We fight the good fight

with lipstick and kisses

made for pleasure not for punishment

we know that’s what a fist is;

faeries fucking for freedom

and fighting for the light

we’re frolicking and fornicating

to bring an end to the longest… darkest night.


Once, faerie menwomen opened

the gates to the cosmos

but power hungry straight men

became afraid of us…

they used their brawn

but we used our brains

hiding in temples, then theatres, monasteries, molly houses

we knew all along

our time would come again.


In Mesopotamia, in the temples of Inanna

the God Enki created the Galla, the name means penis-anus,

priests made to serve the Great Goddess of Love and War

In Turkey we were Gallae, serving Great Mother Cybele for millennia,

spreading into Greece, Rome and around the Meditteranean

long haired, bejewelled, loud and outrageous queers

leading ecstatic, raucous celebrations for hundreds of years:

beloved of the people and feared by the elite

crushed to extinction by the Christians in the 4th century –

but the Jewish Kings were at it first – over 1000 years before…

in Palestine we were Qedesha, Anointed Ones, and sodomy was our service

in the temples of Asherah, we were rounded up and massacred.

Muslim leaders did the same, wiping out goddess worshipping people

and her genderqueer priest/esses as they spread the

dictatorship of the Father God.



A sacred black meteorite was worshipped as Cybele’s symbol in her temple in Anatolia for thousands of years

and was brought to Rome in 200 BCE, installed with great fanfare in a new temple

as the Magna Mater was welcomed as the official deity of the Roman Empire.

She was served by the genderqueer Gallae priest/esses who spread her worship across the whole Empire, Cybele was loved as the Great Mother from Turkey to Britain, across north Africa as well as southern Europe, and her long-haired, bejewelled, loud and lewd queer priests were loved by the people, feared by the authorities because of the wild, sexual and bloody dionysian-like ritual celebrations they threw.

This Goddess religion was the major rival to Christianity – and the Church adopted a fiercely homophobic attitude to distance itself from the hated pagans. But its priests had to be celibate, because priests were not expected to have partners and children (they’d always been gay), and the Pope adopted and still wears the mitre headdress of the arch-Gallus, the High Priestess of Rome.

When Rome collapsed the Great Mother’s holy stone ‘disappeared’

But a sacred black stone, which “came down from Jannah (Paradise).” (At-Tirmidhi, Sunan, hadith no. 877) was installed by Mohammed at the Kaaba in Mecca not long after, in 605 AD –

this oldest mosque itself was placed on the site of an ancient pagan temple –

and to this day, Moslems flock to visit this stone

that may well be the meteorite held sacred to the Mother Goddess for many millennia.

Note too that in India the great god Shiva, who is both male and female, is worshipped as a black phallic rock, the shiva lingam.


The men of war made sex taboo

held down the power of women

made the queers feel shame

that’s how they took control

cut us all off from the whole:

without a strong feminine

and the queers with no role

the magic of life was lost

the earth, once our mother, became a resource

we are now seeing on the planet

the tragic cost:

mass extinction, all life under threat

the biggest step in humanity’s evolution

the biggest challenge yet.


Only by shifting our understanding of life

can humanity hope to change its ways and survive:

the good news on this terrifying journey is….

the Goddess and her Servants

are still alive…

and offering…


Freedom of the Soul


and from any gendered roles


and find out just Who We Are


we unite the earth and stars

we’re coming out of the bars

to proclaim Who We Are

What we are, Why we are HERE



Ecstatic celebrations

of body, mind, heart and soul

Fucking for freedom, to be whole is the goal:

Love, compassion and community

Queer pioneers are reclaiming our forgotten role.

be here be queer be cosmic

Wake Up to a new Reality, the true nature of Duality

we Exist in our Fullness, Individual You and Me

but at the Core we are Oneness

it’s not so hard to see

we love to shift to Altered Realities

when we make JOY our goal

we make way for the Soul

to take over the reins for a while

we surrender to the journey

mind dropped we find release

we go into our Spirit

the mental torture cease

the mind thinks we are separate

so it fucks us over every time

but the Heart leads us to Connection

Love brings us into Rhyme

then life becomes a Dance

we wake up from the trance

the Rainbow Age is coming

so learn to quell the mind

and see what you will find

the Gateways to Bliss exist right there

we just switch them on inside

if we can relinquish pride

and fear from the agenda

we open the way to switch on

the magical gifts of the Benders

the forgotten power of the Transgenders

be here be queer be cosmic

precious to humanity are we

be Here be Queer be Cosmic

we are souls born to be free

but unless we take the journey to know the Self

our inner eyes won’t open, we won’t be able to see

the miracle all around us

and the destiny for faggotry

SEXUALITY is a sacred gift

a soul can give another

so much treasure in that merging

when we treat each other as brother

SO MUCH SADNESS when we don’t

when our games become just bullshit

LOVE is what makes us human and divine

CHOOSE IT and enter the Rhyme

the Rainbow rises and soon comes its time.


the albion faeries meet at Wheatsheaf Hall, between Vauxhall and Stockwell, for nights of drumming, dancing, romancing and trancing, exploring how energy connection through the heart to the earth and each other opens the routes to joy.  here are our drums and percussion lined up ready for you to come open your wings.  http://www.albionfaeries.org.uk.   mailing list email to faerieuk@gmail.com