RAVING (about Spirit) in ’95

I was supposed to be home, sad and dying

but I was in Soho drinking and flying.

I’d just had such cosmic visions –

met the Goddess through energy and rhythms,

felt euphoric and inspired,

full of life, somewhat wired…

I soon got told by a down to earth queen

to stop acting like a messiah.


I wanted every gay to know

I’d discovered a way for us to grow

from caterpillars greedily chewing at life

to butterflies filling the world with light;

there’s a path for us to follow

over the rainbow to our own sweet magic Self:

the Spirit was clearly showing me that

the persistent repression of our nature for a thousand years

is the cause of our issues with health.


People didn’t want to hear

that I’d found a way to transcend fear.

People didn’t want to know

that the Goddess had sent me to sow

some seeds of truth about our queer spirit,

that if we can wake up and truly shine

the sky is not even the limit.


Death seemed now to me irrelevant,

for surely I’d been on this ride throughout time

as the rocks, as the microbes, as all creatures;

suddenly I saw that Divinity

is the most hidden of humanity’s features:

Hidden by Church and State

in order to create

a world subservient to their need and greed:

they achieved this through imposing

a twisted, unholy creed.


Imitating the God of the Jewish Testament

the Christians conceived a jealous God

who wanted all other versions of himself destroyed.

Through this ”God of Love”

the most horrendous atrocities have been justified

from the 4th century til modern times.

People today scream about Islamic extremism

but they should study their own history

and start apologising.


A few years later I met Queer Pagans and Radical Faeries:

at last people in touch with the Great Mystery, and since then

while building community that reaches across the globe

I’ve been deeply researching our history.

The deep roots of homophobia go back to our roles

in the ancient religions, as the healers of souls,

as conduits of spirit, connected to the earth through sex.

Sodomy and sorcery have long been bedfellows

it was because of fear of our power

that we ended up as faggots and on gallows,

and then in stocks, prisons and psychiatric wards:




Throughout centuries gay men were known as Ganymedes

the beloved of Zeus and the sign of Aquarius:

as the astrological age of the water bearer begins

Gays today have an urgent need

to embrace our souls and get over the greed

trained into us by a consumer society –

we’ve lived so many lives of devotion and piety

called to holy service even when our sexuality was denied –

it’s through nature – and the body – that we meet Spirit

for our love is entirely natural

but it’s purpose in the human scheme of evolution

is Divine.

That’s why, to keep the world asleep,

the State and Church put so much effort

into making gay love something evil

in every human’s mind.


Dionysus, Artemis, Cybele, Pan, Priapus, Apollo:

queer love was once seen as holy

and will be again tomorrow.

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