About Me

I am shokti lovestar, celebrant

my calling is to serve the evolution, the awakening

of human consciousness to its full potential

by honouring the new moons and full moons

the sun, the elements, the equinoxes and solstices

celebrating life through rituals that open, uplift, energise and heal us

creating community of souls conscious of the 4th and 5th dimensions

of the divine powers of love

re-enchanting the world


death came to get me, the doctor said

in seven years you are surely dead

death crept around and brought decay

but my life was not about to end that way

open wide open high

surrendered to earth, rising to sky

death showed me there was more to life

and more to me than that mind bound I


led by the goddess on a path of love

where all things are one and there is always enough

taught to be satisfied by the prospect of death

and shown that infinity is reached through the breath

i dropped who i was and became who i am

an infinitely expanding yet still quite small man

who seeks nothing more than to bring love, to bring light

and help my sisterbrothers to understand the dark night


nothing is permanent, though love is the key

turn it and open and we will all come to see

that though hearts may hurt and sometimes break

there is always more love to make

although we may seem to get lost up the path

it’s ourselves we are finding, together or apart



i am shokti, queer son of shakti,  a radical faerie/queer spirit whose joy in life is to unite the sexual and the spiritual – through the power of love.  I believe humanity is at a crucial step in its evolution – where the course of evolution is happening rapidly within us.  We come to a point of discovering our unity as a species, our interdepence with all life on this planet and the true nature of our connection to a multi-dimensional universe.

my background: i grew up in a small english town in east anglia, read history at a posh, ancient university, and moved to london on coming out at 21.  unable to find a career that motivated me, my energies were directed towards exploration of my sexuality and seeking love.  preparing to die from aids in the mid 90s i surrendered my life to Great Spirit and awoke to the multidimensional reality of consciousness, receiving visions of the great shift in consciousness coming to humanity, and of the role queer people play in that.

i offer healing, rituals and words designed to help us all through this time of transition and into our greater being.

2 responses

  1. I am sure that I do not need to elaborate my feelings of gratitude that I am now in a place where I would connect with you and your writings. Thank you for sharing.

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