The Dark Mother in the Scorpio New Moon calls her children to know themselves deeply profoundly magnificently. And to get ready to shine with her light awakened inside. Are we at the most magical Scorpio New moon yet…?  When another step into Aquarian consciousness is made, for some…maybe for many. How many of us are aware now that we are on the path of unveiling mysteries, of discovering fundamental forgotten magical realitie?, And not put here on earth to earn a living and pay a mortgage, those are optional extras. For some decades the most loyal and dedicated of the shock troops of the Gods have been developing our skills and growing in wisdom waiting for this moment, this tipping point when an avalanche of souls will fall out of the net of delusion, of maya, into the cauldron of transformation, revelation and light.

This Scorpio New Moon gets us desiring to know the deep mystery within ourselves, to face and embrace the dark side – to dissolve in the infinite spiritual waters of life, losing our egoic individuality to recognise the universal, eternal part of ourselves. This part is of course much older, wiser, happier and brighter than the ego mind we usually see the world through. This forgotten part of the human being is not content to remain in the shadows any more. This Scorpio New Moon does not only bring us to what is deep and emotional in us, it brings our attention to the unconscious power locked away in our unexplored parts.


Those who don’t recognize the call are likely getting into all sorts of mischief. A dip into grindr revealed London is Tinatripolis last night. Shamanic chaossexmagic dotted around town in bedrooms, Uber taxis whizzing whizzing men from destination to destination. The hunt is on…. For……ourselves. We chase the darkness, the destruction, the decadence, without knowing we are likely to find our true selves at the end of the search.

Yet there is nothing to hunt. We already are all of it. And we could be exploring it through light as well or instead of destructive darkness and insanity.

AMMA. The Mother of Immortal Bliss is here to deliver. ALLY PALLY LONDON. ‘THE PEOPLE’S PALACE’ is filled with AWE – LIGHT – THOUSANDS BATHING IN DIVINE LOVE this Scorpio New moon. The portal to deep and transcendental awareness is well and truly open.: “Don’t Chase pleasure, Chase the meaning of life” says Amma (that way the key to all pleasure lies – is the bit she implies – demonstrates – embodies – rather than spilling the explicit tantric beans. She can see humanity is still not ready to receive the full psychedelic royal flush of spirit’s love, WE ARE NOT GROWN UP ENOUGH YET TO BE ABLE TO EMBODY THE HIGH VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES OF HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS, We are not responsible enough yet to be that free. We do not even in general recognise that we are the children of the divine yet. Humanity is still in its stroppy teenager phase. But there are some eccentric signs of free spirited devotional expression growing at the Mother’s lotus feet – signs of free thinking spirituality that expresses the creative soul and doesn’t simply follow the norms, rules and conventions.  The children of the Goddess are getting up and dancing. Their freer spiritedness is present, as it is in Amma, but they are outnumbered. Mass spirituality needs more LIBERATED QUEERS AND ECCENTRICS turning UP to praise the Goddess and raise the stakes. I’m at Amma dressed in Faerie Green this year and having a ball.. for those who know the lingo i have to call it a spiritual SLAM….. 13 hours in a space of devotional heart centred presence is like taking the best sex drug on the planet. Amma is called the Mother of Immortal Bliss for a reason. I am one who can say – from experience – that yes, it is close, we are nearly ready… to face the music… the light…. to become the music, the light….to rise in celebration of the immortality of the soul … we are almost ready….. almost……


And now…. Diwali…. the Hindu Festival of Lights… has me at home writing it all down. Hinduism starts from the concept that WE ARE ALL THAT – the divine soul emanating into creation, exploring, playing, rejoicing. Indian culture has been infiltrating the west for a long time, and perhaps we finally reaching the point where enough of us here feel and appreciate the miraculous power in this understanding of our existence. This magnificent truth is somewhat disguised in christianity and islam… but is also there. “Be still and know I AM <is> God”. The years have been kinda long and dark since the giddy spiritual heights of hope and ecstasy a lot of us experienced in the early 2000s, and some warriors of light have no doubt fallen in battle, but in 2015 we are now three years into a new energy cycle that began in 2012, and many of us that have lasted this long on the path are noticing that the vibration is rising, rising fast, once more. Many many more people are waking up to their souls, to light, to higher frequencies of love. It’s time for those of us who have been serving the divine plan to step more confidently than ever into EXPRESSION, EXAMPLE AND ECSTATIC ENGAGEMENT. The times are indeed changing.

Think like a Faerie
Walk like a Faerie
Love like a Faerie
Talk like a Faerie
Be a radical Faerie
In this MotherFucking world
Scream about Her suffering
Cry about human greed
Spread the passion and compassion
Set the fashion
Spread the Goddess seed.
Her divine children are everywhere

Waking, finding the Way

But Outnumbered, Bleeding
Yet still Dancing Praying Strong
Not yet fully in their glamour

Still rising in their power and light
Waiting for the sign
That Pan’s waywyrd rainbow
Are finally noticing the Times.

Come on Queers. Let’s Come Out Again. We are the cavalry of the Goddess.

We are Lord Murugan, Shiva’s ‘flamboyant’ son, called to do sacred battle with all forces bland, banal, gender/sex-phobic, pleasure-fearing and love denying that strangle human evolution.

We’re ‘gay’.. We’re mostly nice people… Who get easily fucked up and fucked over… We want the world to be a nicer place. We bring important colour to life plus joy and hope. But instead of praising the Goddess, as our kind have always done across space and time, and sharing our immense capacity to love and innate connection to nature, gay men are mostly sniffing each other’s arses, armpits and powders in each other’s bedrooms, keeping our sex…ie our magic. .. amongst ourselves, keeping the gates to the multiverse shut. Lesbians seem to have become almost invisible, with few public scene spaces and a lack of specifically queer women’s self-exploration spaces. Bisexuals are finding their voice but seem to be more often complaining about how others discriminate against them rather than presenting anything new to the world.  I am sure their time will come.  The Trans community is finding its feet but is buying into the biological, materialist paradigm way too much, with result that the binary model of male v female can get strengthened.  We should all be glorifying in breaking that model down, revealing that we KNOW ourselves to be SOULS, transcendent beings combining gender energies, uniting body and spirit.

Yes we were born to fuck but also to dance, to love, to create… To speed up the evolution of the bleeding species. The greed of the breeders to create so many babies is destroying our planet. And we are letting them. Fucked up attitudes to pleasure and substance use are crippling generation after generation. We are letting this happen. Stone age attitudes around race and religion keep the world locked in war and fear. We are letting this happen.

We are the sleeping soldiers of the crack army of the divine mother of bliss.  Mostly medicated, often elated, called by Bliss to incarnate fully, fantastically and powerfully.  NOW.  The world is waking up.  Gay, straight, black, white, red, yellow, male,f female, trans:  we have all been sold down the river, now we can see the boat is going to crash we need to learn to steer the ship home to port.  The port-al of the Mother Dark.  Scorpio draws us home.

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