lsd, butterflies and starlight

god was in the microdots

when i was a gay caterpillar:

she opened my mind, showed me lots

but it was only later i joined the dots

when hiv forced to me to retreat and face my mortality

humans are caterpillars

eating up the goodness of life on earth

our destructivity is out of control

sooner or later a crisis

will force us to pupate and enter rebirth.

life is an archetypal journey

in fact many such journeys overlapping

not a random chance, not an idiot’s dance

this is the game of awakening we are playing.

do you know that you are starlight?

focussed into a human body?

o They told you you are stardust

and to dust you shall return

but that’s because there’s a secret to life

They don’t want you to learn.

That’s that we’re all BUTTERFLIES

bringing colour to the world

from egg to larva to chrysalis to imago

there are four stages through which to grow

most are still at the caterpillar stage

little do they know

of the universe of the butterfly

where life is lived with wings in flight

and seen in psychedlic golden light.

HIV was my coccoon, i wove myself in

and prepared to die, while doing so

opening my mind to the sky

the light shone in and transformation began

evolving from caterpillar to butterfly man.

Learn to fly queer brothers!

Don’t wait for disaster to find your wings

But remember too Icarus

Keep a grip on reality, don’t fly too high

We are explorers of consciousness

and the ship is our sanity.

We are emissaries of love

come to break the rules and teach the fools

there’s more to life than money and power

everyone has a soul that needs nurture and care

everyone is a soul that seeks to become AWARE

The Sixties brought a psychedilic awakening

The late Eighties brought phase 2

The Teen-ties now are bringing phase 3

Spirit Control has been sending its scouts to the earth

incarnating in numbers and due a rapid second birth

The Time and The Light and The Ecstasy is Now

Here comes the Glory and the Power

Announcing the Divine’s greatest hour.

IMAG0304 (Copy)The Union, by Shokti 1998

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