the longest days of the year around the solstice point June 21st

the early dawn chorus woke me to make celebration of the light

and see the world become technicolour as the sun rises

to hear the birds’ chorus of praise

these are the longest days


Solstice is the peak of the Self

a moment to honour our place in the divine dream

to affirm all that we can be

but do it ever so humbly….

enjoying who we are, the little self matters too, yet….

surrendering the ego to the greater Being….

we may see through the veils

feel the souls at our side

The growth spurt of Spring is over

it’s the season to step forth with pride

With kin, with clan, an army of lovers at our side.


Within the light is concealed the dark

for the journey to summer’s end starts here

autumn will return, the blooms will vanish and the leaves will fall

within joy there must be sadness….

but there’s a whole long day to fit all the feelings in

and THREE MONTHS til the Equinox

when the inner times take over


Cancer Sun receives us and challenges us

to balance all our emotions in the light of the summer rays

then at Leo Sun and Lammas

is time to down tools and rejoice in the Way

come Virgo Sun we get busy again

preparing for harvest and the seasons to come

fuelled by the Fire element, Summer wants us to have some fun.


Warriors of Light, Shamans of Shadow

Witches of the Winds, Waves, Earth and Fire





But there are many more struggling

one foot still firmly stuck in the old paradigm

of division, dis-ease and dismay…..

Let’s cast spells this Solstice

to bring humanity back to the Way.



Science separates us into boxes and reduce us to molecules

And religion divides us and fuels the lies in the world.

Is it time to give the men in white coats a taste of our own medicine

(psylocibin, lsd, ayahuasca, san pedro and good weed for starters)

let them become the subjects of their own experiments;

is it time use the crucifixes as firewood

send the stone buddhas back to the mountains

‘disperse the gurus with a great laugh’

and discover the path

we have always been on.


The answers are not in psychiatry and psychology

the answers are found in embracing mystery

The stars, sun, moon and planets

have been here a lot longer than us.

Our ancestors observed them and discovered the Way

And despite religion, despite science

despite despotism, despite capitalism

the Way can not be stropped, and the Way will have its Day.


Imagine the great wheel of the solar system

travelling majestically through space

spinning all the time, generating glory, energy – consciousness

all the planets and moons a single dance

the zodiac the background to the story

a story of gods and angels, animals and humans

elementals and ancestors whispering in our ears

in the magic of the Solstice days

they whisper to us to lose our fears

because WE ARE that consciousness

the Solar System’s space cadets

flying through the galaxy

embodying the divine’s aspects

in these awesome, horny human forms

that are part of nature and filled with light



for the mind is there to question and analyse

we have in ourselves, places more deep and more wise.


Attune to the cycles and rhythms

Become conscious of the solar system’s synchronicities

YOU are the product of this dance

a PEAK of its experience, a unique achievement

DANCE in your hearts human children

Become an orchestra of many flutes playing

Solstice is here, it’s the season of Pan




Three months of light lie ahead of us. It’s time to celebrate, to pursue what gives us genuine, deeply felt JOY. It is not the time to start thinking too much about the return of the dark period of the year, that will come soon enough. Just as at winter solstice we celebrate the spark of light that will grow from that point onwards into the summer, so here at the summer peak of light we are aware that the nights will start to get shorter and the inner journey will come – but for three months of summer our attention would be better focussed on the outer, on living life rather than navel gazing about it! That is, on being and doing, on creating, exploring, enjoying. Reflection and contemplation will happen of course, but they should not be allowed to dominate our time. This is probably not the best period to be doing intense inner healing work, the winter suits that better. This is the time to be living – and seeing how the inner work of the winter now long past has changed us.


For three months we have been in the energy of spring, which is the season of the element of air. It is the time for fresh ideas, communication, creativity and growth. Nature rushes into activity after the long winter, and so do we. Life gets busier and we sometimes struggle to keep up.


Traditionally in farming culture summer solstice was the time to down tools after the spring period of planting the crops. A time to pause and have some fun before the next phase of the annual cycle of work – the harvest – began. At solstice the noon day sun has reached its zenith and so is said to ‘stop’. For us now the solstice can provide a hugely valuable moment to stop and reflect…..


What were those intentions you set at the winter solstice? Where were you internally at that time and how has that changed? How have the energies of spring affected you? Are you growing in a way you intended, and a way you like? The strong energies of sunlight on this the longest day have the power to illuminate our life issues clearly, banishing shadows and enabling us to release the past. Summer is the season of FIRE, when the hopes and dreams we nurtured back in the EARTH time of winter will manifest. Winter was the body time, the cave time… now after the growth period of spring we enter the fire season when our spirits should be at their brightest, most active, creative and expressive. Let them.


Solstice is one of those points of the wheel of the year that is celebrated as a time when the ‘worlds’ – ie the various levels or dimensions of existence – are connected. The faerie nature spirits are said to play with the forest animals at this time, throwing parties around roaring fires, making music, dancing naked….. and of course if we go out into the forest we become part of the natural world, with both animal and faerie spirit kicking and playing in us…….


While the light is strong and the worlds are connected, solstice is the time to affirm the best and most bountiful vision we have of ourselves – individually, collectively. At solstice the sun moves into the sign of cancer, water sign of the emotions – the energy of which moves us to appreciate deeply the things that are closest to our hearts – home, family, tribe, the places that make us feel good. It is a good moment to express our love, affection and gratitude – to take a break from the speediness of life and feel the stillness that lies at the centre of everything, that gives rise to all existence. Then we can dive into the summer, confident in who we are and our connection to the whole. Solstice often calls us into nature, to feel the power of the moment and the immense healing presence that exists there.


This year the sun is joining mercury and venus who have already arrived in cancer. Jupiter meets up with them all next week. Mercury in cancer motivates us to seek quality rather than quantity in the information and connections we choose to bring into our lives. Venus in cancer influences us to be nurturing, protective, cautious, sensitive. It brings out our caring, romantic and tender sides. (Venus moves into fire sign leo on 27 june). Jupiter’s arrival in cancer (for a year from 25 june) magnifies the emotional energy of the sign, and we might expect to see plenty of expression of and growth through emotion in the months to come. At some point the collective grief about the way humans kill, abuse and use each other and the planet will surely hit the world. And anger, though there is plenty of that expressed already. And hopefully also compassion, flowing on the loving vibration of the sign of the crab.


Saturn is currently on a three year journey through another water sign – scorpio, gradually pushing us to reprogramme the subconscious, to face our fears and addictions, and to sort out our karmic relations and debts with others. The solar system’s planets act as symbols of the archetypes of our consciousness, which are indeed flowing and affecting us constantly. The solar system acts as a model of, a reflection of, the nature of consciousness. We learn how consciousness ‘works’ by studying the models the universe gives us – reflection and resonance are crucial energies of that universe, through the patterns of existence we can understand how the underlying currents flow. And currently they are flowing in a way to wake us up – by connecting us to our higher selves, revealing to us how the cycles of nature affect our lives, and attuning us to the interconnectedness of all life.


When we see and accept the unity of life things change for us – but for the process to be really deeply transformative and lasting we need to engage it – ie weed out the life-denying, negative, judgemental and fearful parts of our own being, bring everything we believe, think, say and do into alignment with the knowledge of unity. Only then can we hope to fully enjoy this ride called life. Until then we will be pulled and pushed around by the tides. When we honour those tides and start to understand them, work with them instead of against them, we ascend into the next stage of human evolution. Many people have glimpsed this place, some are living in it. Until we all reach it the work of awakening continues.


When the light is strong and a long (maybe even glorious?) summer lies ahead solstice is the moment for celebrating the fullness of life, generating so much joy that any remnants of the dark half of the year are blasted away, along with any despondency lurking within, raising our energy to attract abundance into our lives and manifest our dreams. Life is a divine and marvellous miracle. Live the summer.