The first solstice full moon for 70 years…and a few days later the world in chaos… a wave of drama from which our Faerie tribe was not immune… but, as magicians know, chaos is magic too… from chaos new order is born…

As the Gemini Sun set in the west on solstice eve a big fat Full Moon rose in the east, beaming strong Sagittarian fire frequencies at us through the ether, energies that motivate the human spirit to reach for higher purpose and connection.

Radical Faeries of Albion gathered round the fire in the woods beneath Glastonbury Tor to honour those energies with ritual, drumming, dancing… building a powerful cauldron of love and ecstasy in celebration of Pan and Mother Nature.

The Solstice point came shortly before midnight with both the Sun and Moon changing signs.  The Sun shifted from the sociable air vibrations of Gemini into the emotional water realm of Cancer, and the moon shifted soon after into the earthy tones of Capricorn.  The night began with Air and Fire in control, both elements which defy gravity and uplift us, ended with Water and Earth dominating, the elements which ground us, get us in touch with our feelings, and our issues.

The whole world is still reeling from the blast of this intense Full Moon.  It knocked everything upside down: Brexit followed a few days later.  A week later division and discord seem to rule. Anarchy in the UK. In our gathering space we were not immune to these vibrations.  The Faeries opened up a cauldron of connections and strong emotions during 9 days of gathering – we were all in a particularly sensitive space post Orlando, but in our efforts to KEEP CALM and CARRY ON we completely failed to notice that something akin to the energy of the Orlando killer was manifesting right there in our own community space, setting off energy ripples that would affect us all.

Solstice: energetically when the Sun is at its strongest point so are our personalities. It is arguably the hardest time of the year to tame the ego, because it is the time that the ego feels it is ‘right’, and therefore a challenging time to form an intimate gathering energy.  Radical Faeries do not have a tradition of gathering at Summer Solstice, except perhaps for short celebrations – the Albion Faeries have been breaking new ground with our four years of Avalon gatherings,  and the universe has indeed showered us with blessings for taking this step. This time the blessings came with lessons attached.

There is a pattern associated with group gatherings that I was once told about, it has three stages and I sense that our solstice gatherings are following it: the pattern is…

Forming… Norming … Storming

Year 1 we got to know the place, year 2 we discovered just how much we could get out of it, year 3 we made the most of it and stormed our way to a rip roaring solstice night.  The cycle begins again… the forming year was this year.  We were dealt a new set of cards, including a very unexpected wild card.  The universe delivered us some lessons, has opened up areas that need discussion and loving attention, has clarified some of the challenges of the type of inclusive community we are attempting to create.

The faeries dispersed pretty quickly after the solstice. Exhaustion, physical and emotional, was widespread. The gathering was ending and we had no chance to listen to each other.  Some of us withdrew completely. Some are angry with others. There is talk of RIFT.  As we can see from the state of play in the British nation, we are completely in sync with the patterns dominating the bigger picture right now.

I have been part of faerie community for 15 years.  I have known this kind of moment before. When things get comfortable, even predictable, the universe delivers a shock to remind us that we are a tribe of pioneers, strong yet vulnerable, with much to learn and discover.

We are faeries… we healers… we are lightworkers, starseeds, nature’s children… we have ways of transforming conflict, of releasing hurts, of understanding as well as forgiving the other, if we truly choose to know them through the window of subject-SUBJECT consciousness.  The dark moon weekend July 1-3 is the end of the solstice period, the closing of the chaotic energies of this time, a chance for closure.  Then the gentler journey to Lammas and the harvest season will begin.

The Sun is in Cancer, this is the month of the Home, it is time to nurture our relationship with loved ones and with the planet.  Then when the Sun reaches fire sign Leo we arrive at the festival of Lammas, a harvest festival of thanksgiving.  In these sensitive and turbulent times, recent chaos and calamity should serve to help us focus on what matters most in our lives.  Out of chaos, new potential is always born.



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