our modern western culture defines people by their sexuality.  this limits us by assuming sexual behavior is at the core of who we are.  in former times amongst the tribes of our planet the people whose nature crossed or blurred the boundaries of the genders were considered to carry important vibrational energies needed by the rest of the tribe.  these people played an important role in mediating between the men and women of the tribe, and also were respected for their ability to ‘open the gates’ between the material and spirit worlds.  (this was, and is, in part achieved through how we use our sexual energy)

gay people have been busy celebrating increased political liberation and social acceptance in the west, but in many parts of the world this is still withheld us.  for much of the world, the western emphasis on sexual behavior is a serious hindrance to acceptance of our kind.

in the west, however, gay people have been so busy partying, we have hardly begun to explore who we are on a spiritual level.  we have created a subculture that celebrates life but doesnt think about it very deeply, a culture that is full of beauty and pleasure, but short on emotion and awareness, that plays with intense energies through the combination of sex and drugs, but doesn’t talk about what those energies reveal to us.

for some this is changing, and as we discover and expand the spiritual core of our nature, realise that coming out was just one step on the journey to Self, we change the story of what it means to be gay or queer in the twenty first century.

Queer Spirit Festival is a space that brings together questing queers for a five day celebration of Who We Are August 14-18, 2019 in Northamptonshire, UK.



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