the return of the real Mother Isis


half the world having a party, half the world in crisis.
hail the return of the real Mother Isis
Scorpio Moon GrandMother Light hitting planet Earth


We are Spirit, We are not merely Matter

it’s time to wake up to the mystery

get off the inane insane chatter

deepen life experience by tuning to the cycles

each year the sun and moon lead us deeper into Self

it takes time to fully awaken but the acceleration is here

it’s time to break down barriers that keep the world in fear

it’s time to come together and enter a new sphere

where remembrance and romance are keys to unlock the soul

understanding and compassion are the method and the goal

and nakedness and dancing are never far away

where when we meet a lover, we go straight to nature to pray

Everybody is a Self.  Self is Everybody.

when we tune to the collective as well as the individual

we enter a new level of the game of awakening

and the game will lead us along the Way.

gif heart

there can be two births in each lifetime

one into the body and one into spirit

but the system in place on planet earth

is designed to prevent the experience of rebirth

the mystical path of Self-Knowledge is hidden from the masses

so their spirits are crippled, so many souls denied

people’s hearts are jealous and minds confused

our planet polluted and our children abused

evolve! Children! says GrandMother

It’s what you came to do

get into the sphere of conscious dreaming

that’s really what’s going on here

we create our realities through love or through hate or fear

breakdown, breakout, breakthrough

each yearly cycle brings the chance to birth more of You.

sickness, addiction all kinds of crises

come along to push us to the edge

dive over, surrender, become One with it all

When we die we return to the Source Eternal

Let Eternity into your life and death will be no more

Be born as Spirit out of choice

Would be the wisest, simplest option


GrandMother Scorpio hands her cup to the Centaur Sagittarius

The Wounded Healer, who has survived the battles of becoming

an individual, a family member, a lover and now points his arrow

towards the goal of knowing and becoming a being in tune

with the higher, collective consciousness

with the unity that lies within all



love is divine and it opens the way

jealousy, fear and attachment destroy everything that’s gained

love is an expanding force

share it with everyone you know”









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