Gathering under the Tor, camping in the field, view of Avalon vale, drumming in the woods, buzz and chatter of the last week of Gemini month, new ideas birthed and big dreams too.

The albion faerie tribe celebrating the seasonal cycle, hitting our Solstice peak dancing all night round the faerie fire, drumming, chanting: erotic, sweaty, roasting night before joining the people of Avalon at the top of the Tor at daybreak, connecting queer magic to the rising pagan energies felt by all drawn to celebrate the earth’s natural holy moments, colouring in the rainbow, bringing back the knowledge of the goddess, of the elements, of the animal spirits, of the ancestors: of all the things humanity forgot in its greedy rush for wealth and constant gratification. Remembering we are Love.

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July Full Moon in Capricorn IS the Pan Full Moon. The Cancer-Capricorn axis takes us into the balance between emotion and action, intuition and reason, between cardinal water and cardinal earth: two strong forces we need to bring together, within ourselves. Capricorn is the sign of the Sea-Goat: the legend is that Pan escaped Typhon, the king of monsters, by diving into the Nile but the lower half of his body turned into a fish. Pan’s energy rules the land at this time, Spring growth is over and nature wants to play, but underlying it all is the emotional water spirit of Cancer. Pan’s lust and play is all about expressing and releasing the powerful emotional energies within us. Pan’s sexual energies are strong, calling us to connect body, soul, mind and spirit and unite with each other, with nature, with the universe. To know our Oneness with all we have to face the dark forces within us, the primeval sexual, elemental powers that stalk through our collective subconscious. To make peace with Pan is to find the door to the magic of the elements, to experience them flooding through us, moving us, dancing us, feeding us, teaching us.

We live as a tribe of 16 faeries, all camped on the magical Folleterre Faerie Prairie with few trips to the community house. In that house food is prepared for us, the other occupants of the sanctuary generously supporting our spiritual efforts out in nature. We become one tribe as we journey together into the elemental forces of creation. First day in Air we walk in silence to meditation rock, where spirit moves us into a unified energy dance, and around the night time fire we call, sing and invoke to the spirit worlds to bless our endeavours to get closer to Pan. In Earth day we get closer to the land, and deepen into its peaceful embrace. In Water we share from the heart, swim together and cleanse with healing mud. We connect the elements within ourselves and journey into fire, enjoying the day of blazing Cancer sun energies and opening ourselves to ecstasy with night time fire ritual. Cancer energies are concerned with the home – this year in Folleterre it felt clear that HOME is PLANET EARTH, and Cancer month a great time to be out in nature experiencing that. We were at home, as one tribe, breathing and growing, moving into love and celebrating sexual expression. We were so blessed it was warm enough to be naked all night as well as all day. At our ritual the Capricorn full moon dominated the sky, her energies were deep and earthy. Our ritual provided the air and fire to balance the water sun and earth moon. Pan came.

Nature held us, and we held each other. The formalities and reserve of society fell away and we became simple faerie beings honouring the divine energies of nature, in a playful, caring, shared space.

“I’m injected with nature.
I look for the natural when I am out now. Remembering the beautiful moments on meditation rock: Green Leaf’s vision: naked people naked in nature. At peace.

My inner child, monkey, tiger, animal was called out to play.
Such lifeforce. such happiness.
The tribal experiences were wonderful. The repetition of playing, decorating, embracing, initiating each other with colours, mud, ashes every day again..gave it structure. Oneness. I loved it.” Pan Gatherer Trickster

This is how souls come home… opening to nature, opening to spirit, dropping the dramas, giving and receiving love, finding the divine peace inside.



40 faeries old hands and new birds taking flight, young and old, pioneers of the cause, fellows who have joined since and spiritually awakened newbies ready to take the plunge into a gathering that proclaimed TRIBE from the start. With 20 years of Eurofaerie gatherings and 10 of sanctuary under our belts, we were ready to ask: What is a tribe? We shared our ideas from the first evening and became a single organic entity, each of its parts following its own star yet together forming an ever evolving constellation of bonding, dancing, loving and sharing. The Cancer Sun held us in an ocean of love, heart connections formed quickly and deepened. The sense of travelling and growing together was strong. The sense of mission, purpose and drive to nurture faerie space, so that more people might benefit from this experience of love and healing, was present, huge and vital.

We met under an Aquarius moon, providing us with the inner tools and outlooks to quickly form a tribal consciousness. Under the Pisces moon we danced deeply into the space of emotional connection. Mid week the Aries moon and a grey day with some rain pulled us back into ourselves and made us focus on what we each individually creating, brought us to the place of choice and action. Hearts shared in daily tribal circle space wove the individual energies into a single dance again. We rose to the call of the Aries fire and made ritual at the Ancestor Grove before a late night of dancing, singing and playing at the prairie fire. Taurus moon gave us two luscious sunshine days of relaxed, sensual energies. Time to enjoy the land, the wonderful food produced by the kitchen teams, and each other. Gemini Moon at the final weekend of the gathering brought us a huge shot of air energy which channelled into performance, party spirit, an over-wordy tribal circle (moon in gemini = everybody has at least two opinions they want to share lol), a huge house clean and a phenomenal closing circle where we held sacred healing space on the prairie at the end of the day with drums and chanting before feasting on delicious home cooked pizza, our first ever from the new kitchen stove, freshly installed just the day before.

We shared our heartfelt thoughts as the night drew in and hugged each other deep and long. We had over 9 days honoured all the elements of our nature – our earthiness, our intelligence, our emotions and our cosmic two-spirited sacredness. The gathering closed but thecircle stays open, the tribal energies continue to flow and flow.



Faeries will also be found at QUINTASENSUAL FESTIVAL in the UK

25-30 August

stand by for news of a September Faerie weekend in Glastonbury

and for the CALL for FEATHERSTONE First Ever Samhain Albion Gathering 19-29 October

where we will get opportunities to look back over the year and prepare ourselves for the more inner focussed time of Winter.

Tribal Spirit Rising


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