Getting to the Fifth Dimension

One.  There is a Unity to existence that we can know inside ourselves

Two. Unity becomes Duality, manifests as Light and Dark, Above and Below, Female and Male, God and Devil, Yin and Yang, Internal and External

Three. Life is a Trinity of Creation, Preservation and Destruction, personified as Brahma/Vishnu/Shiva, Father/Son/Holy Spirit, or Maid/Mother/Crone

Four. Life manifests as the elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water. The energies of creation are constantly influenced by the flowing cycle of these fundamental states of nature and being.  In us we experience them as Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotion. The movement of the planets through the zodiac signs (each of which has a name we use t0 describe the qualities of the energy that comes from 12 directions of the cosmos) create or mirror the flow of these energies, which we experience in our lives, in our souls.

Five.  The fifth element is Love. The fifth dimension is an infinite field of love, often glimpsed by humans and named Heaven.  To get to the fifth dimension we need to wake up to the unity, the duality, trinity and to the interplay of the elements within ourselves, which opens for us the way through the fourth dimension of emotional energy.  Via dedication to our own path of awakening and realisation we attract to ourselves various situations and opportunities wjere we might grow, heal, become aware of and attuned to vibrations of ‘higher consciousness’, of Light.  As we gradually learn to live a more heart centred life we become bridges between the physical and spiritual realms.

It does humanity a huge disservice to deny the spiritual.  Our intelligence, our aspiration, our very sense of being, comes from it.  The physical gives us body, sensation, feelings.  There are many ways to conjoin the body and soul, one of the most potent ways is with sexual energy.  Life is created through sex, if we recognise life as holy we will recognise sex as so also.  Sex when honoured as sacred can open the gates to heaven, to the fifth dimension and beyond.  Sex was kept taboo by religions for a long time, so the knowledge of its spiritual power was largely lost.  Today sex is commodified and its sacred potential engaged with by few. Also in our age, drugs that reveal the true nature of consciousness are forbidden. We are caught up in an illusion that we all helped create, one that says our existence is short, our needs hard to meet, that we must work, suffer and die in ignorance. But this delusion is collapsing.  We already ate from the Tree of Knowledge, we just forgot again.  It is crucial we reconnect the spirit and bring a grounded and massive dream of peace into the world.

We need neither sex nor drugs to access the multidimensional realms.

Let the body be still, the spirit settle

Become empty.  Be like a rock, a tree, a star

Be held by the earth and spirit

Know that you simply ARE

And that this ARE-ness will always be

Though you won’t always identify as the little me

You came to this Earth to learn to be free

To be Unity in Duality

See beyond the right and wrong

So many on Earth now singing a new song

Let’s get to the Fifth Dimension



I have launched a new blog

please check it out and follow me

this shokti blog will feature my more mystical meditations while the new blog is designed to feature posts on spirituality and be accessible and pertinent to both lgbt and all rainbow inspired groups seeking to bring more love and light to planet earth.




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