Leo New Moon

leo new moon

Held by the Worlds above and the Worlds below

At this time we reap what we have sown

We find out how much we have grown

In this year of rapid transformation

this time of evolutionary culmination.


The religious fools are screaming ‘End Times’

but the end that’s coming

is the conclusion of the delusion

of separation and individuality

that exists only in the human mind.


End Times! The Dead WILL return! So will the Christ Self too!

Judgement Day is upon us

but it’s not gonna be how they told you!

LEO New-Moon-and-Solar-Eclipse-in-Leo-August-11--758x395


The Dead never went away, nor did Jesu

it’s humanity that lost its second sight

became afraid of the shadows in the night

forgot how to talk to the trees, winds, sun and rain

chose to believe in life as suffering and pain

but now is the time to reunite the worlds

to start healing our souls and healing the earth

and start living from joy again.


Leo Sun and Leo Moon

herald the birth of a new humanity

escaping the various insanities

that come from believing in separation

the spirit world rejoices with a heavenly ovation

the Aquarian Age arrives when we see the Unity.


Humans and Spirit will be One once more

The Gatekeepers are remembering

How to open the doors.


One response

  1. terrific rap Shokti – can hear you performing this over a beatbox! Sorry not to see you at Bfield or Quinta – hope to catch up with you in 2019! (Moving to Spain next month…)

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