“The soul has neither beginning nor end. [They] come into this world strengthened by the victories or weakened by the defeats of their previous lives”– Origen,183-253 A.D.

The two major Abrahamic religions, Christianity and Islam, deny the reality of reincarnation, but looking back at history we see this denial has more political than spiritual roots. Reincarnation was taken off the Christian agenda at a church council, called by the Roman Emperor Justinian in opposition to the wishes of the Pope (whom the emperor held prisoner at the time), in Constantinople in 553 AD, It did not serve the interests of the political state to have the populace believing in the transmigration of the soul (and in the 21st century it still doesn’t). Internet sources tie in the behind-the-scenes maneuverings Justinians’s wife Theodora, who had her sights on the goal of deification no less, in securing this denial of the teachings of Origen. We are still living with the destructive consequences of this twist in humanity’s tale.

The council was called to deal with a group known as the Origenists, who believed that after a series of incarnations a soul could achieve divine status, equal to Christ. Orthodox Christians could not accept this – at the council the belief in the pre-existence of the soul was condemned, and reincarnation disappeared from Christian teachings. Debate over reincarnation – metempsychosis was the Greek term used – had raged from the time of Origen, one of early Christianity’s greatest teachers, until this politically motivated move. Since then the Church has taught that a new soul is created with each birth, and it put great effort into dispensing with every heretical Christian group that saw things differently during subsequent centuries. The Cathars, Bogomils, Albigenses, Waldenses and other ‘Free Spirit’ groups which the Church wiped out, embraced reincarnation, and indeed these persecuted groups also saw all forms of sexuality as acceptable and believed the soul could reach divine status while in the body.

Islamic teachings encourage a linear view of life too, and it seems likely that was also inspired by the needs of the political rulers more than the spiritual seekers. Some of the early Islamic Caliphs wiped out the followers of reincarnation-believing faiths, such as Manichaeism in Mesopotamia and Persia (Iran/Iraq), but belief in it remained amongst the mystical Sufis, some Shia sects and in cultures in Asia which retained some of their pre-Islamic shamanistic cultural beliefs.

Note that the oldest of the Abrahamic religions has always accepted reincarnation as part of the great mystery. It forms part of the central understanding in Kabbalah, and orthodox Judaism also acknowledges it, without emphasising it. It really is about time that Christians and Muslims knew that they have been manipulated and controlled by this denial of the soul for a very long time, and that the motivation behind it was political.

And please note that all the other religions of the world include reincarnation as a given. When challenged on this by scientist Carl Sagan, the Dalai Lama replied, “If science can disprove reincarnation, Tibetan Buddhism would abandon reincarnation… but it’s going to be mighty hard to disprove reincarnation.”

Make the population afraid of death and you have a subservient people, easily controlled. The Roman Empire oversaw the turning point in human evolution that led us into fearful, obedient servants to our self-appointed masters. We then became soldiers, workers – and most recently, consumers, doing what our leaders wish, ie maintaining their wealth and power. Science removes spirit all together from the picture, and instead of judgement after death sending us to heaven or hell, we are told a dark nothingness awaits us, an obliteration of our very essence of being. We are still being controlled, discouraged from seeking our own answers and manipulated into serving the economic system.

Yet surveys show over and over that a third or more of people of the western world do accept reincarnation as a fact, and consistently this is the case whether people have a religious belief or not. The soul in us knows that we come here to grow – and maybe eventually reach the point of realisation of our own divinity. The Kingdom of Heaven is within, said Jesus, and at this time of mass obsession with the external world, those that turn within will surely find what they seek.


“I died as a mineral and became a plant,

I died as a plant and rose to animal,

I died as an animal and I was Man.

Why should i fear?  When was I less by dying?” – Rumi


“And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.”   Revelation 21:4 King James Version


The first Bliss came in the late 1960s, the hippy revolution, the summer of love, the festivals

The second Bliss came in the late 1980s, house music, acid, the second summer of love

The third was in the mid 1990s, rave culture and pre-millennial ascension

The fourth in the early 2000s, the new age seemed not so far away

The fifth Bliss has been building since 2012 and is with us now

Some are riding the wave, some are falling into the deep waters

Bliss is what’s hitting us, though we may consider it crisis

Vibrational shift on personal and collective levels

body, mind, emotion, spirit: humanity waking up to Oneness

The sixth wave is coming in from 2020

and the seventh in the 2030s

It maybe takes 4 generations to shift the human spirit to a new way of being

70 years of struggle and strain, the battle between bliss and pain

between transcendence and destruction


With each wave of bliss the spirit world merges with the physical

rebuilding the SACRED HOOP

the love consciousness field that unifies matter and spirit

a field held in place by human shamanic souls

from whom the power was taken long ago

and instead stored in cathedrals and churches


When the shamans held the sacred hoop in place

the people lived in the dance and presence of spirit at all times

there was little need for holy days or holy places

this was the Dreamtime, the Happy Hunting Ground, Arcadia


Our own shamanic past wiped out centuries ago, in the west contacts with spirit still happen through mediums and mystics

but their offerings are ridiculed and diminished by society

which has been sold a consumerist dream of never ending greed

and kept in a deep, deep sleep


When a wave of bliss hits

some wake up from the dream but then maybe

will fall into confusion and pain:

to escape from the mass delusion

we have to face many challenges on the way

and the best advice I ever got

was that when the going gets tough

the tough PRAY


With mind set on the goal, and ego the servant to the Whole

With heart open and compassion our greatest tool

We discover the Earth is one big Mystery School


On this journey we need allies, comrades, friends

For there may be a way to go yet

Until the dark age of division and confusion ends.


Restore the Holy Whole


all the worlds lived together

there was no separation between matter and spirit

humans talked daily to the dead

and remembered to honour the faerie elementals

who kept nature in balance


gradually humanity lost the connection

became obsessed with the material plane

but remembered the spirit as the Great Mother

holding, loving, feeding us all

until the men of war rose to dominate the world

and set a Father God on her throne

dictating laws and condemning sinners

but still the people could recall

that the spirit was real and that they had lived before

in other forms and would do so again


it was the Roman Emperor, not the Church

who eradicated reincarnation from the Christian worldview

male priests seized the spiritual power that had long belonged to the women, transgender and queer peoples,

male priests claimed to hold the keys to heaven

instead of ecstatic rites that brought in the divine presence

people went to church to hear the preacher

tell them God could only be known after death

and only if they obeyed the Church’s rules in life.

All this to create a frightened population

forced to be soldiers, workers, slaves and, nowadays also consumers

doing the bidding of their masters

kept docile by capitalism, media, alcohol and drugs

until we no longer even believe

in the transcendent possibilities of our souls….

Until we have no faith in our ability to be whole

to be One with all creation

to rise daily to a natural elation

dancing with the spirit of Life

remembering the source of existence is Love.


But in this darkest hour

as Ignorance dominates the planet

millions of hearts are opening and souls remembering

this is not how it has to be


everything we think we know will change

we can live multi-dimensionally

enter the dance of synchronicity

unravel the knots and blocks in our souls

make the remembrance of ONENESS our greatest goal

restore again the holy Whole

each one of us has a role.


Ivy Moon 2018

ivy moon

The world is full of lies

Humanity seems stuck in darkness

Humanity is destroying the planet

Everything we know must change

Change starts on the inside

Awaken to the miracle

Get over the fear of loss

Awaken to eternity

Divinity lives in you and me.


The mystical month of the Ivy Moon began on the 9th October 2018 at the Libran New Moon.

In Pagan lore Ivy is said to teach us that restrictions are necessary for us to fully hone our skills, that opposition is a blessing in disguise, that our opponents are actually our teachers. Ivy reminds us to accept and celebrate our life as it is, while taking the long term view and preparing ourselves for times to come. Winter approaches, this is time to boost our health and resilience, to get prepared.

Ivy binds things together as it wanders freely linking trees, but can also form dense thickets that block out the light. Thus Ivy reminds us that death is always present alongside life as we enter the Samhain period where the veils between the worlds are at their thinnest, and the ancestors close.

Ivy is associated with the horned gods Pan and Dionysus and is seen as plant of protection, sexuality, property, healing and faith. The Ivy Moon month is associated also with the lark, the mute swan and the swallow. Goddesses of this time are Artemis, Arianrhod, Ariadne. Ivy’s meanderings represent the soul on its search for light and awareness.

Starting in the Libran Sun Month, the Ivy Moon brings a slower time after the frenetic and challenging energies of the Summer.  A time when, if we slow down enough, we can tune into the subtle realms of elementals and ancestors, whose presence is close as we approach Samhain.  Hinduism celebrates the Divine Feminine at this time of year, with the 9 day Navaratri celebration of Durga. The goddess is seen in Hindu faith as the divine present in creation, known as shakti: alive, moving, fierce and connecting all things.

In 2018 the Ivy Moon comes as Venus, planet of the Goddess of Love, has just begun a 6 week retrograde in the mystical sign of Scorpio, which energy is about to play a huge part in the conclusion to this annum.  All year we have been experiencing the energy of expansive Jupiter in Scorpio – this underlying tension has been exposing shadow elements in society (eg MeToo movement, church scandals etc).  Now as Venus retrogrades in Scorpio and the Sun heads into that sign, the personal and the global are both affected and we might expect some big shifts.

A manifestation of this is the sudden surge of attention in the media to the devastating impact that climate change is going to have on us all, calls for a global effort to change the way we live on this planet.   Even the dismantling of capitalism is being spoken of.  But the issue is that until the mindset of people change, all efforts could be in vain.  What is needed of course is what many of us mystics have been calling for since years – a complete shift in understanding of life and consciousness: the birth of a global culture of Self-Realisation.

During the Autumn, Water is the underlying elemental force, teaching us to flow, to feel, to share, to care.  It is through emotions that we experience our oneness with all life, and compassion is the key to open the human heart.  2018 has been for many an intense year of growth and change – through emotional connections, through compassion for ourselves and each other, we find the strength, resources and confidence to handle the challenges and opportunities still to come.

Samhain is approaching – the Pagan new year when themes of death and rebirth are strong. This is a powerful time to celebrate the Great Mystery of our existence, to open our souls to spirit, love and guidance from the non-physical realms… to open ourselves on the inside to the many layers of light and dark within, journey to our spirit guides and god/goddesses for insight and healing….. and permit any parts of ourselves that are no longer serving our joy and evolution to die. Samhain is the time to celebrate those who have passed out of our world, to open to them in love and feel their continued presence in our lives. This can bring us reassurance, resilience, reflection and respite. Life is eternal, and although we are experiencing it from the perspective of our individual body-minds, we are not those bodies, we are not those beliefs, thoughts, desires and fears. We are life itself. Facing death and overcoming our fear of death is how we get to experience this truth for ourselves, to take it deep inside and become it.


We human beings are multi-faceted creatures

We have Physical form

We have Instincts and Desires

We have Will, Ego and Personality

And powerful Emotions, blissful to raw and extreme

through emotional trials we gain emotional strength

The Cosmos has given us the gift of Self-Awareness and Self-Expression

We have Spirit, Intuition, Creativity

that can unlock the Divine Core of our Nature

We have the potential to love unconditionally

forgive irresistibly

and hasten the day when the species wakes up

to its Unity and Interdependence with All Creation.

The Soul incarnates to have experiences that enable growth in all these levels of its being



Autumn Equinox 2018

librabalance (Copy)

The Sun moves into Libra, sign of Balance, the cardinal air sign ruled by the Goddess Venus, its cardinality launching us into Autumn, the season of harvesting what we have sown in the year, shedding our leaves and remembering our connection to the Ancestors and other worlds.

The festival of the Autumn Equinox is known as the Mabon, a Welsh name referring to the Divine Child. At this point of the yearly cycle the cosmos invites us to stand in our individual power, find the balance between our human animal and divine aspects. This year the Equinox falls under the spirit of a powerful Pisces moon, revealing,through feelings, our the deeply interconnected nature of all living things, connected through love, through presence, through shakti. The Aries Full Moon follows a day after the Equinox, calling us to affirm and stand in our individual strength, light and power, and go boldly into this new season, into new magical times.

The flowing, glowing, loving, compassionate presence of Spirit has been known in many cultures as the divine feminine presence of the creator force of the universe. We can commune with Her anywhere but we often do it most powerfully when we do it in union with others. That might be union of heart, mind, body, achieved through love, stillness, touch, dance, music – uniting the physical and the spirit is what the divine feminine in us does.

So many names have come down through history to us, names that invoke her love and presence.


are names known on a global scale, along with many more


are names that were once well known in the British Celtic lands


was one of the three great religions of ancient Rome, but her roots go back millennia in Turkey, she was honoured in ancient Greece as Rhea, the Mother of Zeus, King of the Gods, and her religion was brought to Rome with much more ceremony around 200 BC. Her worship lasted until around 400 AD and was ruthlessly suppressed by Roman emperors seeking to use the rigorous Christian faith to impose order on society.



The shift to patriarchal religious domination was gradual, and is associated with the rise of property ownership, developing militaristic dictatorships, and shift in kinship system from matrilineal to patrilineal descent. Goddess worship was frequently hedonistic, sexual and ecstatic. It was often led by gendervariant and same-sex loving people, serving in the temples of Ishtar throughout the Middle East, as the wandering Galli priests who brought ecstatic ceremonies to the people of the ancient Meditteranean, and indeed as witches, druids and shamans of the old nature religions across the planet.

The suppression of the Goddess cults went hand in hand with the repression of same sex love. Sodomy and sorcery were intimately connected in the minds of the people. The patriarchal religions waged a war on both, creating a global situation today where the presence of spirit as the goddess, known through magical practice, is forgotten by most people, where people are brainwashed to fear or ridicule pagan faiths, and the spirituality of the genderbending queer servants of the goddess is utterly denied.

But in the early 21st century the Goddess is returning, and her queer children are visible on a global level and claiming their rights as never before. Most of those lgbtq+ probably have little or no idea of this ancient association between us and the magical realms of the spirit.

After a thousand years of suppressing sexual freedom and pagan lore in Europe, as Christian men went out to explore the world they were horrified to find sodomy a common occurrence on every continent, generally considered normal and often associated with shamanic power and witchcraft. They found powerful lesbians too – such as in the Azanda tribe in Africa. The South American rainforest is named the Amazon in reference to the mighty female-led tribes found there. In China and Japan homosexuality was viewed as a privilege enjoyed by the buddhist monastic classes – indeed monasteries and convents had often served as safe zones of same sex love in Middle Ages Europe.

The missing element in the story of global LGBTQ+ liberation is our connection to the spirit, to Goddess worship and pagan practice. This can only be PROPERLY understood of course by those who EXPERIENCE the truth of it.

Across the world there are Queer Pagans, Radical Faeries, Queer Spirits finding each other and remembering our magical powers. The people of the Great Mother are returning.



“The Mother of our ancestors birthed the universe from her body. There was no separation between Creator and creation. And as we shift our thinking and come back to this ancient wisdom, we will find balance and healing for ourselves. Ultimately the Creator is neither male nor female, but Oneness. It is the Prime Vibration. It is Absolute Information. In Seeing It as Mother we honour own own capacity for connection, compassion, clarity and communion of the soul. In knowing It as Mother we cycle back to the beginning of this era so that we can step into the next in wholeness.

The liturgies of the Father are spoken, as revelation comes the from the Father in words, for with words he created the universe. The universe itself is the revelation of the Mother, and her liturgies are of the body. As we open to seeing her and her creation, as we learn to feel our place in it and know that we are never separate from it, and cannot ever be separate from it, then everything we becomes a prayer. Anchored in love, our bodies filled with joy, reaching out in ecstasy to express our gratitude, we ground the Mother’s bliss in the world.

In our Mother’s world we do not have to struggle for enlightenment, Her light is always with us. We do not have to be reborn, for each moment of our lives is a new creation in her infinite, eternal body, and we are always a part of it.”

Andrew Ramer, Two Flutes Playing



“Romantic love, the last illusion, keeps us alive until the revolutions come.”                     LARRY MITCHELL, ‘The Faggots and their Friends Between Revolutions’, 1978


The universe is a love story

a tale of sex and passion

from the atom to the human

everything in creation seeks connection

and that’s why for countless centuries

the holiest of symbols were the cunt and the erection


Cut off by religion from the sacred in sexuality

from the holiness of the flesh

and the generous polyamorous potential of love

we’ve been cut off from the source within

from the eternal dance of the lover and beloved

we’ve been deluded by the concept of sin


To tune into the romantic dance of the subtle planes

we need to be aware that we exist within a game

to train the body and the mind

to be open to the infinite source of love

on the INSIDE



The Ancient Ones call to us still

Life is not the random accident of biology

You are Myth and Story, Magic and History

the result of all that has gone before

and we all know this at our core


We are Starlight as well as Stardust

all of us female and male, yin and yang

the individual within the whole, with the whole within the individual.

We can reincarnate without leaving the body

and as we grow into the many facets of who we are

we hasten the collective awakening


If I go into the place in myself that is love, and you go into the place in yourself that is love, we are together in love. Then you and I are truly in love, the state of being love. That’s the entrance to Oneness.” RAM DASS



I look, I feel, I see: another version of me

We are all searching for the mirrors

that show us Who We Are

looking for the hearts and hands

that open the soul and make us more whole


We are told that God is Love

and how delightfully simple that is….

Love is after all not a person, but a presence

within us and within all things

seeking to connect and grow

in the game of mirrors we walk in the presence

in the game of mirrors we drop the pretence

that love can ever be limited


Love reflected back one on one

has literally nowhere to go

that’s why our mirrors creak, break, shatter

love is an expanding force, it’s divine, it’s not yours nor mine

it it’s not expanding, moving, creating it will explode or fade in time


In the game of mirrors

love reflects to infinity

and at the infinite speed of love

all boundaries disappear

so does all fear

we remember why we are here

and that’s why all life seeks

to play the Game of Mirrors


Lovers often seek ‘the one’

but misunderstand the search completely

it’s not ‘the’ one to complete us that we need

it’s ‘The’ one who lives in everybody


In the game of mirrors

THE One is looking for their way home

but our egos deceive us

and so we end up ALONE

but when the ego is surrendered

and love allowed to expand

in the game of mirrors

we can become ALLONE








“Who is it that loves and who that suffers? He alone stages a play with Himself; who exists save Him? The individual suffers because he perceives duality. It is duality which causes all sorrow and grief. Find the One everywhere and in everything and there will be an end to pain and suffering.” ANANDAMAYI MA

anandamayi                        WALT WITH WINGS





WALT WHITMAN:”If anything is sacred, the human body is sacred”



AUDRE LORDE: “The sharing of joy, whether physical, emotional, psychic or intellectual, forms a bridge between the sharers which can be the basis for understanding much of what is not shared between them, and lessens the threat of their difference.”


ANDREW HARVEY: “It’s important to realize that you have the divine on your side, that the divine is not against love, or the body or sexuality, the divine wants the complete flowering of body, heart, mind and soul together to produce a completely different kind of human being.”


Virgo Morning 2018

sun in virgo

In the temple of the Sun and Stars

The Lion gracefully lays down in the late summer pastures

Making Way, the Virgin rises

Uniting Earth and Air, Body and Mind

Training our attention on the practical details

Calling us to the paths of Learning and Service.

When Awake there is still work to do.

virgo sun

It’s been a Spring and Summer

Of becoming more of who we are

The Virgin rises and offers clarity and focus

Her Mercurial brand of hocus-pocus.

We find the steps we need to take

To make our lives more whole

And as a collective of souls reclaiming the queer role

In humanity’s passage to the Aquarian morning

The next steps emerge, many paths merge

With Uranus in Taurus, Mars freed from its retrograde,

Liberation is due it’s next surge.





Leo New Moon

leo new moon

Held by the Worlds above and the Worlds below

At this time we reap what we have sown

We find out how much we have grown

In this year of rapid transformation

this time of evolutionary culmination.


The religious fools are screaming ‘End Times’

but the end that’s coming

is the conclusion of the delusion

of separation and individuality

that exists only in the human mind.


End Times! The Dead WILL return! So will the Christ Self too!

Judgement Day is upon us

but it’s not gonna be how they told you!

LEO New-Moon-and-Solar-Eclipse-in-Leo-August-11--758x395


The Dead never went away, nor did Jesu

it’s humanity that lost its second sight

became afraid of the shadows in the night

forgot how to talk to the trees, winds, sun and rain

chose to believe in life as suffering and pain

but now is the time to reunite the worlds

to start healing our souls and healing the earth

and start living from joy again.


Leo Sun and Leo Moon

herald the birth of a new humanity

escaping the various insanities

that come from believing in separation

the spirit world rejoices with a heavenly ovation

the Aquarian Age arrives when we see the Unity.


Humans and Spirit will be One once more

The Gatekeepers are remembering

How to open the doors.




the longest days of the year around the solstice point June 21st

the early dawn chorus woke me to make celebration of the light

and see the world become technicolour as the sun rises

to hear the birds’ chorus of praise

these are the longest days


Solstice is the peak of the Self

a moment to honour our place in the divine dream

to affirm all that we can be

but do it ever so humbly….

enjoying who we are, the little self matters too, yet….

surrendering the ego to the greater Being….

we may see through the veils

feel the souls at our side

The growth spurt of Spring is over

it’s the season to step forth with pride

With kin, with clan, an army of lovers at our side.


Within the light is concealed the dark

for the journey to summer’s end starts here

autumn will return, the blooms will vanish and the leaves will fall

within joy there must be sadness….

but there’s a whole long day to fit all the feelings in

and THREE MONTHS til the Equinox

when the inner times take over


Cancer Sun receives us and challenges us

to balance all our emotions in the light of the summer rays

then at Leo Sun and Lammas

is time to down tools and rejoice in the Way

come Virgo Sun we get busy again

preparing for harvest and the seasons to come

fuelled by the Fire element, Summer wants us to have some fun.


Warriors of Light, Shamans of Shadow

Witches of the Winds, Waves, Earth and Fire





But there are many more struggling

one foot still firmly stuck in the old paradigm

of division, dis-ease and dismay…..

Let’s cast spells this Solstice

to bring humanity back to the Way.



Science separates us into boxes and reduce us to molecules

And religion divides us and fuels the lies in the world.

Is it time to give the men in white coats a taste of our own medicine

(psylocibin, lsd, ayahuasca, san pedro and good weed for starters)

let them become the subjects of their own experiments;

is it time use the crucifixes as firewood

send the stone buddhas back to the mountains

‘disperse the gurus with a great laugh’

and discover the path

we have always been on.


The answers are not in psychiatry and psychology

the answers are found in embracing mystery

The stars, sun, moon and planets

have been here a lot longer than us.

Our ancestors observed them and discovered the Way

And despite religion, despite science

despite despotism, despite capitalism

the Way can not be stropped, and the Way will have its Day.


Imagine the great wheel of the solar system

travelling majestically through space

spinning all the time, generating glory, energy – consciousness

all the planets and moons a single dance

the zodiac the background to the story

a story of gods and angels, animals and humans

elementals and ancestors whispering in our ears

in the magic of the Solstice days

they whisper to us to lose our fears

because WE ARE that consciousness

the Solar System’s space cadets

flying through the galaxy

embodying the divine’s aspects

in these awesome, horny human forms

that are part of nature and filled with light



for the mind is there to question and analyse

we have in ourselves, places more deep and more wise.


Attune to the cycles and rhythms

Become conscious of the solar system’s synchronicities

YOU are the product of this dance

a PEAK of its experience, a unique achievement

DANCE in your hearts human children

Become an orchestra of many flutes playing

Solstice is here, it’s the season of Pan



Humanity’s Aquarian Rebirth



A thing we all have in common

It can be charted, mapped and explored.

Just as there is a physical universe

There are also vast mental, emotional and spiritual layers of creation

Each one as vast as the physical, as complex

Each one open to our searching.


CONSCIOUSNESS is a magical thing

it operates through attraction, love and karma

it is opened through compassion, selflessness, service

through devotion and knowledge


MAPS OF CONSCIOUSNESS exist, such as the chakra system, the kabbalistic tree of life and the astrological wheel of the year.  We can ignore, deny these things, but that basically  destines us to be pawns of life, destined to suffer the swings and dives until we perhaps find a route to wisdom.  If we study the wisdom traditions that have existed since before religions, and which survive despite the prevailing scientific rational outlook, we can become pioneer psychonauts unlocking the secrets of the mystery of consciousness we all find ourselves in.  That’s what we come to do here – to find, then to love, express and be – ourselves.  Each one of us a unique version of the One Consciousness.


Our beliefs shape our reality

we open or close our own gates

it’s our choice to explore or ignore

the potential of the cosmic human

birthing a multidimensional age

that was long foreseen


CONSCIOUSNESS is the mystery

and planet earth is the school

we’ll never discover what it’s all about

by denying the seekers and teachers who came before

nor will we awaken to wisdom

by obeying all the rules

for rules are designed to constrain us

and divide the world into wrong and right

cutting us off from the source of Light


Reality is a rainbow miracle

and humanity is on the verge

of a breakthrough, a revelation

a cosmic Aquarian surge


The Sun, the Moon, the stars, the planets

The Earth herself are with us on the Way

Consciousness is the miracle

but the ride can get rough and tough

when the going gets tough

the tough pray


We are a UNITY experiencing DIVERSITY

a ONE become MANY

to become ONE again.

Love, Light and Laughter

Play, Joy, Pleasure and Touch

These are the divine gifts of the body:

Seek out what makes the heart sing

if the shockwaves get too much


Many are losing, but many are choosing

to become more aware, to care

Community of Souls is coming to Planet Earth.

Humanity’s Aquarian Rebirth.