cold hearted, sexually uptight, cities. He came.  He brings knowledge of our innate and unbreakable connection to all life, something humans lost touch with as we lost touch with our bodies and the holy pleasure they can generate.


When Oscar wrote his call mankind’s technological development was already revealing the amount of damage humanity was becoming capable of causing to the earth. Our intellectual growth was not matched by corresponding moral, emotional, spiritual understanding. Oscar was one of several intellectuals who saw that a revolution in our attitudes to sex was going to have to happen. Edward Carpenter was another – they saw that one of the greatest hindrances to our evolution as a species was the Victorian attitude to sexuality, a very British prudery that was the result of centuries of effort by religion to control people’s sexual expression. Both Edward and Oscar saw the Divinity in our human souls, waiting to give birth to a new divine human, but to this divinity the body is a temple and sexuality a holy rite.  Attitudes had to change.

“Ah, leave the hills of Arcady,
Thy satyrs and their wanton play,
This modern world hath need of thee.

No nymph or Faun indeed have we,
For Faun and nymph are old and grey,
Ah, leave the hills of Arcady!

This is the land where liberty
Lit grave-browed Milton on his way,
This modern world hath need of thee!

A land of ancient chivalry
Where gentle Sidney saw the day,
Ah, leave the hills of Arcady!

This fierce sea-lion of the sea,
This England lacks some stronger lay,
This modern world hath need of thee!

Then blow some trumpet loud and free,
And give thine oaten pipe away,
Ah, leave the hills of Arcady!
This modern world hath need of thee!” PAN by Oscar Wilde

Everyone in the city can sense Pan’s presence in some way, but the gay men respond most willingly. They pick up the scent of sex, hunt in parks and bars, saunas and cinemas, online and on apps…. gay sex is out of the closet….. no longer do we scurry shamefully into public toilets, now we meet brazenly in public venues, and can cruise men by simply looking at our phones, wherever we are. More and more men get entranced in the lustful gaze of fantasy and eros, and the gaze starts to fill the streets, the lust spreads, eye to eye, aura to aura, nose to nose. In tales of old all folk, maidens and men, young and old, would become enchanted by the sound of pipe music emanating from the forest, and drop their duties to follow the pipe’s call, finding themselves disrobing, dancing and cavorting in the meadowlands, feeling no surprise at their actions and simply going back to their daily life when the music faded away. Nowadays the call comes through the disco beat, through the electronic pulses that fill the airwaves and from the call of the wild inside us…. the primeval, raw, nature within all of us that says ‘I AM MORE THAN THIS ORDER AND CIVILISATION…. I AM MORE THAN MANMADE MORALITY AND CONVENTION… AND I MUST BE FREE


PAN came to the city, he answered Oscar’s call.

Now there’s so much sex in the city it can drive you up the wall

Pleasure Palace in every home

More decadent than ancient Rome

every front room can be a back room

cottaging is coming home to the bedroom.

But there’s a catch to this arcadian nirvana

and that’s the disconnect, the alienation

that can go hand in hand with the celebration

we live in promiscuous times

drugs are the shortcut to ecstasy and to excess

and lives can end up a nasty mess

the sex drive is open, the body we have claimed

now the mind needs to catch up

and realise what we’ve gained.

Sex is the holiest thing a being can do with another

it opens souls, heals spirits, bonds the hearts of lovers

it creates life, it takes us to heaven, it ignites our souls

it reveals that unity of life is the FUCKING GOAL

if we remember that sex is sacred, we open up the road.

So now is the moment to invoke URANUS

the awakener of the higher mind

after all this rutting, poking and hunting

what are we gonna find?

the people don’t know they are in a trance

they don’t get they are the dancer and the dance

URANUS is the gayest planet of the solar system. He is the only planet that rotates on its horizontall axis, and he is positively spinning like a disco ball out there – although 47 times the size of the earth, his day lasts only 10 of our hours. The first of his moons to be discovered were named after Faeries from Midsummer Nights Dream :Titania, Oberon, Umbriel, Miranda, and Puck.  Mythologically he is the Sky Father, husband – and also son – of GAIA, Mother Earth. Castrated by his son, Chronos, he slept with no other women and dedicated himself to the arts and beauty. Uranus energy is group oriented but anti-authoritarian… Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, the gay sign of the zodiac (being the sign of Ganymede, young male lover of Zeus). The emergence of gay consciousness, of gay community, is a manifestation of the emerging Age of Aquarius. Our sexuality and creativity is flowering, but for us to fully manifest the revolutionary, awakening energy of the Uranus archetype we have to let in the higher mind, let in the light of the gods.As usual, what we do the rest of the population will soon copy.  We are slow to find leaders amongst us who can reveal this path, because of the anti-authoritarian nature of our Uranus energy. Edward Carpenter’s name for gay men and women was in fact the URANIANS.

The Uranian temperament (probably from the very fact of its dual nature and the swift and constant interaction between its masculine and feminine elements) is exceedingly sensitive and emotional; and there is no doubt that, going with this, a large number of the artist class, musical, literary or pictorial, belong to this description. That delicate and subtle sympathy with every wave and phase of feeling which makes the artist possible is also very characteristic of the Uranian (the male type), and makes it easy or natural for the Uranian man to become an artist …..

If it be once allowed that the love-nature of the Uranian is of a sincere and essentially humane and kindly type then the importance of the Uranian’s place in Society, and of the social work he may be able to do, must certainly also be acknowledged.”

EDWARD CARPENTER The Intermediate Sex.

PAN-URANUS together awaken body and mind. The Call of the Wild and the call of the Wise.

We Need To Embrace Both If We Wish To Be Divine



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