Solstice Goddess

SUMMER SOLSTICE WEEKEND PROMISES TO BE A DIVINE FEAST AS GODDESS ENERGY FLOODS THE PLANET VIA VENUS AND THE MOON ALONGSIDE JUPITER IN THE BOUNTIFUL FIRE SIGN LEO.  Leo is ruled by the Sun, so wiith the Moon in Leo Friday and Saturday, Sun energy is going to be strong by night as well as day.  The Sun is in communicative, sociable Gemini, along with Mars and Mercury, encouraging us to rise to challenges and walk on solstice fire.  Sunday afternoon the Sun will enter Cancer, starting a month where emotions and the heart take the centre stage after the strong mental focus of recent energies.  The moon will enter earth sign Virgo, helping us all to ground the blissful spirit of solstice into our bodies, into our lives, into practical steps to improve life on earth.

venus in leo

In Her holy names……..

“Some call the Creator of this Universe God, but our earliest ancestors, when they looked in awe at the world around them and tried to understand where it came from, saw the ultimate creative force as Goddess, as Mother. The Father of our culture created the world by speaking it into existence. The Mother of our ancestors birthed the universe from her body. There was no separation between Creator and creation. And as we shift our thinking and come back to this ancient wisdom, we will find balance and healing for ourselves. Ultimately the Creator is neither male nor female, but Oneness. It is the Prime Vibration. It is Absolute Information. In Seeing It as Mother we honour own own capacity for connection, compassion, clarity and communion of the soul. In knowing It as Mother we cycle back to the beginning of this era so that we can step into the next in wholeness.

“The liturgies of the Father are spoken, as revelation comes the from the Father in words, for with words he created the universe. The universe itself is the revelation of the Mother, and her liturgies are of the body. As we open to seeing her and her creation, as we learn to feel our place in it and know that we are never separate from it, and cannot ever be separate from it, then everything we becomes a prayer. Anchored in love, our bodies filled with joy, reaching out in ecstasy to express our gratitude, we ground the Mother’s bliss in the world.

“In our Mother’s world we do not have to struggle for enlightenment, Her light is always with us. We do not have to be reborn, for each moment of our lives is a new creation in her infinite, eternal body, and we are always a part of it.”

Abridged from ‘Liturgies for Mother Sky’ from Andrew Ramer’s ‘Spiritual Journeybook for Gay Men’: Two Flutes Playing

 twoflutes pisces venus in aries Cosmic_Tribe_Tarot_Star_17 brigit-400 St.-Catherine-of-Siena-4

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