The first Bliss came in the late 1960s, the hippy revolution, the summer of love, the festivals

The second Bliss came in the late 1980s, house music, acid, the second summer of love

The third was in the mid 1990s, rave culture and pre-millennial ascension

The fourth in the early 2000s, the new age seemed not so far away

The fifth Bliss has been building since 2012 and is with us now

Some are riding the wave, some are falling into the deep waters

Bliss is what’s hitting us, though we may consider it crisis

Vibrational shift on personal and collective levels

body, mind, emotion, spirit: humanity waking up to Oneness

The sixth wave is coming in from 2020

and the seventh in the 2030s

It maybe takes 4 generations to shift the human spirit to a new way of being

70 years of struggle and strain, the battle between bliss and pain

between transcendence and destruction


With each wave of bliss the spirit world merges with the physical

rebuilding the SACRED HOOP

the love consciousness field that unifies matter and spirit

a field held in place by human shamanic souls

from whom the power was taken long ago

and instead stored in cathedrals and churches


When the shamans held the sacred hoop in place

the people lived in the dance and presence of spirit at all times

there was little need for holy days or holy places

this was the Dreamtime, the Happy Hunting Ground, Arcadia


Our own shamanic past wiped out centuries ago, in the west contacts with spirit still happen through mediums and mystics

but their offerings are ridiculed and diminished by society

which has been sold a consumerist dream of never ending greed

and kept in a deep, deep sleep


When a wave of bliss hits

some wake up from the dream but then maybe

will fall into confusion and pain:

to escape from the mass delusion

we have to face many challenges on the way

and the best advice I ever got

was that when the going gets tough

the tough PRAY


With mind set on the goal, and ego the servant to the Whole

With heart open and compassion our greatest tool

We discover the Earth is one big Mystery School


On this journey we need allies, comrades, friends

For there may be a way to go yet

Until the dark age of division and confusion ends.


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