The Stars at Folleterre This Summer

The String of Pearls – the run of gatherings at Folleterre Faerieland in France this summer celebrating 10 years of sanctuary and 20 of Eurofaerie activity across the continent – enters its second phase as the Sun reaches fire sign Leo, bathing the soul in active, expressive, creative flow, maybe with extra impact this year as Mercury entered Leo the same day as the Sun, kicking off some ambitious energies and big dreams. Venus is now retrograde and will reenter Leo, where she feels very flirtatious and playful, on 31st July. Mars gets to Leo on August 8th and Jupiter is in the last weeks of his year long journey through the sign, moving into Virgo on August 11th. Leo is telling us from the skies to decide who we want to be, and to go about being it – encouraging us to express our souls as fully, artistically and originally as possible.


Last days of July = Community Week is under way at the faerieland. The Moon is passing through the area of the zodiac relating to transpersonal, collective consciousness during this week, moving from fixed water Scorpio, the sign of rebirth into collective/higher consciousness, through mutable fire Sagittarius, sign of exploring that consciousness (Sunday – Tuesday), Capricorn, cardinal earth sign that loves to build ways to embody the awareness (Tuesday – Thursday night) and into Aquarius, the fixed air sign that seeks to improve and unify the collective experience. Great Circle weekend starts with the Moon still in Aquarius, encouraging attunement to the bigger picture and the group mind. On Sunday the moon will have reached mutable water Pisces, when generally we are more likely to wish to experience the sensation and pleasure of being part of the group more than to discuss, plan and get practical about it.

Friday 31st is also Full Moon and the pagan festival of Lammas, that falls half way between summer solstice and the equinox. Here nature invites us to lay down tools, take a summer break from toil and ambition, and simply enjoy the first riches of the harvest. In our post agricultural age this still applies, especially on the internal level as we review our progress through the year so far and our minds turn to summer fun.

_MG_6348 [Desktop Resolution]

Summer Gathering starts on the 3rd August with the Moon still in mystical Pisces, helping all faeries to flow into the space ready to connect and form a unique manifestation of the tribal energy, ready to flow together in the creation of a shared journey into nature, love and magic. The Moon will have reached Aries for the first full day of the gathering on the Tuesday, bringing self-focus and the moment to share individual intentions into the collective cauldron, so that all the individualities might have space to grow, expand, express, give and receive as the journey unfolds.

On Wednesday 5th the Aries Moon and Uranus will be conjunct in the sky, a catalytic alignment of the fire ram moon and the revolutionary ruler of Aquarius that suggests some major shifts in thinking, in understanding, in vision.  This likely to manifest at the gathering as the natural falling away of outworn, stuck viewpoints that limit growth and the arrival of exciting new perspectives.  Wednesday night the Moon arrives in Taurus, bathing the world in earthy, sensual vibrations. Moon in Taurus until Saturday morning equals time to really settle on the land and into relaxed community spirit. The Leo Sun will ensure that things don’t get too laidback, holding the gathering in an energy of action, passion and expression throughout. Saturday morning until Monday afternoon Gemini Moon equals flowing air energy combining with the fire sun to bring plenty of buzzing, sociable, playful, party spirit. The gathering will conclude with the Moon in Cancer, sensitive emotional energy suitable to the task of slowing down, sharing gratitude, hugs, love and healing.

On the 11th August Jupiter enters Virgo. The past year while in Leo Jupiter has been encouraging us to dream big, to expand our sense of who we are and the ways in which we are being it. Now moving into Virgo Jupiter will be accessing the practical, technical energies to make those big dreams real. It could be well worth to honour this Jupiter energy by looking with an optimistic, positive eye into the year ahead as the gathering ends. Sadness at something ending is natural, but needs not be painful. Looking at what we have gained and what can manifest in the future is the best way to step out of faerie space and endeavour to take some of the incredible spirit of faerie love home with us.

Folleterre is a dreamtime space where we get exposed to the sun, moon and stars much more than usual in our busy lives. Their energies are always affecting us strongly, and through being out in nature, and less stuck in our heads than normal life demands, we can discover the inner senses that pick up and work with these subtle elemental frequencies all around us. Having made the leap from the old world belief in separation and into a universe of connectionm then time in nature, time in sanctuary, time with tribe, gives us the chance to evolve the natural senses in us that deepen that connection, that bring us into the joy of experiencing it in body, mind, heart and spirit.

folleterre, folleterre, the faeries are there
earth fire water air, the faeries are there
folleterre, folleterre, the faeries are there
rebirthing the soul, earth fire water air


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