I think therefore I Am is one of the great philosophical maxims of the modern world. Everyone knows this one and buys into it – maybe because it basically removes the need to relate to a god figure in order to explain our existence. It can also take us further than this: if by thinking I know I exist WHO is doing the knowing? I am Something that exists before and beyond the thoughts themselves, in order to have them. The voice of the mind in the head is not Who I Am, it is the thoughts that arise from Who I Am. To get to know Who I Am I need to get out of my head, reduce the amount of thoughts going on and free myself from mental attachments, aversions and judgements that I have set up with my thoughts and which now colour my existence and experiences.

Modern life however constantly fills our minds with information, prompting constant thinking. We are not encouraged to slow down, to empty our minds, to be mindful. Education is about gaining KNOWLEDGE, not wisdom. Advertising, media outlets, big business, FACEBOOK all want us switched on, tuned in, debating and PURCHASING. They fill our minds with the idea that we need THINGS, they demand we keep feeding the capitalist military-industrial complex through work, owning property, owning things. To get a break from the incessant demands and stimulations many take drugs. There’s nothing new about that, except that alcohol has been revealed as the major monster drug it is yet remains the only legal one. Intoxicated escape works for a time, and even has the potential to wake us up to a bigger perspective on the reality of our existence here on planet earth, but deeper and longer lasting solutions are available.

Since the so called Age of Enlightenment in Europe there has been a steady rise to dominance of a world view that pushes the idea life is a mechanical, meaningless accident. The spiritual has been pushed out of the picture – necessarily, I believe, in order to reduce the control the Churches held over the people and human culture. Instead most people seem to have been brainwashed to believe we are all separate beings with a short life span during which we have to struggle to survive. The Age of Enlightenment may have begun a few centuries ago but the true enlightenment has not arrived yet.

Except: for some it has arrived, and even for many, in some ways. Everyone on the planet who believes in PEACE and who chooses LOVE and TOLERANCE over hatred, everyone who dreams of a world coming to balance and harmony, finding a new way forward as a global humanity is enlightened. Unfortunately the ones who believe in war, domination and hate are the ones with the guns. And we are constantly being told by our leaders and media that the future will be tough, violent and dangerous. This is the dark dream they are encouraging us to bring into reality.

Since the 1960s there have been successive waves of awakening around the planet, where people have had their inner eyes opened to the glory, perfection and infinite miracle of life on earth, and have dreamed of a much brighter future. Peak moments of high vibrational energies bring tastes of the sacred beauty behind and within EVERYTHING to most of us at some point in our lives .. The question is what do we do with those peaks? When every tv channel, advertisement, and of course the majority of the people around us, are spouting dark, manipulative, fear based visions of life constantly, it can be very hard to keep the light shining. Often Awakeners depart from the mainstream world and set up encampments or healing centres where they will be able to receive and help souls making the shift from the alienating, fearfilled reality of the collective life story into a new paradigm, as the – inevitable – avalanche of AWARENESS and AWAKENING comes.

In the 60s people got excited about the coming of the Age of Aquarius. Five decades later astrology is regularly ridiculed on mainstream media, and held up by rational people as one of the key reasons they cannot accept spiritual bull. This situation has arisen because we have been convinced to believe in the material vision of reality. We are stuck in the thinking mind, we do not take time off from the logical, rational self and allow the intuitive energies of the soul to reveal the secrets and mysteries of life to us. Yet Awakeners are people who have realised that the majority are going at things the wrong way round. The intuition and imagination are the expression of the real self, they are closer to our source nature than the rational thoughts we have about that self. They can reveal who we are, the rational thinking part of the mind is the servant to their majesty and vision. Life starts with a miracle, and we get more out of it by being open to the miraculous.

And of course ASTROLOGY ……. far from being the nonsense some (highly influential people) like to insist, is in fact THE PROOF that our existence is the manifestation of a bigger, multilayered, ‘predestined’, reality. Within this 3d material universe the dance of CONSCIOUSNESS is taking place. Astrology provides insights into that dance. When we stop dreaming that we are separate, isolated, unsupported bodies on a lonely planet, and wake up to the idea that we are the DIVINE DANCING in its marvellous creation, life changes. We start living from the inside meeting the world with love, and not from the outside where there is so much fear. Humanity is experiencing crises on every level, pushing us to a point of collective awakening, just as individually we often only reach spirituality through a personal crisis. I presume those that still insist the world is 3D not multiD just haven’t had enough SHIT yet. It is next to impossible to explain rationally why astrology is relevant and real, but it hits me that there’s no need. The insight and understanding that astrological knowledge bestows on us PROVES there is more going on than atoms meaninglessly bumping into each other. Accepting this, we can then explore further, some no doubt will use psychedelics and medicine plants to do so, others will get there through meditation, music, dancing, breathing, sex, prayer, exercise, work. Everything in life can in fact awaken the divine vision within us constantly, but not if we are only serving the anti-conscious machine of war and domination, not if we thinking only of our egos – because we are not really the single ego, we are the WHOLE OF IT too.

I rode a wave of awakening that began with house music and lsd at the end of the 1980s and peaked for me in the second half of the 1990s when I became conscious of the wave and chose to learn to surf it. I believe we are in the midst of another wave right now in 2015, a tidal wave this time, bringing large numbers through the portal of cosmic understanding. As I look at the work going on for example at the London College of Spirituality, or the upcoming Conference on Psychedelics at Greenwich University, it is clear that the Awakeners are starting to take on more of a presence in the city too. My own tribe of Radical Faeries of Albion has grown from nowhere a decade ago into an active network of healers, performers, artists holding 4 major gatherings this year and regular circles in London and Brighton.

The simple lie that has is to die is the one that say we are material beings. We are not. Physics has now demonstrated that atoms are largely empty space. Matter is a manifestation of something else… of energy, known throughout time and across the planet as Spirit. We are Spirit. Not billions of individuals, but ONE SPIRIT… one consciousness… ONE LOVE. Love is our nature, conscious, active, compassionate LOVE. Spirit has manifested as teachers throughout our history telling us this. Now we each are able to wake up to this truth ourselves. It’s really simple: Love is what draws us to each other – whether it manifests as sexual attraction, romance, shared beliefs and activities – we are all drawn to find the people, places and things that make us feel good. The heart leads the way, the mind is there to obey, and balance the heart’s desires with reason when needed.

I AM THEREFORE I THINK would be a better way of putting it.






“For see!

The Self is in all beings

And all beings are in the Self.

Know that you are free

Free of “I”

Free of “Mine”

Be Happy.”


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