Summer ends at the second of the three harvest festivals in the Celtic Wheel of the Year: the season of fire gives way to the season of water, and the energies of nature start to draw inward for the dark half of the year. After all the growth, adventure, play and discovery of the Spring and Summer seasons nature pulls us inwards too – bringing us to a time of reflection and balance in preparation for the inner work on the Self we will tackle in the Winter. The festival of the Autumn Equinox is sometimes known as the Mabon – named after a figure in Welsh mythology, the Mabon is the Divine Child. At this point of the yearly cycle we celebrate the magical child/soul within ourselves, review her/his progress during the year so far and give thanks for all we have received and achieved. By attuning ourselves to the powerful forces of creation in order to do this we align our souls with the cosmic energies leading us ever onwards in our evolution into fully empowered, awakened, divine beings. When we take some time to commune with spirit we bring positive forces into play in our lives, and we will feel the benefit of doing so over the coming months.

The energies of growth and transformation have been very strong this year. The Summer has had an unusual flavour to it, being dominated by Venus retrograde in Leo (pushing us to really identify what it is we love and want to focus on in our lives) and Saturn back in Scorpio for a few months (finishing the work of cleaning out our deep emotions and dependencies that began in 2012). This Summer has been more about shift and learning than about simple good times. I bet most of us feel changed in some way as we come to the stillpoint of the equinox, which falls between two eclipses – making these two weeks a window of transition that is best welcomed and worked with.

The first eclipse at the New Moon on September 13th heralded the transition into the Equinox period. With Sun and Moon in Virgo this moment in time challenged us to set a new patterns and behaviours – to focus on achievement of our goals, on bringing health, order and efficiency into our lives. Then on the 17th September Saturn completed his deep water Scorpionic journey and moved into mutable fire sign Sagittarius, where he will journey for the next two years. Having been encouraging us – forcing us – to ‘sort our shit’ during the time in Scorpio, now he wants us to live in accordance with our personal principles and to find a satisfying balance between expansion and self-control. He encourages personal growth, but in a disciplined manner. “Saturn in Sagittarius is looking for practical applications of our personal philosophies. We may be firming up our belief systems, but should avoid rigid thinking. There can be a sense that our freedom is curtailed or limited in some manner until we realize that freedom is not about escaping responsibility – it’s what we can enjoy after tending to our responsibilities.” (cafeastrology.com)

Also on the 17th Mercury began a three week retrograde period in the sign of Libra, slowing the pace of change for a while and bringing a review time particularly in the area of relationships, communications, and who we consider to be our mirrors and equals on life’s journey. This is a time when we can repair damage from the past and find a new balance in our activities. We may access powerful parts of ourselves that have been repressed, and we can take this time to prepare for some powerful and beautiful energies coming up later in October.

September 27-8 is bringing us a Supermoon eclipse, visible in America, Europe and west Africa. This will be a Blood Moon eclipse where the Moon appears to go red. In the UK the eclipse will begin just after 1am in the morning of the 28th and reach its peak at 0347. Many are getting very excited about this eclipse, the energies of which (in fire sign Aries) will highlight Aries themes such as passion, drive, leadership, confidence, and instinct. Being on the Aries-Libra axis this eclipse also brings attention and energy to our love relationships, which may push up some pain but ultimately is about moving us into the place we need to be.

After this intense period we can look forward to a more settled autumn, life should seem simply more enjoyable again after this extended summer period of transition. We can live again as the Divine Child taking the ride into Who We Really Are. The Samhain period promises to be rich in good vibrations, love and spirit. By honouring the soul inside at the Autumn Equinox we learn to surrender our ego to the bigger picture of evolution happening on the earth, we can take our place in that picture and connect with others who are conscious of being on the journey to higher understandings, higher vibrations and a more fulfilled and spiritually rewarding life.

I am the Mabon, I am the Child

I am Yr, the Golden Bough

I am the Dart that the Yew lets fly

Three pure Rays, the Pillars of Light

I am Wren, the King of Birds

I am Bard and Teller of Lies

I am the Stars within the Void

I am the Light that will Never Die

I am the Song within the Heart

I am the eye of the Aeon

I am the I am the Mabon, I am the child……   (credit Silver on the Tree)



Mark the turning point from Summer to Autumn with ceremony, drumming and heart sharing.

Wheatsheaf Hall, London SW8 2UP, Wednesday September 23rd, 7 – 11pm




South London, Sunday September 27th, 4 – 11pm

Pagan/Tantric/BDSM Play Party where the powerful eclipse energies will be harnessed for pleasure and revelation. Details at www.radicalqueerloverite.tumblr.com

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