Into Gemini

The Bull Taurus took us on quite a ride this past month…. The Sun and Mars both in the fixed earth sign and a super powerful Full Moon in Scorpio at Beltane weekend, the high point of surging Spring energies, brought intense times to many of us, with unexpected twists and turns, and some passionate sexual energies. The Goddess of Love, Venus, transited from Gemini, where she had us flirting and chasing and taking our chances, into Cancer, where she is more serious about true, activated, loving connection, opening the way to romance and mystical bliss as her energy bounces off Neptune in his home sign Pisces.  It’s the height of Spring and the Gods are in the heavens with the windows open, inviting us to take the dance of romance with all of life, to let the spirit flow between us and lift our gaze towards the divine light.

We enter a new Moon month as we come to the closing sighs of the Taurus Sun, after a weekend of sumptuous earth vibrations as Sun and Moon breathed together with the Bull in the calming dark moon phase, which offered good times, relaxed company and the chance to ground ourselves after a month of rapid growth and transformation. Gemini energies switch on now as we move from earth to air, with the Moon energy waxing alongside the steady rise of sociable, communicative Gemini Sun light. This is a powerful moment to reflect, take stock and consider what this new moon is bringing to us, plus to set intentions and reset goals.

We are entering a period of dominant Gemini energies, with Mars and Mercury also in the sign. Mars entered Gemini on May 16 and will be in the sign until June 24th…. in this air energy Mars scatters his energy in many directions, we become flexible, versatile in our thinking and activity but can be unfocussed.

Mercury is just beginning a 3 week retrograde period in Gemini. This year all of Mercury’s three retrogrades take place in air signs, prompting review time especially in relation to how our beliefs about life are evolving over time, and bringing light on how the thoughts we entertain and pursue in our minds create and influence the ways we experience life and the feelings that result. We can change our lives by changing our physical habits and circumstances, but more effective change comes from reprogramming the mental data we feed into our individual bio-system.

This applies on a collective level as well. Humans are feeding a lot of negativity into our shared spirit …. humanity has forgotten that it is a single spirit with a collective consciousness, or it has been brainwashed to believe otherwise. In the 1960s and 70s the collective consciousness was spoken about and fairly well accepted, though barely understood. The rise of secularism didn’t really wipe out God and Spirit from the agenda until the 1980s, by which time the backlash against the surge in interest in things spiritual and cosmic was able to put individualism at the centre of everything….. greed, competition, superficiality replaced the 60s dream of universal love and awakening. When religion was debated during my formative years it was common for most people to identify as agnostic… a perfectly reasonable stance of ‘I don’t know but i’m keeping an open mind’…. by the second decade of the 21st century the world seems much more firmly delineated into atheists and believers. There seems very little room for debate or finding common ground.

The Darwinian principle of Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest (and most Adaptable) is taken as a model for human life, but his equally important commentary on how the human animal has relied on cooperation and compassion to survive against the odds in the harsh natural environment of Mother Earth, is little mentioned. Yet these are the qualities that we need now more than anything.

The wave of Gemini energy will certainly get us all talking and mingling plenty, and with every aspect of life seeming to undergo upheaval, there is plenty to talk about. But it seems this Aquarian will not be sharing his daily thoughts on facebook any more. I have fallen foul of their ‘real name policy’ which to me stinks highly of big brother, state pressure. I made the mistake of mentioning ayahuasca in the write up for an event I will be hosting during Gay Pride week – an evening discussion on substance use in gay life, and within an hour my account was locked, with photo ID showing my ‘official’ name demanded. I imagined a reasonable appeal to their sensibilities might get my account reinstated – after all I have been an active fb community member for seven years under this name. But it turns out it is impossible to communicate with Facebook, there are blank, cold, computer walls to run up against, and no sign of any human or heart. Facebook has gone, in my opinion, very rapidly from being a liberating, connecting tool of the Aquarian awakening, to a pillar and servant of the conservative, paranoid, anti-spiritual, anti-evolution, military-industrial capitalist-patriarchal complex.

So please sign up to follow this blog if you want to know what’s going on in Shokti’s universe and leave your comments here in future not on the shiny, smiling, controlling, manipulative face of Big Brother.

We enter the month of mind oriented Gemini….. communicate, explore, share, debate.  Mercury and Mars are insisting conversation is on the agenda.  Human minds need expanding.   Minds need increased awareness.  Minds need light.


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  1. I got kicked for my ‘name’ when I posted too much about the police violence against unarmed citizens mostly people of color. It was a video showing all the people unarmed shot by police in 2014 I was quickly called to present my ID.

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