Humanity’s Aquarian Rebirth



A thing we all have in common

It can be charted, mapped and explored.

Just as there is a physical universe

There are also vast mental, emotional and spiritual layers of creation

Each one as vast as the physical, as complex

Each one open to our searching.


CONSCIOUSNESS is a magical thing

it operates through attraction, love and karma

it is opened through compassion, selflessness, service

through devotion and knowledge


MAPS OF CONSCIOUSNESS exist, such as the chakra system, the kabbalistic tree of life and the astrological wheel of the year.  We can ignore, deny these things, but that basically  destines us to be pawns of life, destined to suffer the swings and dives until we perhaps find a route to wisdom.  If we study the wisdom traditions that have existed since before religions, and which survive despite the prevailing scientific rational outlook, we can become pioneer psychonauts unlocking the secrets of the mystery of consciousness we all find ourselves in.  That’s what we come to do here – to find, then to love, express and be – ourselves.  Each one of us a unique version of the One Consciousness.


Our beliefs shape our reality

we open or close our own gates

it’s our choice to explore or ignore

the potential of the cosmic human

birthing a multidimensional age

that was long foreseen


CONSCIOUSNESS is the mystery

and planet earth is the school

we’ll never discover what it’s all about

by denying the seekers and teachers who came before

nor will we awaken to wisdom

by obeying all the rules

for rules are designed to constrain us

and divide the world into wrong and right

cutting us off from the source of Light


Reality is a rainbow miracle

and humanity is on the verge

of a breakthrough, a revelation

a cosmic Aquarian surge


The Sun, the Moon, the stars, the planets

The Earth herself are with us on the Way

Consciousness is the miracle

but the ride can get rough and tough

when the going gets tough

the tough pray


We are a UNITY experiencing DIVERSITY

a ONE become MANY

to become ONE again.

Love, Light and Laughter

Play, Joy, Pleasure and Touch

These are the divine gifts of the body:

Seek out what makes the heart sing

if the shockwaves get too much


Many are losing, but many are choosing

to become more aware, to care

Community of Souls is coming to Planet Earth.

Humanity’s Aquarian Rebirth.

URANUS: Queer Planet

uranus in taurus3

URANUS has shifted sign from fire Aries to earth Taurus. Astrologers are excited, for Uranus is the planet of inspiration, awakening, revolution and liberation. Beginning a new traversal of the zodiac from the first sign Aries since 2010, Uranus has spent 7 years subtly changing our very understanding of who we are. This shift can be observed in the rise of social media to a central place in modern life, with every generation getting on board. We are busy defining ourselves through our online presence – the self has taken the centre of our attention, but is often appearing in very superficial ways – looks, likes, selfies, followers etc. During Uranus’ time in Taurus we can expect that things will get more meaningful. Taurus energy is interested in what we are worth, which can relate to money and status but which has much deeper levels going on too.

Astrologer Sarah Coughlin (on Refinery29) says “Aries compels us to define who we are, Taurus nudges us to consider what we’re worth”. She says Uranus moving into the sign of the Bull for a “nice, long, script-flipping stay.”

Brianne Hogan writes (on Hellogiggles) “Uranus may mean freedom, but Taurus keeps us grounded…… We will experience many changes and shifts in the aforementioned areas for the next eight years, but these changes will also stem from a place of authenticity and practicality. We’re getting honest with ourselves and our future, while also being smart and informed about the choices and changes we make. We can expect the unexpected for the next few years, but we can also count on our ability to handle it.”

Kate Rose (on Yourtango) says “Uranus is nicknamed the great awakener; a force of sudden change and innovation… During the Aries era, we saw ourselves change how we viewed ourselves, our relationships and love in general … now is the time to ground ourselves, our plans and our dreams so that we can grow them with a stable foundation.” Perhaps we might add that due to the surprises that Uranian energy can deliver, those plans and dreams may be in for some radical changes and unanticipated developments.

Yasmin Boland in the Daily Mail says the Uranus move is “triggering a period of worldwide upheaval…. The key here is to work with the energies of change, and not against them. Uranus is the planet that causes us to evolve and pushes us to our limits…. harness the Uranian energy to write an exciting new chapter of your life . . .  Be yourself! Uranus is very much the planet of individuality, so if you want to embrace the changes Uranus is offering, then you need to be true to your highest self — the best part of you…. This is a wonderful time to override any fear you have about change. So tune in to what you really want — the Uranian energy will push you along. There will be disruption, but harness the energy and enjoy the ride.”

Janja Gabrijel on “Uranus represents our Higher Minds, the Divine Truth which hits us with an unexpected insight, with a shocking revelation which expands our intelligence and our horizons. Uranus is: the genius ideas, the progressive, futuristic thinking, the rebellion against tradition, the evolution of humanity, the need for worldwide social connection, enlightenment and improvement, and to create a better, more equal society. He wants to liberate and detach from the outdated, whether we want it or not.”

We have to look for some queer astrologers to get some commentary about the  crucial relationship between Uranus and queer liberation.

Colin Bedell (on QueerCosmos) says this energy shift will “revolutionise our lives….This. Is. Huge. Whether we like it or not, the Universe will make sure we set ourselves free a la Uranus from values that prevent from accessing the deepest, most meaningful experiences of our life. Where and with whom we place our value will forever change. Especially on the personal, relational, political, and international arenas. This Uranus in Taurus transit has the potential to change the entire foundation of our lives.”


uranus in taurus

Corina (Satellite of Love: Queer Horoscopes for May 2018) says:

“There is no planet of being gay, just like there’s no planet linked to heterosexuality, but there is a planet of queerness! Uranus, also the planet of revolutions and inventions, correlates to the part of each of us that needs to go against the grain of social norms. Uranus helps us live more defiantly, more bravely — and with an awareness of how we’re intertwined with everyone else, and how getting more free personally is linked to collective freedom. Strongly Uranian people are at the forefront of all liberation movements and utopian social experiments.”



This planet and sign represent the queer energies of the cosmos we inhabit:

Uranus is unique as the only planet in our solar system that rotates on its horizontal axis. He literally rolls through the universe, and at an amazing speed – for while the planet is 47 times the size of the earth, a day lasts only 10 earth hours. Mythologically, Uranus was the original male principle, the Sky God, who was castrated by his son Chronos (Saturn), after which his sexual energies were channelled into the creation of art and beauty. The first Uranian moons that were discovered were named after the faeries of Midsummer Nights Dream – Titania, Oberon, Umbriel, Miranda, and Puck.

The mythology of Aquarius is the story of Zeus, king of the gods, falling for shepherd boy Ganymede, transforming himself into an eagle to swoop down and whisk the boy to the heavens where he became cup-bearer to the gods. When the goddess Hera became jealous Ganymede was forced to move on, but Zeus placed him in the sky forever as the water bearer constellation Aquarius. Planet Earth is currently on the zodiacal cusp transitioning from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. The rise of human rights, gender equality, gay liberation, digital technology are all signs of this shift occurring. By tracing the passage of Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, through the zodiac over the last century we can detect how the r-evolutionary Uranian energy is influencing the progress of lgbtq rights.


Some astrologers have been pointing out, usually with a frown, that the last time Uranus was traversing Taurus was 1934-1942, which saw the outbreak of horrific worldwide war. But as the energy of Uranus is anti-authoritarian I like to observe that this period saw the rise of resistance to fascism, leading to its downfall a few years later.

The first group campaigning for gay rights in the USA, the Mattachine Society, was formed in the USA in1950. Uranus had just began its journey through the sign of the Divine Mother energy, Cancer. This was the moment, I suggest, when some significant number of the gay people of the world started to listen to her call to us to come home to ourselves, to reclaim our place on the planet after so many centuries of it being denied us. (The very first gay rights group in the world was in fact in Germany, formed in 1897 the Wissenschaftlich-humanitares Komitee (WhK or “Scientific-humanitarian Committee”) sent petitions to parliament signed by 200 professional men.  Uranus was in Scorpio at the time, the sign of rebirth and transformation),

The practical work of legislation relating to gay rights happened in the UK in the 1960s, leading to the Sexual Offences Act of 1967, while Uranus was in Virgo.

The spark moment for gay rights, however, came with the Stonewall Riots, June 28- July 1st, 1969. Uranus had just completed its journey through Virgo four days earlier and was settling into its long stay in Libra, the sign of balance and justice. The rise of gay rights is part of the drive towards balancing the overbearing patriarchal energies of the modern world. The revolutionary Uranian energy burst forth, anger manifesting. The conciliatory, assimilationist, approach of the Mattachine Society was not producing results, but from 1969 onwards gay visibility, activism and pride spread through the western world.

During the incubation years of the HIV virus spreading quietly among gay men, the late 70s, Uranus was in Scorpio, with the first case later recognised as AIDS coming in 1980. While Uranus was in Sagittarius (1981-88) the search for ways to treat HIV was underway, as was the rise of a politicised and self-conscious queer community. Those of us coming out in the 1980s entered a gay scene in which a sense of community, of the need to work together for our very survival, was strong. This community sense was catalysed through adversity – AIDS deaths and political apathy or outright hostility. The Conservative government’s introduction of Clause 28 in 1988, outlawing the ‘promotion’ of homosexuality in education, galvanised us in the UK further. Gay Pride events swelled in numbers and determination. While Uranus was traversing Capricorn (1988-1996) many efforts were made to raise our game, and once our queer planet settled for the long haul through its home sign Aquarius in 1996, things really began to speed up for lgbtq visibility, rights and acceptance.
uranus in aq

Croatian astrologer Branko Zivotin says: “The entry of Uranus in the sign of Aquarius led to an increase in the same sex love and bisexuality among young people. Uranus impact gave full force with a strong radical changes because Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius. In 1996 Uranus entered Aquarius and than started an active story about gay population, as something completely normal. Uranus cycle of seven years brought turnarounds among young people to find sexual partners more freely and easily through electronics, the Internet, at parties, to organize gay parties.”

Zivotin also points out that Neptune’s presence in Aquarius from 1998-2011 brought a powerful escapist energy into the picture, indicating a vast expansion of alcohol and drug use, which certainly happened for the gay scene at that time. In fact for gay men, during that period sex became more thoroughly associated with heavy drug use, with associated casualties lost to addiction or overdose. Neptune moved into its home sign Pisces in 2011, which energy is related to both intoxication and spirituality, and is traversing there until 1925. Drug use among gay men is not abating, despite the horror stories of dependency, delirium and death we’ve been hearing for some years now. The message of Neptune in Pisces for gay men is that spirituality is the solution to addiction, and that in fact spirituality can lead us to all the heights and blissful experiences we seek through drug use. Spirituality is about opening the doors to bliss, and keeping them open – while drugs just give us a temporary, ultimately destructive, experience.

In the UK, an equal age of consent was finally enacted in 2001, while Uranus was still in Aquarius. Wikipedia reports that in the USA, “In four landmark rulings between the years 1996 and 2015, the Supreme Court invalidated a state law banning protected class recognition based upon homosexuality, struck down sodomy laws nationwide, struck down Section of the Defense of Marriage Act, and made same-sex marriage legal nationwide.”  The moves to recognise same sex relationships, through civil partnerships and marriage, spread around the world while Uranus was in the emotional, universal, compassionate energy of Pisces 2003-2010.

During the period of Uranus in Aries 2010 – 2018 we saw the Arab Spring, Occupy, and the growth of the women’s movement and blacklivesmatter, and also the huge disparity in rights and conditions for LGBTQ people around the world has come very much into focus, forcing some of us queers to think more deeply about who we are and what is really going on. The answers are still emerging. In the UK these years have seen a rapid expansion of Radical Faerie activity – it might be said, in response to those who lament the loss of community spirit on the commercial gay scene, that it is amongst the Rad Fae that the possibilities of queer community are currently being explored, and from a positive angle of discovering the magic of who we are, not the defensive energy that catalysed queer community in the 1980s. Radical Faeries remove the capitalist element from the community equation, offering the potential to create real, lasting bonds built on connections made in the heart, made in nature, and made in relationship to a still largely unknown spiritual history of queer people as the magical folk, the shamans, priestesses and healers of the ancient pagan religions. Uranus in Aries also saw the birth of QUEER SPIRIT FESTIVAL, a 5 day event bringing together a few hundred spiritually inclined queers from the whole LGBTQ spectrum, in a space where we dared to declare not only our love for each other but also our deep love for the planet, for nature, for humanity, and prepare ourselves to emerge as the Healing Tribe within the human race.

As Uranus moves now into the second sign of this new traversal of the zodiac, the energy is coming to bring the mystical awareness of who we are home to the body, home to the planet: Queers as planetary healers, soul doctors, channels of spirit (and also midwives to those leaving the body).

The Uranian revelation waiting to hit the world is that the religious hatred of homo- and trans-sexuality has its roots in the time when first Judaism, then later Christianity, were putting their efforts into eradicating the sex-positive, ecstatic earth-loving, goddess honouring religions of the ancient world. The Old Testament tells of the presence, and destruction, of the Qedesha – the male prostitutes who worked in the goddess temples: the name means ‘The Anointed’ or ‘The Holy Ones’ but was translated in the St James Bible into English as simply ‘sodomites’. A principal rival to Christianity in its first centuries was the worship of Cybele, known in Rome as the Magna Mater (Great Mother), but whose worship goes back at least 1000 years BC in Turkey. She was served by female and trans priests, who were known as the Gallae. They travelled the land conducting ecstatic rituals, and were a prime target of Christian vitriol. After the Roman Empire officially adopted Christianity as its religion, huge efforts were made to wipe out all traces and memory of Cybele worship.

In ancient texts, sodomy is often listed alongside other taboo practices such as divination and astrology because same sex activity was associated with magical practices of the goddess religions that the new domineering energies of patriarchy sought to suppress. Those practices included communal danced rituals where people ‘lost their minds’, became filled with the ecstatic spirit of the gods and so had direct experience of themselves as part of an interconnected multiverse of many layers. The suppression of the feminine impulse, of the homo-erotic impulse and of ecstatic, communal celebration all went hand in hand. It took until the rise of Protestantism in the 1500s and the Calvinist/Puritan fundamentalism of the 1600s for these powerful forces to be brought fully under patriarchal control. Instead of engaging in direct ecstatic connection with the spirit world, people were now supposed to simply ‘have faith’ and bow to the wisdom of the priestly class.  From that time on, European explorers, finding sodomy, cross-dressing, unrestricted gender roles, communal ecstatic rituals and same sex-loving magical workers on every other continent of the world, set out to spread their anti-joy, anti-love, anti-freedom views far and wide.

uranus rings

The planet Uranus was discovered in 1781, a time of revolution and upheaval. Although we think of this as the peak of the period known as the Western Enlightenment, when rational thought became dominant, this was the time of the birth of the Romantic period in culture, when celebration of nature, art, beauty and imagination came forward in a reaction against the rational drive. Romanticism included a mistrust of organised religions, and a longing for the Arcadian days when Pan the Horned God ran free in the forests and the Great Mother was honoured, so we might claim it as a Uranian manifestation.

Certainly the discovery of Uranus must have been in the mind of 19th century homosexual pioneers Edward Carpenter of the UK and Karl Ulrichs of Germany. They both inclined to use the word URANIAN to describe same sex-attracted individuals, relating the name to the goddess Aphrodite Urania, the patron of spiritual, same-sex love. These early pioneers saw great possibilities in the emancipation of the homosexual and transsexual spirit. Carpenter’s works include 1908’s ‘The Intermediate Sex’ in which he says, “The Uranian people may be destined to form the advance guard of that great movement which will one day transform the common life by substituting the bond of personal affection and compassion for the monetary, legal and other external ties which now control and confine society”. In ‘Intermediate Types Among Primitive Folk’, 1911, he identifies roles that many cultures reserve for homo- or transsexual people: ‘the priest, medicine-man or shaman, the prophet and the diviner, the artist and craftsperson and the true scientist, successor to the tribal observer of the stars and seasons, medicine and the herbs’.

The only African tribe to have kept its ancient wisdom about the role of gay and trans people is the Dagara Tribe of Burkino Faso. Malidoma and Sobonfu Some were two teachers that the tribe sent to the west – and both shared the message that gay men are gatekeepers (and lesbians witches), with a specific role that involves energy points on the physical planet. By cutting gay people off from this knowledge and defining us merely by our sexual expression, the patriarchal culture has effectively castrated us from our power, and our purpose, which is to serve the Great Mother, manifest as the planet and as the animals, plants and people on it.

Astrologer Sarah Varcas points out that Uranus’ arrival in the first earth sign of the zodiac will remind us that the earth is a living goddess, our Great Mother, who is likely to push back like never before as humans continue to abuse and destroy her. To attempt to fix our mistakes is not enough, it is the very way that we think as a species that needs to evolve. She says that “By honoring an enduring commitment to caring for Our Mother and all her children of every form we dismantle, piece by piece, the patriarchal mind-set that equates aggression and domination with power, and love, compassion and generosity with weakness.”

Queers are the children of Uranus, here to wake up to our power, remember our hidden history and claim our r-evolutionary part in human destiny. While Uranus is in Taurus, the sign of the Goddess Venus, we are going to get much more in touch with what we are capable of, what we are here to do, and who we really are.

uranus into taurus




Telepathy and Transformation


I remember being fascinated by the idea of telepathy as a young teenager, arranging once an experiment with a friend where we would tune in at a certain time and transmit images or words to each other across a couple of streets.  I recall that I did this standing in my parents’ bedroom, perhaps some instinct in me drew me to connect to their energy to make this happen.  I had read a book on telepathy written by a scientist and although I did not exactly understand it, my interest was tweaked.

My friend forgot the rendezvous time and of course nothing happened.

Nowadays telepathy is a fairly normal thing to me.  It’s not about direct conversation mind to mind, it’s more about sending energy, messages and love to somebody’s spirit, and being open to receive what others might be sending to me. My teenage experiment was entirely an act of will and thought. I would have had no notion of connecting heart and sexual energy into the telepathic communication, but have of course since learnt that we communicate vast amounts via emotion and desires. When I wish to tune into the collective energy field I can get there via raising sexual desire energy, bringing it into the heart and releasing into the mind and spirit.  Emptying the mind, I move into a ‘passive’ mental state where I can observe what enters it from spirit, which might be images, words or feelings coming from the many people who have a place in my heart.

The key to this i would say is to simply KNOW that we humans are a collective consciousness, and let oneself enter into the field of spirit via meditation.  Today I am even writing at the same time as observing the inner senses.  The predominant colour coming into my inner sight is a pale mauve, occasionally shifting into pink.  A deep green is close by.  Focussing around my legs I sense the realm of nature spirits, faerie elementals, especially tiny flame creatures and green hatted little elves (! hi guys!).  Tuning into the body’s midrift I get the vibration of brothers who left life recently, close allies protecting and enjoying the very visceral human childlike part of my being. As I rise through the body there are the Mothers and Grandmothers nurturing and loving me and my loved ones.  Rising through the heart I see a vision of the Horned God, a young and vibrant PanMan, priapic holding a staff and a large golden ring.  Above him there is sky with white clouds, the sphere of the Grandfather, the clouds his beard and the sky reflecting the sparkling blue of his eyes.

And then sunshine.  Golden rays of unending sunlight.


Suddenly an ocean rises, water fills the cosmos.  This water is the spiritual love that Aquarius pours from hisher urn.  There is a vast amount of it waiting in the spiritual sky and coming our way.  Aquarius, though the Water Bearer, is the Fixed Air sign of the zodiac.  Once Aquarian energy is on course, on purpose, its fixed nature means it is steady and strong.  (Of course in a world that prefers to keep the spirit world out of the picture, confined to holy places and people, relatively few Aquarians are really living out the potential of their sign as yet).   The popularity of meditation and mindfulness practices around the world is an indication of the growing Aquarian consciousness (as are humanitarian efforts to help refugees and also the visibility of lgbtq people around the world).  Meditation builds mental muscle, so that when the spiritual water pours in, the mind can stay open, be fully present, enabling the body to become the vehicle of spirit descending, channelling into the earth plane.


The Age of Aquarius is being born bit by bit. At this point in human history, how we know ourselves, how we use our minds, how we understand emotion, sexuality and spirit is being utterly transformed.

There are many ways we can take to this transformation.

For sure we need time alone and time with others

We need to acknowledge and let go of what has gone before

Renewing our relationship with Life, Self and Other often

When life is known as the adventure that Consciousness is on

Humanity’s Awakening is hastened

We each have our own keys inside

To the greatest revolution that Humans have yet to experience.



The last week of 2015’s Aquarian month promises to be COSMIC as the Moon transits through the last four signs of the zodiac (Sagittarius to Pisces), giving us TRANSPERSONAL background energies from both SOLAR and LUNAR sources. Added to this Venus chasing Mars through Pisces, the final zodiac sign, the one that seeks REUNION WITH THE UNIFIED SACRED SOURCE, is inviting us all into the dance of SHIVASHAKTI as these two planets head towards a conjunction in Aries, the sign of the Self, on Feburary 22nd.

My feeling is we will be whisked along into new levels of experience, feeling and understanding, whether we like it or not. Mercury has completed his retrograde in Aquarius and seems to me like the cat is out the bag… the world is ready for some Aquarian perspective.   For those who are open and ready for a ride beyond the limitations of our individuality in order to find out more about our nature as a COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS, this could be an exciting and invigorating time. Those who are resistant to the energies will either find them so strong they are carried along the tide or they may feel like they are drowning, losing themselves, losing the plot. If this happens, encouraging them to see it as a chance to find a new plot, a bigger – aquarian – pot in which to put their understanding of life, would be the way to go.

The Sun and the new Moon arrived in Aquarius, the waterbearer who pours the cosmic lovelight from his jug, on the same day this year, January 20th, switching on the energies of this transpersonal air sign full blast. During the past weeks I have observed that if we actively choose to connect ourselves to aquarian energies… ie focussing on the bigger picture, joining our hearts and minds with others in common cause, exploring human nature… the winter journey of healing and release, of inner focus and reflection, becomes easier. We gain insights from sharing with others and seeing what they reflect back to us, we benefit from support that reminds us how unique and special we are, that offers love and understanding, that doesn’t judge us. During the Aquarian month it pays to connect to the group mind, the collective spirit. This is the time of year that the mind naturally wants to open and let in new ideas…. and coming next is the Piscean month when the spirit in us seeks to surrender into those ideas, experience communion with the Self, others and the Universe.

Pisces is home at the moment to its ruler planet Neptune (mystical seer, conveyor of universal love) and to Chiron, the Wounded Healer, both of which are transpersonal planets affecting whole generations as they move through the signs. Add in the personal planets Mars and Venus in Pisces and we have huge alchemical potential in the air. As we heal individually from our wounds, our loneliness, our belief in separation, we also heal the whole. This is one of so many astrological alignments coming our way this year that are offering opportunities for human consciousness to break through its nightmares and madness into clearer vision and EXPERIENCE of our nature as one ALMIGHTY CONSCIOUS COLLECTIVE.

Moon in Sagittarius from Thursday evening 1647 GMT to Saturday 2225 gives us a FIRE SIGN VALENTINES, but of course it is a TRANSPERSONAL fire energy, encouraging us to see that LOVE FOR ALL is the destiny for humanity, that the constant emphasis of our music culture, of films and tv on one-on-one romantic love is ONLY SELLING US PART OF THE STORY.

From Sagittarius the Moon moves through Capricorn, which brings transpersonal earth energy to help us work out how to turn our VISIONS OF UNIVERSAL LOVE into practical manifestations here on earth. At 0013 Tuesday 17th Moon arrives in Aquarius, and so the astrological month ends as it began – with both Sun and Moon in the sign whose Age we entering. Since the 1960s a gradual – sometimes one step forward, two steps back – process of Aquarian transformation has been underway. Every generation during the last 50 years has had its share of transcendental experiences, often through substance use…. and although drug use remains illegal, there are signs that discussion of the spiritual/mystical use of drugs, natural and manmade, that was so big in the 60s and so suppressed since, is making a comeback… eg conference on psychedelics in Greenwich in July. The spread of spiritual endeavours in the last decade has been huge, easily bigger than what happened in the 60s, thanks to the Internet, but this r-evolution in human awareness is of course largely ignored by the ‘powers that be’, ie media, government, finance, because it threatens their very legitimacy and existence. Stephen Fry and Russell Brand put into the public arena words that reflect how people actually think, unlike any religious leader who increasingly only speak for minorities in a language that seriously needs updating. Fry points out that many are at the stage of anger with god, fury at the injustices perceived in life. Brand shows there is a stage beyond that anger – a stage of opening to the search, to the mystery, to the miracle of our existence, becoming open to the adventure of life and finding a relationship with its SOURCE WITHIN OURSELVES, where answers to our questions can indeed be found.

The Age of Aquarius is where the external objective scientific search and the internal subjective spiritual path join in one glorious exploration of what it is to be alive. This last week of the Aquarian month we should be getting a dose of this perspective, individually and collectively.  The Moon is however WANING this week and the energies pulling inward, so it might seem more that  we are experiencing the things that prevent us from experiencing peace, love and unity.  This happens because we have accumulated so much fear and doubt during our lives, that has to be passed through and released to get to the deeper riches.  This is a time we can release loads.

On Wednesday 18th we get A SECOND NEW MOON WITHIN THE AQUARIAN MONTH (KNOWN AS A BLACK MOON): we are being hit by energies OF NEWNESS, telling us this is a massive breakpoint with the past, for ourselves if we need it, and for all. Then immediately the Sun and Moon both arrive in Pisces (Moon at 2347 then Sun three minutes later), giving us a shift of background energies on both personality (sun) and inner self (moon) levels shift from cosmic Aquarian air to mystic Piscean water. Time to merge with the higher Self, with life itself, lose all sense of isolation, inadequacy and suffering in the glorious knowing – and feeling – that WE ARE ALL ONE, that HEAVEN IS HERE INSIDE US BEING BORN, that the adventure of consciousness is ETERNAL and OURS.  Perhaps the lesson of these transpersonal energies is we humans have the choice to participate in them or ignore them – we were told that EVOLUTION IS A PHYSICAL OCCURRENCE, BUT OF COURSE IT IS CONSCIOUSNESS THAT IS REALLY EVOLVING IN THE UNIVERSE, WE ARE ITS LATEST MANIFESTATION AND WE HAVE TO CHOICE TO EVOLVE FURTHER OR NOT.

19TH FEBRUARY IS CHINESE NEW YEAR, START OF YEAR OF THE WOOD SHEEP. Sheep years are supposed to bring peaceful energies, life slows down a bit and people become more caring and affectionate. Goddess knows the world is ready for this kind of energy after the last three years of intense energies coming from the Dragon, Snake and Horse! The fast paced year of the Horse is coming to an end, a time for enjoying what has been built up is coming, a steadier time which will be less about dramatic upheaval and more about consolidating what we have learnt and discovered, giving us the chance to settle into whatever new version of ourselves the events of recent years have led us to. On the 19th Moon conjunct mystical Neptune is bound to get us feeling there is something in all this imagery and mythology!

Also on the 19th Mars makes it into Aries, where his dynamic energy is totally at home. He might feel like he wants to roar after all that time in the underwater, compassionate Piscean vibration, but the Sheep energy will likely mellow him out – and Venus is hot on his tail, shifting from Pisces into the fire sign, the sign of the Ram of course, on the 20th and reaching a conjunction with him in the sky on Sunday 22nd. This feels to me like a powerful alchemical moment of creative energy, the first of three conjunctions of Mars and Venus coming this year.

Shifting from our old internal assumptions and attitudes into bigger, brighter, better ones takes time, it happens in stages. There is often a residue of old emotional baggage to be released in order for the shift to happen. The collective consciousness is going through such a massive shift now, and it is accelerating all the time, that perhaps the work of release and reformation will become easier, quicker and more thorough.






I sense a huge stone wheel turning in my spirit. Half a century. CLICK. It’s happened. For seven years from the age of 25 I lived with a constant expectation to die. So maddening was that voice in my head nagging me about my imminent doom that I was moved to do something about it, to take action and find out what the hell I was born for in the first place. What did it mean to be alive? Any religious comfort I had enjoyed as a boy had been eradicated by the time I was 12 and I was content to wander aimlessly in life, pursuing whatever joys and pleasures made the way interesting to me. Working was a chore, ambition had I none – no goal formulated in my life, beyond exploring myself (especially the amount of pleasure I could have, the friendships and love I could nurture and the euphoric heights I could reach). My sexuality repressed and shame ridden until I was 21, when I came out I wanted to catch up on good times and hot experiences.

It was 1986, Don’t Die of Ignorance year – tomb stones on tv aids awareness informercials – not an easy time to come out. I fell in love, I took risks, I had no support structure in the form of responsible older gay men around me (do young guys today? Not much, I think). I was very alone in the world, chasing love and overdoing it, no wonder my immune system overloaded, no wonder my body couldn’t take it, my soul unable to break through my confusions and obsessions to express its creativity, my connection to the cosmos unacknowledged, unexplored. Facing death brought the revelation that I am a cosmic baby – my entire being is geared to exploring higher consciousness and expanded emotional connection, but the mainstream British culture I had grown up in had not introduced me to the possibilities of that side of life.

I was born with both the Sun and Moon in Aquarius, on 31st January 1965, an Imbolc baby.. born at the Celtic festival of the Maiden Fire Goddess, often celebrated as Brigit. At this deep feeling and optimistic festival the promise of Spring is celebrated, it’s traditionally a time to gather the clan to hear poetry and tales round the fire, winter visions are shared and much warmth is generated to see us through the last phase of the cold season. We start to dream the year ahead into being. Christianity has suppressed the power of this time of year, but also honours the Maiden energy at this point – calling this the festival of the Virgin, Candlemas,


In 2015 the Sun and Moon arrive together in the sign of the Waterbearer on the same day, the 20th January, making this day a kind of ‘cosmic birthday’ for me, and giving the whole world an immediate and sudden shift in energies from earth sign Capricorn to air Aquarius. It could feel like being whisked off the ground by a gust of wind – but will your wind come like a gentle eagle’s wing or a gale force fright? Aquarius is the Water Bearer, symbolically and eternally delivering spiritual nourishment to the world. The water from his jug washes away the past, leaving room for a fresh, new start. The sign of Aquarius is forward-looking and growth-oriented. Concerned with equality and individual freedom, we Aquarians seek to dispense knowledge, and our vision of equality and individuality within a strong collective, to all.

The glyph for Aquarius represents the water from the water bearer’s vessel, as a symbol of open-ended spiritual energy accessible always.


  1. Chiron Return. Those of us born in the 60s have Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in the sign of Pisces. This gives us a collective wounding in our relationship with the Universe – because Pisces is the ultimate mystical sign of connection and merging with the All. Most of us gave up our religious beliefs at an early age, all of us for sure have seriously questioned them. I believe my generation has been trying to compensate for the feeling of disconnect and existential loneliness this wound gives us by filling the gap with lovers, careers, money, rationalism, alcohol and drugs. Let off the religious hook more than any generation before us we are the ones who were shaken awake by punk, encouraged to express our individual eccentricity by new romanticism, and lifted to euphoric communal love states by house music and ecstasy. We have lived. At 50 Chiron gives us another way to fill the gap – he returns to his position at our birth and we get to see the wound for what it is. The chasing and racing can slow down now, not just because we have less energy but because we can see what is missing: our connection to the divine, to source. We believed the world was material – this view will come in time to be seen as being as dumb as the medieval belief that the world is flat. The world is, in spiritual terms, illusion, called maya in mystical India, the play, leela, of the divine forces, the masculine shiva and feminine shakti – consciousness and form. ‘Male and female he made them’ it says in Genesis, ‘in his image’. The Hindu culture has explored who we are long enough and deep enough to know that this universe is just one of several Shiva has created and destroyed through his power of illusion. Physics has now confirmed that matter itself is largely empty – it is light, slowed down to such a vibration that it seems solid. Let there be Light, said God. We are not matter, we are that light – conscious in ways no other creatures are on earth – we are what has been called Spirit around the world by all cultures – and the fuel, the raw material, the creative power of our consciousness is LOVE. We are love incarnate, having separate experiences as individuals, but solidly one at the core.

This is the truth that will change the world. This is the spiritual food that Aquarius brings.


In January 1995 I sat down, preparing myself for the end of life, and asked life what the hell it existed for. For the first time I seriously addressed the questions: does life have a purpose and who the fuck am I? Why am I experiencing this thing we call Existence? And the things we call Love, Lust and Fear? If life has no meaning why does it matter to me?

In resonse, the Universe took me on a ride like no other, showing me connections, histories, possibilities and promises. This was a kundalini rush triggered by my questioning, my sudden openness to the questions and receptivity to the rush of answers. I had a vision of myself standing at the start of a five year journey of study and growth – quite the opposite to the death I had been expecting. My heart was opening to life like never before, my throat chakra was opening with poetry and words flooding out, my third eye was filled with vision and inspiration, and my crown became wide open transporting me into multidimensional reality. I was discovering, or being introduced to, the Way, an utterly ancient and sacred current of energy that flows through the Universe and guides all things. I realised it was there to lead us, if we let it, but we do not have to personify it as a God…. it doesn’t have an ego requirement for our worship and obedience (and therefore it does not judge us for NOT believing in it). It is much bigger than us, as our scientific explorations of the manifest universe should have made perfectly obvious. So I took a deep sigh (of relief?) and figured that if there is something running the universe, creating the perfect conditions on this planet for us to have the experience we are having, it deserved my open minded attention rather than my judgements. We are aware that our minds and physical senses have a limited frequency range, but humanity became so proud of its own achievements it has neglected its connection with the non human levels of consciousness. Aquarius is here to restore the connection, to bring the intuitive feminine into balance with the rational masculine, and help us all to engage the ‘bigger picture’, an engagement that is urgently required as the challenges to our existence on planet earth mount up. Human understanding of its spiritual nature is in a state of chaos and transition. This deserves to be acknowledged, by the religious and those who reject religion. The extremes of rational atheism and religious fundamentalism are the result of the confusion and misinformation that is out there. But voices of true reason, of unity, peace and light exist in all faiths and outside them.  They are the voices that counsel to find the truth within one’s own being, which is where the Kingdom lies. These are the voices of the Aquarian Age.

In these 20 years I have studied human spirit and nature with newly opened eyes. I have explored Paganism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, Kabbalah, Chakras, Tarot, Astrology, Mystical Christianity, Native American Shamanism, the Tao, a fascinating, diverse and rich beyond measure lineage of the exploration of human nature that is our inheritance as citizens of the 21st century.  The collective human story of war, money, division and fear is not the only way to approach life.  We stand at  the start of a new astrological Age when much bigger, deeper and older understanding of our existence can be ours. Teachers that have had big impact on me include Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma), Mother Meera, Ramakrishna, Vivekenanda, Aurobindo, Osho, Andrew Harvey, Louise Hay. I have also been greatly informed by the lineage of British spiritual pioneers stretching back to Francis Bacon, disciple of Elizabethan Magus John Dee, who founded the Rosicrucian order in the early 17th century (the order created to protect his very British explanation of enlightenment and the emergence of a divine humanity, called the Pyramid of Philosophy, until a future time when the world would be ready for it… once the conflicts between atheistic reason and blind faith could be transcended by a higher understanding. Many powerful, but potentially heretical, mystical truths were woven into the Shakespeare plays – the name Shakespeare being a reference to Athena, goddess of wisdom, and the plays were almost certainly written by Bacon and his collective team of creatives). This line of Albion’s mystics includes a host of poets and visionaries such from William Blake to Derek Jarman, Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophist movement, Annie Besant and Krishnamurti, Alice Bailey, Alistair Crowley, Doreen Valiente and Gerald Gardner (the wiccan revivalists of pagan lore in the 1950s), Alan Watts and the thousands of mediums, wisewomen and odd fellows who have always been there serving the needs of the people. The ‘official’ story of British history tells of the rise of secularism and humanism. The ‘other’ story is one of a continuing line of spiritual and magical work, often led by women, keeping the magical consciousness of the ancient lands of Albion alive, protecting and nurturing it for the time of the Aquarian awakening, when the conflict between logic and spiritlore will be washed away by a higher level of being and understanding, and love and compassion take their place at the throne of human destiny.

This is it. Happy Birthday Me. 50 starts here with my cosmic rebirth day when Sun and Moon align in Aquarius. A Higher Perspective is in view if we choose it.  Happy New Age World. We are Here.

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The Mystery of Aquarius

At the New Moon on 20th January both Moon and Sun are arriving in the sign of Aquarius on the same day (Sun 0943 Moon 1300. Conjunct at 1314). Mercury and Venus have already been in the sign of the Waterbearer for a couple of weeks, and Mars has only just completed his journey through this eccentric, mysterious air sign.  Suddenly the energies of the cosmos are bringing Aquarian energies into focus and may get us wondering what has happened to the spirit of the “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” that people got so excited about back in the 60s?

Aquarian Spirit is largely underappreciated and misunderstood (as is the energy of all the transpersonal signs, from Sagittarius through to Pisces, in our materialist, individualistic culture). The 60s gave us a cosmic shot in the arm… an injection of Aquarian spirit and new ideas flowed round the world.  A global humanity seemed possible.  A world of peace built on science and reason yet honouring the transcendental seemed within our grasp.  Psychedlics played a big part in opening the minds of many to a multidimensional reality, and an exciting future.. of space travel and free love!…. was a collective dream.

It takes more than a decade to birth a new global age.  The 60s kicked lots of energies into play that have changed the world we live in, especially around freedom of expression and breakdown of longheld taboos around sexuality.  The kickback against that liberal surge has been harsh, and much of the idealism of that time has been thoroughly mocked and dismissed ever since.  From 60s idealism we went into 70s disillusion and 80s greed, culture of the individual replaced the collective dream.  Economic growth is the new god that must be served.  But on the cultural front, House music and Ecstasy tabs from late 80s onwards brought another wave of Aquarian energy.  At rave parties across the world people experienced feelings of transcendent unity and unconditional, uninhibited love.  But the party scene became fragmented, mainly due to the spread of different kinds of drugs.  The continued suppression of the ‘good’ drugs makes room for all kinds of dodgy stuff to emerge.   Materialism seems to have ruled the roost since the milllennium (massive economic growth followed by recession, keeping the world’s attention  focussed on money) but there has also been a massive expansion in interest in all things spiritual, largely ignored by the media/politicians/academics, and unfortunately breeding as much confusion as enlightenment – also breeding extremism as well as humanitarianism as the pressures in the collective human soul get hotter and hotter.  As we link up as one interconnected global civilisation all the things that keep us separate and apart are coming out clearly into the open.  Those who believe in One Love, One Humanity, Peace on Earth, look at those who perpetuate greed, war and conflict and think what the fuck can we do? We often end up feeling helpless, but this could be about to change.

Aquarius pours the water.  He lightens the mind.  She delivers new wisdom, new outlooks, new vision.  Often regarded as ‘intellectual’ sign, Aquarian energy reveals and empowers our collective consciousness, this sign is all about group mind, group spirit:  Aquarius knows we are all One and the water heshe pours is the element of emotion, the element that connects us.  It is through the emotions, through feelings, that we humans know and explore our Oneness.  Love is the key to knowledge, transcendence and healing, to awakening.  And the Aquarian message is that love is for all beings – because all beings are one being!  We need to have compassion for those who are confused, lost  and destructive, because they are us!  We have power in our open hearts:  we can build massive fields of love energy, based on compassion and boosted by patience, passion and perseverence with which to meet those people.  We can learn to meet their darkness on the inner planes and transform it with our love. First we have to build up our own ability to love, get strong in our hearts and minds, accept that we are beings of vibrational energy, and that through our energy we can create the world we want to see.  Aquarius opens the doors to what is possible in a multidimensional, transcendental planet earth.

This sudden surge of Aquarius energy coming our way is a chance to open up the conversation about the bigger picture, bring in the light, and delve deeper into the mystery of the Age of Aquarius.  We are living at a time when the paradigms of life are changing.  This will be the age of the divine human where science and faith will merge – the magical and the rational sides of life blend into one divine dance, where humanity embraces its true nature as explorers of consciousness in material form, seeing every setback or challenge as an opportunity for more growth and light, knowing a way can be found through every block as we find our paths to wholeness and multidimensional connection.  This is the time when humans will look into each other’s eyes and see themselves; and will learn that we are creatures of vibration, not matter, able to raise our frequency until the whole cosmos is vibrating within us, and is leading us to our and its fulfilment.


Some quotations from Yogi Bhajan, Sikh Teacher of the Aquarian Age:

“The time has come for self-value. And the question is not ‘To be or not to be.’ The statement is ‘To be, to be.’ ‘I am, I AM.’ The time has come not to search for God, but to be God. The time is not to worship God, but to trust and dwell in the working God.” Yogi Bhajan 8.1.00

“You must understand that in the Age of Aquarius, each one shall be the leader of his own spirit. Each one will be the pivot of her life.” Yogi Bhajan Everyday Calendar quote for 4.27.09

“The psyche of the planet changes every two thousand years. All the stars come into alignment, and the angle of the sun’s rays changes by one degree. That’s all; it’s not a big deal, but what happens is that as we cross into the next two thousand years.” Yogi Bhajan 12.31.92

“Humanity has crossed the stages of doubt and duality. Humanity is advancing towards living in a psyche where people will be intuitive and acknowledging.” Yogi Bhajan 10.26.88

“We are all pioneers in the Age of Aquarius. No man can give a man anything other than love. No man can give a man anything other than hope. No man can give a man anything but service. The only thing you can do is act like a forklift and go into the dirt and lift the other person and put him on track, so he can proceed.” Yogi Bhajan 6.20.93

“The message in the Piscean Age was ‘help me, I want to know.’ In the Age of Aquarius the message is, ‘I know, I can help you to be.’ The psyche has reversed, and life has to be changed accordingly.” Yogi Bhajan Everyday Calendar quote for 9.30.09

Springtime of Aquarius

SPRING EQUINOX is a point of balance, when day and night are equal length all over the world and we stand at the meeting point of the watery, inner-world spirit of Pisces with the the fire driven, active outward energy of Aries. The cycle of the astrological year begins again here, inviting us to shake off the winter journey of healing and launch ourselves into a time of growth and creativity, rebirth ourselves into the world.


For three months since the winter solstice the natural flow has been inward and downward, taking us into our roots and hidden, often hurting, parts. If we run with this flow great opportunity for healing and renewal are there in the underworld for us. If we resist the inward pull, try to keep up the same pace of life we enjoy at other times of year, chances are nature knocks us down, we get sick, drop out of the daily routine and to some extent the healing work is forced upon us.


At the equinox point of balance we can prepare ourselves for the active period by consciously balancing the polarities within us, especially the energy of the rational, analytical mind with our intuitive, instinctive natural wisdom. We might do this through drawing or other creative activity, taking time to listen within to our inner guidance, or journey to music, allowing images to arise and flow in the mind. Tarot cards and other divination tools can offer insight into the journey of the year ahead.  The logical mind is so highly praised in our society, that we tend to neglect the intuitive, creative side of our nature, so any action to bring balance also brings rewards.


Of course this approach will only hold any value to those of us who regard life as a journey of spirit, and not simply a random, chaotic, physical accident of evolution. Which came first – the matter or the spirit? – should be a priority debate in our modern world. The most prominent paradigm in the media, in academia and in politics – the three major influences on people’s opinions – is the physical first view. This says the universe resulted from an explosion that created all the atoms that exist, and somehow life emerged from non-sentient matter. It ignores the patterns and synchronicities that pervade life and the universe, and reduces our drives and desires to chemical reactions. Vast numbers of people have swallowed this whole, and despite the soulless, dark and empty picture it paints, prefer to believe in it rather than tackle the mysteries and challenges of spirituality. As humanity breaks the shackles of centuries of patriarchal religious domination over our lives, this is perhaps not surprising. But this physical existential paradigm does not deliver. It does not explain the passions and emotions, the inspirations and exaltations that are as important as the body in explaining who we are. It also leads to abuse and destruction of our planet and each other.


Religion is in the news daily at the moment, with this equinox week bringing turning points not just in the season, but in the two major Christian churches. Both the Roman Catholic and the Anglican churches are enthroning new leaders this week. How frustrating I imagine it might be for hardline atheists to see such prominence given to religious matters, I have seen several screaming that these men, these religions, have no importance or relevance in today’s world. Yet the devoted crowds filling St Peter’s Square tell another story. God is still highly relevant to many – most – people on this planet. To many – most – of us it seems simply obvious that we are not physical matter that randomly developed the ability to think and feel. We are part of a miracle that is in fact as much spirit as it is flesh. Our ideas, dreams, desires, feelings make up who we, and as much a part of our experience of the universe as are our bodies. Mystics the world over have always told us that our sense of self is the divine spark in us. Our consciousness is the cause and root of our being. This is the ultimate journey of exploration – into the self – and there are many teachers in the world to help us. These include the various drugs we use to shift how we feel and experience life. We can open and expand our consciousness until it connects with and enters other dimensions, non-physical planes of reality that have always been part of the human experience, and which were probably much more prominent in the lives of pre-modern people than they tend to be in ours.  If we refuse to believe in other levels of being, we keep our minds closed to them and do not go there.  But if we keep an open mind, and allow ourselves the chance to experience the interconnectedness of all life, the subtle play of sensual experience and emotional merging that are constantly underway, we unlock the gates of perception and move into fuller knowledge of our nature as spirit.


If we accept that spirit is real, we will be challenged to think again about all our prejudices and problems with religious teachings. Some people are so angry with, or hurt by, religion that they will not consider this. But we should remember that we are at a massive turning point in human history. We do not have to swallow the hell and brimstone scenarios propagated by certain religions. Instead we can learn from a globe full of spiritual wisdom, developed in every corner of the planet over millennia, but now easily accessible in our modern, technological age. We do not have to turn to priests and temples to get close to the divine. We simply have to give ourselves experiences that open and attune us to the vibration of connection and light. Experiences such as meditation, yoga, shamanic journeying and dancing, reiki, conscious sexuality, rebirthing, ritual etc. The way to knowledge involves a turn inwards, where the source of consciousness can be found. It is impossible to find externally, which is why all bleating from atheists about the lack of scientific proof of god is missing the point entirely.


Instead of buying into the conflicts between religious groups, or between non-believers and believers, we can set out to find the light, the truth – and the power and the glory – within ourselves. Equinox is a great moment, a natural spiritual moment offered by nature, when the energy of balance is prominent and available to us. We can know the balance of the material and the spiritual within ourselves, the balance of male and female, the balance of reason and intuition, giving a chance to the feeling nature within us to reveal its depth and wisdom, so helping to keep our critical, quick to judge, mental faculties in their place.


Growth in life is inevitable. So is decay and death of course. We do not have to stay identified with the isolated, death-bound little me. Start from the point that consciousness pervades and pre-exists the material universe, and we become less stuck within the bounds of our limited portion of it. We may have had experiences of ‘becoming one’ with nature, or another person through love/sexuality/drugs – in fact our consciousness can become one with anything we choose to merge it with. Although our bodies must wither, we can continue to grow in awareness, light, love and wisdom – if we choose to. Stepping into the light of spring can also be a moment of stepping into the light of spirit, of expanded awareness. Ultimately we can merge with the impersonal, universal being, die to our individuality (ideally temporarily, occasionally) and so see life from a much greater perspective. When we have felt and seen and known this merging with the totality, and recognise that this is what we are, what we will always be, then our attitudes in and approach to life will undergo a deep transformation that comes in many stages. Luckily the seasonal journey of the calendar is there to guide us and help us to deepen that transformation. At Spring Equinox we are poised to step into the light of our Selves, as the Wheel turns life changes, and changes us with it. We can engage the process or, like getting sick in the winter, be dragged along by it to where we need to be.


For life is changing. The old story of separation and domination is dying. A new world of higher vibrations, cosmic connections, fed by direct experience of our core unity and the role love plays in our evolutionary journey is being born. Step into it, this is the Springtime of Aquarius.