These mantras, a work in progress, are offered as tools for tuning into and getting the most out of the emotional and spiritual frequencies which the moon is reflecting into the earth’s energy field, and into our collective consciousness.

The moon spends about 2.5 days in each astrological sign, moving through the zodiac in the pattern FIRE – EARTH – AIR – WATER three times in the course of a month. Each sign that the moon visits, as it passes through 12 directions of connection to the greater galaxy in which our solar system exists, helps us to access and focus on a certain area of our soul nature. Giving attention to all these various parts of who we are in our fullness as each month passes we are likely to feel more connected, more whole within and part of a greater whole that is supporting our personal development and even giving us a starry guide to wholeness.

I Am What I Am
I Am Who I Am
I Do What I Do
I Do What I Can
I Love What I Do
I Love Who I Am
I Have and I Hold
I Am Strong I Am Bold
My Body My Temple
Pleasure My Prayer
My Senses the Door
To Being Present and Aware
I Question I Discover
Uniting Self and Other
I Conjure with Thought
Use the Power of Now
I can see Both Sides
With Acceptance in my Mind
I Feel I Heal
My Home My Heart
My Family My Friends
With Love I Make Amends
Guided by the Moon
My Emotions Dance a Tune
Flowing and Ebbing as they must
In this Flow I Place My Trust
I Give from the Heart
With My Eyes Hands and Arts
At Play on Planet Earth
I Celebrate my Worth
Bringing Joy to Others
I Celebrate Friends and Lovers
My Sisters and Brothers
Pride in Who I Am
Attuning to the Divine Plan
As I Serve Others
I Serve and Grow in Myself
Grounding my Focus
Attending to Business
I Rethink my Beliefs
To Generate More Health
I Am, We Are
Through You I Meet Myself
In Love, Friendship, Work and Play
Harmony and Beauty
Are my Way to Wealth
Feeling Deep Within
Where I Am Held by Forces Unseen
I Transform my Fear and Pain
Empower my Truth, my Passions
And Am Reborn Again
I Aspire to a Knowledge Higher
To Shine from the Seat of my Soul
New Experience and Adventure
Lead me toward my Goals
I Construct a Life Built on Trust
I Am the Creator of my Own Dreams
I Pursue my Ambitions
and Set my Sights High
As I Know Life is More Than It Sometimes Seems
I Am, We Are
Together We Can Go Far
Sister-Brotherhood of Humanity
In a Divine Plan
One Love, One Light
In All Things Shining Bright
Cosmic Collective
Together we Unite
The Frequencies of Heaven and Earth
The Age of Aqarius Birthed
I Swim in the Flow of Emotions in My Being
As I Swim I Know I am Freeing
Myself from the Past
and Embracing the Vast
Possibilities of Time and Space
In the Cosmos I Merge
With Compassion I Mend
As the Cycle Reaches its End