World AIDS Day 2018


HIV lead me to the path of SOUL HEALING

it showed me that HEALING IVITAL.

Healing involves un-learning so much nonsense that has filled our minds and developing an understanding of ourselves as a multidimensional being. There is nothing more fundamental to human life than the search for who we are, but that’s the last thing we are generally told. Once religion dictated its answers to us and science tends to do the same. Capitalist consumer culture has provided us with the means to easily fill our lives with temporary, gratifying fascinations and ignore the question all together. Things are however changing gradually, as more people are taking steps to think for themselves, and are experiencing their spiritual nature through rituals, medicine plants, meditation, yoga, reiki etc.

Yet gay life is in another crisis, this time it is an epidemic of irresponsible chemically fuelled sexual behaviours among gay men leading to breakdowns, infections, addictions and DEATHS.  Increasing numbers of gay men are pushing themselves to the edge.. an edge not so dissimilar from AIDS – many of today’s younger gay generation already know or know of someone who died through drug use.  This time no medication is going to save the day.

The reasons for the arrival of this situation are much discussed – but there is a root cause that rarely is – the perspective that we pursue extreme experiences because WE ARE ALL ON A SEARCH FOR THE TRUE SELF, FOR TRANSCENDENT EXPERIENCE THAT GIVES US A TASTE OF THE NATURE OF OUR SOUL. Self-Knowledge is what we all seek, though chances are we have no idea that that is what is going on. Nor do we know that there are easier ways to come to self knowledge than the path of excess and self-destruction. Gay culture could turn this crisis around before it gets even more out of hand by putting the soul at the centre of things. In the last 30 years beautiful gym sculpted bodies have become so prevalent in gay life so by now it is surely time to ask how can we also look after our souls better?

Because a horny physique .. and a shining soul… is a lot sexier than a hot body with an intoxicated, self-hating, spiritually unaware man inside it.

world aids day

Many queer people like to get high, to love intensely, to explore sexual extremes. Our voyages into ecstasy are openings to our spiritual nature, with the potential to reveal to us the multidimensional, vibrational reality we are part of. Because of the attitudes of religion most of us do not choose to explore the spiritual urges we find on our sexually charged, often chemically enhanced bliss trips, but if we look beyond the limited scope of the commercially driven gay scene there is an ever increasing rainbow of avenues for us to explore and express who we are, one example being Radical Faerie community gatherings. Gay liberation is only 5 decades old, our collective culture has yet to fully evolve. We are big on passion and play but short on compassion and prayer. But we are a spiritual people, finding our way in a world that has denied us for too long, and our journey of liberation is ongoing.

That world is sick and it needs our healing gifts.

This is the calling of the twenty first century queer: to learn to unite the body and soul, the genders within ourselves, the sexual and the spiritual and find the healing role we are here to play in the human family.


product_thumbnail (1)

AIDS SHAMAN, by Shokti, available on Lulu and Amazon

here’s an excerpt:

For me HIV was the key

That revealed the spirit flowing through life

That opened the gates to eternity:

Facing mortality is the quickest way to see through life’s illusions

Befriending death the key to escaping confusion

About why we find our selves here

Why we find our selves queer

And just what is Self anyway?

Buddhists, Hindus, Pagans know

Mystical Christians Jews and Muslims know

That this is the real question to ask

But the modern world doesn’t want to know

It keeps us obsessed with the trivial and inane

It prefers to medicate away all pain

Gay life doesn’t want to ask the question

Of why we born this way on this rock hurtling through space

it’s simpler to take more drugs

Have more sex parties

Devour more flesh

Desire more men

For some this leads to addictions and breakdowns

Has a second plague come upon our kind

But this time the sickness in the heart and mind?

In the 80s and 90s we met death up close

We learnt to face our fears

That way some of us saw there’s more to the mystery of life

Than the modern world wants us to believe

Now we take pills to stem the virus

Now we can take one to prevent it getting a hold in the first place

And we self medicate to hold off hard feelings and fears

It’s so long since the dying days ended

What has happened to us in these years?

I survived the first plague

I turned the key

And now I wonder

When will gay life stop living in the shallow end

How many more casualties will there be?


HIV revealed to me…

We are born to be whole

We are born to be free

We are born to become all we can be

Beings of eternity

But we have to wake up!!!

We have really to face only one thing

Life isn’t about economics, grades, muscles, money and fame

It’s about playing our part in the consciousness game

We are each a part of the divine dream.

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