Restore the Holy Whole


all the worlds lived together

there was no separation between matter and spirit

humans talked daily to the dead

and remembered to honour the faerie elementals

who kept nature in balance


gradually humanity lost the connection

became obsessed with the material plane

but remembered the spirit as the Great Mother

holding, loving, feeding us all

until the men of war rose to dominate the world

and set a Father God on her throne

dictating laws and condemning sinners

but still the people could recall

that the spirit was real and that they had lived before

in other forms and would do so again


it was the Roman Emperor, not the Church

who eradicated reincarnation from the Christian worldview

male priests seized the spiritual power that had long belonged to the women, transgender and queer peoples,

male priests claimed to hold the keys to heaven

instead of ecstatic rites that brought in the divine presence

people went to church to hear the preacher

tell them God could only be known after death

and only if they obeyed the Church’s rules in life.

All this to create a frightened population

forced to be soldiers, workers, slaves and, nowadays also consumers

doing the bidding of their masters

kept docile by capitalism, media, alcohol and drugs

until we no longer even believe

in the transcendent possibilities of our souls….

Until we have no faith in our ability to be whole

to be One with all creation

to rise daily to a natural elation

dancing with the spirit of Life

remembering the source of existence is Love.


But in this darkest hour

as Ignorance dominates the planet

millions of hearts are opening and souls remembering

this is not how it has to be


everything we think we know will change

we can live multi-dimensionally

enter the dance of synchronicity

unravel the knots and blocks in our souls

make the remembrance of ONENESS our greatest goal

restore again the holy Whole

each one of us has a role.


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