The Healer Within

For centuries the Church brainwashed people to believe they were sinners waiting for punishment. Then science came along and convinced people to believe they are biological accidents. Psychology came along and pathologised mental and emotional states, dishing out labels and pills that keep people sick..

Yet older than all three, and still around waiting in the wings, are wisdom traditions such as astrology, which not only teaches that we are cosmic starbeings on a journey of infinite, never-ending, discovery, it gives us the tools to navigate the energetic shifts and get the most out of life while we are here on planet earth, the ultimate mystery school of the outer Milky Way. Souls come from far off galaxies to take this ride.

Breaks my heart when i see via the media how the materialist worldview that confused the heck out of my generation still has such a grip on the world, how confused the issues between science and religion are. There is another language we can use. A language of wholeness that is already out there, on the net, in people’s lives, but ignored by the established powers of the state and media. The spread of astrological blogs online, and the popularity of YouTube astrologers and other energy sensitives is an example. Astrology is no longer about daily newspaper sunsign generalisations, it is used by millions to appreciate the many subtle, shifting and interweaving elemental and archetypal energies at play in our inner worlds and collective experience. Humanity’s collective understanding of itself is shifting bit by bit, from a world of separation to a new appreciation of interconnection and destiny.

There is crucial connection between mind-body-emotion and spirit: It matters what we think, how we think – our thoughts feed our emotions and manifest in our bodies. That’s how the Church cut us off from the holy light in our souls – by making us believe we are sinners, that the body and sexual pleasure is evil (especially same sex pleasure), that the feminine is less than the masculine. This paved the way for Science to reduce us to meaningless atoms (an idea proposed first in 5th century BC Greece by Democritus, but the Greek atomists and epicureans still made offerings to the Goddess). Science opened the door for Psychology to analyse and dissect our minds, separating them out and making them feel very, very alone, in a vast, frightening universe.

The military-industrial, politically driven capitalist machine that dominates the world at the start of the 21st century does not want us to be aware of the heavenly cycles flowing through our souls, any more than the Church did. It trains us to be cogs in its crumbling machine, servants to its destructive paradigm, and tries to trap us in debt as young as possible so that we have no choice but to continue to serve it all our lives.

As Summer ends, (when the Sun moves into Libra) the Equinox point is a perfect moment to shift the paradigm, in our own lives and in the world. Equinox offers shift. The Cosmos is always waiting for us to step into its embrace. This is nothing new, humans have had to struggle against the dominant culture to discover the truth for a long time. Difference now of course is there are so many more of us ready for it, we can find each other through the internet, and the stakes are much, much higher.

As the Autumn begins Nature gives us a gentle tug inward. Inner work always comes before outer awakening and expression. It takes a few spins of the Wheel of the Year for a paradigm shift. The inward is something to welcome, because, along with all the other collective archetypes, the healer is within. Meditation, yoga, drumming, dancing, all shamanic practice helps us to access the healer. Wisdom traditions such as astrology give us a psychological framework for the mind, offering understanding and knowledge, and a supportive language of mind-body-spirit that recognises, unlike religion or science or psychology, the wholeness within us and the interconnected nature of existence.

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